I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

The departure of the captains, and snacks again.

The second day, too, the number of people there came to me.

Ten in the morning by time difference.

After lunch, Mr. Harral and five of his men.

"You never break a cup the moment you drink it, do you?

Due to the fact that the last tea was alle, the deputy chief seemed worried there. But it's okay. Because I don't serve tea here that adds muscle strength.

Even in the evening, those who have finished looking around and training will go for tea when they visit with a bump.

I don't have any problems with the bill either.

From Mr. Eval's actions on the first day, everyone moves on and leaves their money in a small box of cash tray replacements placed near a small window that makes them look out of the kitchen.

That Mr. Eval takes his designated seat again from about three o'clock and takes a cash tray to his side.

Thank you. I think I've decided it's my job to collect the price.

It sounds like fun and the captain who came with me says, "Let me do it," so I'll leave it there.

The captain comes quietly with Mr. Eval and leaves having a little chat with Mr. Frey while he drinks his tea.

It's really a coffee shop way to use it.

More importantly, silent people have a satisfying look, and some people call out that it was delicious.

That's why I was worried about the dungeon.

The next day, I decided to drop him off before the store opened.

That said, I don't know what to say, so I'm just sneaking around from afar to see where we're gathered in the castle courtyard.

But soon Mr. Frey found me.

"What are you doing, Mr. Yura?"

"Um, drop me off..."

"I don't think the drop-off is something to hide in the shadow of a building, is it?

That being said, Mr. Frey didn't try to pull me off, either, where he was forced to hide.

"Try not to leave Eval, not to go to a dangerous place, to wait too long."

That being said,

"Was there a dangerous place in the castle?

"You think you're going up on the main tower? You're also forbidden to go up on the wall. I don't mind falling by accident."

How 'falling' worries Mr. Frey.

"I won't go. I make tea, bake cookies and make it amazing. More careful than that, Mr. Frey. Say hello to the captains..."

That's what I told the captain after I said that or cried, so I had difficulty seeing him face to face.

"I know, I know."

Mr. Frey laughs all the time, waves away. Eventually I ride the horse and drop them off as I started traveling.

At that time, I felt like the captain had seen this one.

Was it my illusion that I saw this one? Oh, but it might be more embarrassing to know that I've been watching.

When I accidentally distracted myself, someone snapped behind my back.

"... I don't think it's very appropriate to ask Frey about Master Lucien"

"Hiha! Mr. Eval, when?!?

I was standing right behind you, but I didn't even realize you were here! Are you a ninja?

"I've been watching you for a while, watching you steal from me. Anyway, it's not like Master Lucien has to be protected by Frey. Do your job with confidence."

This is what Eval, who worships the captain, says.

I guess there's nothing to worry about.

But I think.

Since I have a lot of free time, is it all the more because I think about it? I'm concerned.

I can't help but have a few customers. Some knights go on a pay patrol, so no one can come for tea in the first place.

Mr. Eval can't be around all the time either, so he's out of his seat around lunch for a break.

When you're in a quiet room, you'll have no choice but to think about what never happens.

I flipped the door bill during the closing and locked it.

Remove the cookies from the refrigerator.

'Spirit Snack', of course.

Among them, the spirits of fire in goblins dance in a good mood.

I used cookies on him.

"Would you like a snack? [incomprehensible]

Press the button, and the Spirit turns around and jumps on top of the table with the cookies.

That's how I put my hands together in front of the cookies and started eating them with a hug after I shut up just saying I would take it.

"There's also a difference between spirits in how they eat..."

I guess it means being different for each of us. Even in the presence of magic combined with natural phenomena, there is more than a heart.

Oh, my God. If you watch, the cookies will be finished soon.


Asked by the Spirit, I uttered the words I had prepared.

"Do you know what's going on with Captain Lucien and the others?

The Spirit is everywhere. Though I'm not always there. Naturally he'll be in the dungeon as well. Is it like a spirit of darkness or a spirit of the wind? If it's damp, so is the water spirits.

Can't someone tell me what's going on?


That's what the Spirit says, so they can do it. GOOD JOB! I just thumbed out my hand and showed it to him.

In front of me waiting excitedly, the Spirit flies a pinch with one leg and spins a spin while saying, "Humph."

Some sort of ritual? He talked to me again if I thought so.

"Uh, Lucien Habuji, but it looks like the seriously injured are worried?

"Seriously injured!? How do you know that?

If I did let him try it out first, he'd be stronger than the Necromancer in the dungeon thought, and he'd reassemble it to take the elite who added Mr. Frey or something, right? Still!?

"Um, do you have something to revive Shigi? Do you want another zombie?

"Something's resurrecting you!?

You mean the Necromancer is immortal?

Does a seriously injured person mean he was stuck in a surprise? If you're reassured you think you've defeated him, you're inevitable.

I'd like to believe that there won't be any deaths because Dr. Orvé will be following me.


I'm anxious. But I can only use elementary magic. What am I supposed to do when I go?

I just thought, I thought.

"Do you know how to use it? If that Spirit."

Spirit in goblin, only one big. I'm still in the middle of a conversation, and I didn't know how to call it in, but shouldn't I just use this Spirit snack to ask?

"Um, can I call the big spirits of your people? Spirit who looks just like you and talks to me without cookies"

I don't know the name, so that explains it, but it looks like it got through.

"Ten cookies, then"

Yes, hey, the spirit offering his right hand.

"Oh, is that okay!?

It was so easy! I took out the cookies, thinking.