The footsteps climbing the stairs came from beyond the door, which had been opened.

Carving a constant sound, he moves away to the second floor.

Is it because I often fought as a knight, even though I was of aristocratic origin? I feel cautious in my footsteps somewhere.

Probably in the footsteps of the captain.


I remember the traits of footsteps. What am I... Somehow, I wanted to hit my cancer head on my desk.

No, no. The captain often visits Dr. Orvé at night like this. I'm also on the ground floor with a kitchen by myself back then, so I just hear footsteps a lot.

That's why I just remembered.

And I remember someone else's. Dr. Orvé has such a loud footsteps. Mr. Frey, on the contrary, does not have much footsteps to follow.

Thinking about that may also be because it's been a long time since I've called it off myself.

Moreover, Master Commander, coming to Dr. Orvé more than usual in the last few days has been a little distant. So I get nervous too, and I think I'm worried about the footsteps.

Talking to the captain and Dr. Orvé is usually short. It gets longer when I have business.

Looks a little long today.

Don't overwhelm me. And when the captain is slightly distracted, he does not have his own heart, so I will only prepare regular tea for his energy recovery.

And today, a few cookies on the table.

Eventually I began to hear footsteps coming down the stairs.

I just got up and opened the door to call it off, cut down the stairs and meet the captain who was just about to come this way.

"Oh, my goodness"

I wish I could talk normally, but somehow I got nervous and put it in a weird way. But the captain was calm.

"You look good. Can I talk to you for a second?

"Sure, I wanted to ask you something, too, so go ahead."

I will guide you to the words of the captain of the ship on the crossing.

Served tea to the captain who sat in the chair, and I sat across from him.

"Um, I decided to put something out at the store and wrote it, so would you look at this?

I just decided to ask the head of the delegation to check the menu table.

The captain who sipped the tea drops his gaze on the menu table.

"People other than you don't know much about a drink called tea. You should squeeze out the kind to serve this. So, is this the sweet?"

The sensible captain noticed that it was the prototype that had been prepared in the center of the table.

"Um, for those of you who don't like sweetness, I made this one a soggy cookie, so if you just like it!

The captain didn't like sweetness, so I only recommended cheese cookies.

I didn't just make it a sweet treat in the first place because I remembered the captain and thought there seemed to be a lot of people like that in the Knights with a lot of men.

He reached out to me if the captain wasn't sweet either. He was also somewhere elegant to eat, but quickly one disappeared into his mouth, which he thought was masculine.

"Not bad"

After a cup of tea, the captain appreciated that. All right, I can do this.

After making a note in my heart, I gently pressed the cookie I had otherwise done, "Actually..." I decided to talk.

"It's not tea, but when I put in the tea leaves, there were cookies that changed like items."


"Well... thank you for the Spirit Snack."

When I spoke, the captain gave me the look again. Oh, why?

"I see... because there are so many things you make that are out of common sense, I guess you can also make such items"

I was amazingly convinced.

It's easy because I don't have to explain or anything... but it was a convincing way to feel subtle.

"Have you tried that yet?

I nodded.

"It seemed like the Spirit would eat... and ask me every favor. Um, is this what this is all about?

"Never heard of it"

The captain said so softly.

"The Spirit doesn't need a meal in the first place"


I've lived in this world for twenty years and never heard of spirits with meals and snacks.

"Think about it. Isn't that because it's made of your magic? If the Spirit is magical, he may take it in."

"I can pick up the magic, so snack...... Is my magic a snack?"

Now I know why they treat me like a snack. I guess the spirits in goblins are susceptible to it in the first place because they said my magic power had increased and changed.

... Based on various things, I'll try to use it on the Spirit again later and see if I can use the favor to get an answer.

"Speaking of which, what is the captain's story?

"Oh, nothing. Stay still for a second."

Though I wasn't sure, if I had grown up as I was told, suddenly the captain reached out and put his hand on my forehead.

"Um... this"

"The other day, I was wondering if your magic was destabilizing. Because the vortex seemed absorbed by you then. So I'm sure."

... Not good.

To the words of the captain, I was distracted by blood.

In fact, something happened, as the captain said. Because then the appearance of the Goblin Spirit changed...... Perhaps the captain is aware of that as well.

Though I may not have seen that big goblin spirit, and I wouldn't have heard the story.

If you find out I'm a witch...

I feel scared and shrinking, but if I break out, I'm too unnatural to shake that hand off either.

I had never felt so horrible about the hands of the captain.

"... doesn't seem particularly problematic"

I didn't feel alive until you said so and let me go. Besides, I can't even relieve myself from peeing, so I just have to act as if nothing happened.

"You'll be fine, won't you? I'm not particularly unwell."

I giggle and show it to him, but somehow I'm afraid of the sight of the captain and I can't see his face. I turn a little blind.

"But be careful. Say it as soon as there's a change. And I'd like to know if I can open a coffee shop about two days early."

"Uh, we have all the ingredients, and there's no problem... is something wrong?

"Frey also decided to send him to a dungeon with a dead spirit. Quite a few people will pay, so on the contrary, I'm going to put your shop to rest that day."

Oh, Mr. Frey's going to the dungeon, too?