Glad you baked it! and arrange ten cookies on the table.

The Spirit comes in no good and puts two in the center with eight arranged in a circle.

Ooh... it's kind of magical.

Then the spirits blew their finger whistles, and all the spirits in goblins gathered together from the gap between the kamadu and the windows that were open. Seven of them.

The spirits, all eight of whom had fun eating cookies, all took the Banzai position together after the meal was finished.

"Come, come."

"Coming, coming."

"The witch's calling."

"Everybody's witches."

"I have to give it to you."

"We have to get through this."

"Our Hope"

"Our king!

As soon as the Spirit says to chant, the central air shakes. A moment after the sway sparkled, there was that big spirit in front of the two cookies.

The normal spirits just got bigger, but they look special enough.

The Spirit said 'Our King' earlier, but is that about him?

To me, thinking blurry, the great Spirit smiled with a goblin face. I felt so warm in that smile.

"Thank you for calling me, Yura. It's good to see you again."

I say it as I reach out, so I try to hold hands with each other somehow too. But the other hand was tiny, so he held my index finger in both hands.

After I finished shaking my hand, I asked what I was concerned about.

"Um, what can I call you?

"If you don't have a special name, but you call me 'Sola'"


Is that about that sky? But the big spirits nod, so I guess that's fine. Then maybe Sola is the spirit of the sky.

"Um, I want you to tell me, Sola. It seems that my people are going to the dungeon right now. I need to know if I can at least keep the Necromancer alive."

If we don't revive, we should be able to deal with it alone, even if we are somewhat strong. Neither will the seriously wounded.

"Can you do something with the massive amount of magic in me?

If you can, I want to use any hand to go to the dungeon and help the captain or Mr. Frey.

To my question, Sola nodded after closing her eyes for a few seconds as she thought.

"I think I can do this. With the power of your tea."

"Oh, tea!?

"Yeah. It's done in the form of tea, your magic."

Sora smiles at me and tells me about the tea in question.

"Brew your tea as usual. I can use your magic before I pour it into the cup. so that heat moves from your hand to the pot you have."

I think so, and as the nine spirits watch, I brew regular tea.

Add tea leaves to pot and pour hot water. Then when I touched him before, he would burn, so I put my hand on him to wrap the pot around him after doing the mittens.

Do as you are told for three minutes of steaming time.

Twitching, imagining heat shifting from within you.

I wasn't sure at first, but I guess it's finally like magic, and as soon as I remembered when I used magic, I felt like I could flow all the way through doing it.

"That's fine, Yura. Pour it into a cup."

Just a little transfer to the cup, as Sola said, turned into a tea with a hot air that looked like a mixture of fluttering glowing powder.

"I'm glittering..."

"There's a lot of magic."

Well, how long has it been moving? I checked the status screen with interest in mind and my MP was down by nearly 10,000.

"Whoa, whoa, whoa."

I was surprised by that number and still kept an extra eye on my MP that I could afford, but I return to me right away.

"Oh, you can't pour it anymore, can you?"

I can't take it with me as a cup. I decided to put what was left in the pot in the water bottle.

"I don't know how to take the rest."

Will you ask Mr. Eval to do something about it in a positive way? Can I just say a word of the Spirit? But if it didn't work, what if I got locked up? Even if it doesn't get that far, the surveillance eyes could get tight.

"Um, Sola. Can you ask me one more favor?

While refilling the water bottle, Sola, who was eating cookies, looks back.


"Could you tell me if you had the magic of moving momentarily or something like that? I'd like to hide and go to the dungeon."

With 90,000 more MPs, you should be able to do whatever you want. That's what I thought.

"Your favor is to stop the resurrection of the Necromancer, isn't it? I'll take care of you that much. It's okay."

That's how Sora played her finger.

Then there were about eight more spirits pounding. It's a spiritual like a blubber bird.

"Spirit of the Wind: Kusujitsu-chu"

Spirit of the Wind: It's Not Main, But I'll Level Up in the Dungeon

Spirit of the Wind: Taking Something in the Dungeon?

Spirit of the Wind: You Can Defeat Usually

Besides, they were spirits who talked about all those player-like things.

"Come on. We got company. And then I'll send you to the dungeon."

Trying to nod to Sora's words, I haha notice.

If I keep this up, even I will be noticed when I meet the captains face to face, and they will bring me back immediately!

"Sorry, let me just get dressed!

I hurriedly put out the fire and put up a note I wrote in haste in front of the closed door in order to do the disguise.

- I'm off in my room because I'm not feeling well. Store owner -

Now it's okay to close the store, even if Mr. Eval is back.

Hold a water bottle and make a big trip with the spirits to their room.

Or I'm the only one who sees the Spirit, and even if I have a knight's squire passing by, he should only see me running in a hurry.

When I ran into the room, I was wearing it when I went to town, pulling the masked cloak.

I quickly hid my face. I got a suspicious fit, and Sola instructed me to go outside.

They can't move unless it's from the outside.

That's how the moment I went out into the garden, I saw Mr. Eval coming this way.

"Sora, hurry!?

"It's gonna be okay."

Nod, Sola.

A twinkle blows like a circle around those spirits and me.

"Yura!? It said ill, what the hell are you doing!?

Mr. Eval, approaching, can't see clearly his expression across the wind that stood up like a wall.

"Excuse me! I'm going to help you because the heads of the regiment are in crisis for a moment!

The moment I said that, the black wind swirled and built the wall, and Mr. Eval's voice turned away.


I can't help wondering. But forgive me, Mr. Eval.