Mr. Frey's trauma was heavy......

Almost, being told like an oppressive interview and getting over the spot with a nod, I finished the menu table anyway.

Tea served at the store is not a problem for anyone to drink at any time.

Tea that can restore your strength. I decide to serve only orange tea that can restore magic, honey tea that calms my heart.

Two types of cookies I've tried to make sweets......

"No, it's probably because of the tea, right? That. No more tea cookies."

Make it a regular sweet cookie and a cheese cookie.

"All right, all right. It's getting more and more like a coffee shop."

Thinking about it, I kinda wish I could have my own store or something in my previous life. I know it's hard being able to do a lot of things at my own pace, but he said it would be easier.

Though I no longer came to a game-like different world and didn't expect that to come true.

"And I just belong, and I get paid"

The first deadline presented was six months, but at this rate I would look after you more than that.

I'm anxious about the game and about my witchy self, so I just want to make sure I get a lot of access to the coffee shop so I can stay here.

"Well, I have a case to think about before I do."

I put it in a bag and look at the cookies I put on my desk.

"Spirit snacks......"

I think something happens when I give it to you.

Anything that does not know what will happen should, if possible, be consulted in advance with the head of the delegation.

But I have a problem. If you accidentally use this to find out what a witch is, I'll pack it.

"I mean, maybe I don't know what to do"

Witches are not a very welcome substitute in this world. Because it is a name that is clearly used as an evil being.

If you find that to be the case, there will be those who will repel it even if they know it's because of the experiment.

I'm also concerned about the progress of the game and the request of the Spirit, so I'd like to find someone who understands if possible and solve it...

"I hate you, I'm scared..."

All this isn't just remnants of the original 'Yura' personality who was anthropophobic. Even if it was me in my previous life, this is scary.

Worst case scenario, everyone has turned away from me, and I could be sent to do it with Wang Du's institute. If I go to a place like that, it's just people I don't even know, and I'm sure I won't be able to find anyone to get along with.

So first, I want to know if I can't find out what my condition is even if I use it on the Spirit.

So in the evening, I decided to try the Spirit Snack.

The location is the kitchen on the ground floor of the building where you live.

After Mr. Helga and the others left, they decided to run it securely.

I'll start by serving a glass of water to a glass.

Occasionally now, the Spirit of Water appears. Looks like he's not here today though.

The next surest way. Light the kamado.

When firewood begins to burn, it is the Spirit of Fire as expected that flutters. Besides, it's a spirit in a goblin.

That's okay. I'm still dancing around the fire today.

I'm guessing, maybe if I could do something big with this Spirit snack, it wouldn't be just the Spirit in the Goblin.

Once I absorbed a ton of magic, they were the only ones who changed their appearance. Because normal spirits have no effect.

I decided to use the Spirit snack for this Spirit.

Easy to use. Of course, just select a cookie on the status screen and press the "Use/Don't" button that comes next to the name.

It's really like a game.

"All right!"

Touch it with your fingertips a little.

Really, the Spirit of Fire turned this way.

Fly big with the pimp and stick to the cookies out of the bag at once.

But I don't wear it as it is. "Can I eat?" He looked up at me and snapped his neck all the time.

When I nod, I start eating cookies.

...... what is it, you want to wow?

I flattened a certain cookie about my torso at a fair pace.... or is it going right through your throat? Maybe it's the spirit, so it's a mysterious way to digest.

And the eaten spirits said.

"What can I do for you?

And I heard it right in my voice. If you eat cookies, can you talk normally?

"Nevertheless, please...?

Oh, you know, to thank me for the cookies!?

Then there's only one thing.

"That's right! I want everyone in the Spirit not to call me a witch."

Never before, but I could be told by some kind of applause more than 'witch' was displayed in my skills. I want to stop that. Otherwise, the captain will find out first!

The Spirit, who heard my request, undertook to pose as a goodjob.


And then he disappeared.

"... uh, you disappeared because you asked for a favor, didn't you?

I think so, but I'm not sure. Because I don't know the Spirit that well at all.

"I have no choice. Ask the captain about the cookies."

Believe me, I could have stopped and decided to ask the captain about the Spirit.

I just feel comfortable asking the captain to go alone. I have been told by Dr. Orvé that it is not a problem to go, but it is too expensive to talk to the head of the delegation about the menu and laying it down.

No, the truth is a little different.

"Something about that forehead stumbles on my mind..."

I try not to be conscious, but sometimes I just remind you.

Because of this, I am reluctant to visit and go about this even if I have business. The captain hasn't changed his attitude since then... but he's too conscious.

So it was difficult to get there, and I decided to aim for the last one who came to Dr. Orvé.