While I realized it was weird, the captain said he would wait for me.

While I don't know what will happen, that's more comforting than anything, and I think I'll try to hang in there somehow.

"Nevertheless, Master Commander, I'm a little less hesitant to make contact... like"

Is this, like Mr. Frey, the trauma of seeing the jumping scene?

"Oh, no. I said I like to stroke your head."

That's probably because of that. Because you treat children as younger than me, I know the captain will. Maybe, so is hugging.

"Yeah, you treat me like a child, don't you?

I'll be ashamed of myself later, but I feel strongly about having my parents stay at that time, and I really want to get soaked.

Even though the captain is someone else.

"Open for now!

Whatever happens, I have to stay alive.

Getting used to running a coffee shop would help you make a living, just in case you leave here and live secluded.

By the time I opened the store, I had arranged the guest seats and the place I was making it into a kitchen.

And I baked a lot of cookies the day before.

I didn't expect the number of customers because it was the first day, so I wanted to make sure I didn't panic. Even if it is less, the cookies will be sunny so I can serve them the next day. You can store it in the fridge and eat it alone the day everyone is paying for it.

And I also made a little snack for the spirits.

For the last time, a total of six have become Spirit snacks, but this time I'll add ten.

While we're gone, I'm going to ask the Spirit a lot of questions.

When you sleep like that overnight, it's already the opening day.

It was decided that the opening time would start at about ten o'clock.

I've never worked part-time in a restaurant before, but I've never been on the side of running one. Everything is alone, so I set it up so that I could have a little time in the morning to get ready so I wouldn't be too forced to bother.

Besides, even if we start in the morning, the knights won't be able to come because they're busier in the morning.

So we start around a lot of meetings and stuff, focus on getting there, and wait for people to come to the store after lunch.

I had a good breakfast and walked inside the store at 9: 00.

I didn't dare name the store.

[Sigle Knights Coffee Shop]

Because it is called, the door of the room is marked with a large wooden plaque that says [coffee shop] only.

Beneath it, while the store was opening behind and on the table, it was closing and lowering the bills I wrote to each.

After I was even ready for hot water, I finally tried to flip the bill to [open].


When I opened the door, about fifteen more people waited for me.

You'd be surprised to start the store all of a sudden, so I was told I was going to let you know, but I was surprised because I thought it would only come as familiar as face.

Oh, Mr. Frey has been waiting since the beginning, so he hasn't put it in number. Of course I'm in my seat first.

"We will open the store. Welcome!"

When I opened the door wide and said so, everyone went inside with all sorts of things.

"Oh, Captain, it's sloppy."

With that said, Mr. Frey's men gathered to go.

"Hello, Yura."

"Thank you for coming!

It was the knight who was coming as Dr. Orvé's patient and who was familiar with his face who spoke to me.

I don't know much about the other knights, but they come in looking inside the store intrigued.

"Check out the menu!

I say that, thinking it was good to keep the menu in advance.

Then quickly, the voice of the order rose from everywhere.

Mr. Frey's men are the same as Mr. Frey's. Regular tea. And he wants to eat salty cookies again, so does this.

The familiar knights ordered the same thing by asking Frey's men knights to do it first. Then the rest of us asked for orange tea.

I hurry to get ready.

Set aside the cups separately with the number of people to take, make a little time difference and brew the tea in the pot.

For Mr. Frey's men, for the people who were patients, and the orange tea group.

Bring the tea in turn.

Though I carried it with care not to spill it in a rush, it seemed to distribute quickly in good order.

"Uh, this cookie's fine."

"Oh, that's a rare scent, but the tea itself isn't sweet..."

Those who have never had tea seem a little surprised by the slightly sweet aroma and different flavors of orange tea.

But I drowned with great caution, so no one said it was sinister. All right.

And everyone else tells me after a cup of tea to see how much I recover.

The people at first sight marvel at it and take their seats with a good heart and a smile.

Yeah, I need to get paid.

I tried to speak up, but before that, Mr. Eval said, he had set up a chair near the door at some point.

"Let me ask you to give me the price for the tea"

In an unfriendly tone like a chase, the knights who came round their eyes, but paid the price they had written and placed on the menu in the box offered by Mr. Eval.

"Thank you!

Drop me off, I'm relieved.

I was glad to realise that I really started the store.

"Oh, thank you for accounting for me"

I thanked Mr. Eval and he returned it with a clear look.

"It's your first day. If we keep the rules here exactly thorough, they should also convey them to those who are about to come after this. For the sake of order, I'll take your place only on the first day when I come to see how it goes."

At last, it seems to impress me that Mr. Eval is watching the accounting here so that the knights don't pay.

"Yes, thanks to you for your help"

"... the captain told me to help him."

"The captain..."

Even then, at lunch, about ten customers came, and eight even after three.

The captain didn't show his face the whole time.

I'm sure you're busy. But I thought I was a little lonely, so I came by before I messed up the store, and he drank tea and went.

"It was delicious"

It doesn't make any particular difference and I relieve the captain who said so.

"Yes, thank you"

That's how the opening day went by safely.