"It would be better to keep the store open first than to delay it. If you do what you're supposed to do, the next day won't be enough. You'll want to restore your magic and your temper."

I know what the captain is saying is best.

Open a store first and have them use it to figure out what it is.

Then if you go for a dungeon offense, no doubt some people will come for tea because they want to make an early recovery.

"I'll leave Eval that day to see how you are. But Orvé was also sent to accompany the locals."

Oh my god, that's a really massive move!? That dungeon shouldn't have been such a substitute for doing that......

The slightest heads-up was the result of a small quest involving Vice Commander Harrard, which turned out to be a big deal.

Also... do you have something?

"Is that dungeon going to be a pretty tough fight? You're gonna follow me all the way to Dr. Orvé, right?

"The advance troops were more seriously injured than I thought. On the way to perhaps the deepest part, it was decided that in some cases there would be people who could be in danger of their lives. So I will take Orvé and those who are as good at magic as possible as a matter of priority"

After all, isn't it too strong for the game?

I'm a Necromancer, so I also know it's a magically hardened fusion. Even a sword can do it, but in that case it's harsh if you don't have a valid move against the Necromancer. But with the moves you manage to get in the original 20LV or so, you probably don't... right?

He said he was taking Mr. Fighting Mad Frey... Is there too many demons?

"Well, then don't take Mr. Eval with you, regardless of me..."


I was promptly answered by the captain.

"I'll leave it to Deputy Heral to stay in the castle and take command, but I'm not there either. In the unlikely event of a speedy recall of the Orvé, those who can respond must be left behind. That's why Eval says to keep an eye on you."


Even if I leave the store, I need surveillance... I don't think so.

Master Commander, I thought you might be wary of me. Actually, when I said I was going to check my magic earlier, I noticed something strange. Li.

Thinking about it makes me feel lonely.

I know it's because I'm hiding something. Like someone could have been involved and died, a tornado. Yet it disappeared as soon as I fell.

I doubt it's relevant, but I don't know... and the captain seems to think I know why but I'm hiding it.

But I can't say......

When I relaxed with nature, the captain stood up.

Did you decide to leave because you just said so? The captain started traveling, so for now, he looked up to just say goodnight.

I stood right at the side as I circled around the table.

That's how I lay my hands on my head.

To the feel of a big hand, I thought.

The captain is trying not to disturb you. You're not on my guard, you're worried.

Furthermore, the captain says.

"... I know that you seem to be worried about something from that one thing. That's what Orvé said."

"Teachers too..."

He is a teacher who sees a lot of patients. I think he also found out that I was deceiving.

"Still, I know you're not about anything, and you seem anxious. I'm just leaving people for that. I'm not going to see you one-on-one, either, if I'm going to suspect something."

The captain is right. If you thought you were a dangerous person, the captain wouldn't be meeting you alone.

I'm not hated. When I thought so, my eyes suddenly got hot, whether it was because of the loosening of my finesse or because I thought you still believed me.

When the puffiness and tears rolled down, I wondered if I would have been so tearful.

But if I cry, I'll get you in trouble. I thought so and wiped it with my hands, and I was fluffed.

Perhaps it's around the captain's stomach that's hitting his face. He seems to be slightly cancerous because he's tall, but when he tries to hold me sitting down, I guess he does.

Unlike Grandma, she's not soft, and what she's wearing is thick, so she's not fluffy. But I feel reassured that I've twisted my head around the futon because it's shaped like I'm getting my head twisted.

No, I'm sure we should panic more if the opposite sex did this to us.

Yet I felt strangely calm.

It's warm.

I was wondering if you might have suspected me earlier, because of the blood.

I don't know, but I feel like I want you to stay like this forever. I'm sure it's because I want to be sweet.

... don't ask me anything. But don't look away.

I think you're very selfish. I suppose it's also because you end up telling me you're a guardian, so I think you're replacing your grandmother.

"In the meantime, I hope you want to talk"

Besides, the captain told me to wait, and I can't wait to apologize.


If you're so prospective, I can only apologize now.

When I speak of an apology, my tears are all over me.

He whispered to me that he was hiding something. He stroked my head so that the captain knew.

Kind, bitter and happy.

But you shouldn't stay like this forever.

So I moved away from myself from the captain. Though I'm sorry I started pulling you apart.

"Um, because I'm going to get my clothes wet!

I made up a reason for that in tears, and then I wiped my eyes with my sleeves for a long time.

"... and one day we'll talk properly"

If I kept changing, I would have felt like I couldn't hide it one of these days. When that happens, we'll have to talk about it.

Then the captain laughed and said to me in a low voice.

"Fine. Unless there's a problem, I'll wait for you."