I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

We're going to the Necromancer Dungeon.

Okay, this is the first moment of my life.

When I wondered what would happen, I wondered if the vortex had stretched beyond its back length and my surroundings were surrounded by darkness.


But only for a moment. Immediately recover to soft darkness.

By then, we had already moved to a strange place.

Some of the rocks everywhere are glowing thin blue. But the light source is a tiny grain of light that drifts through the air.

Fluffy lighting around, sagging.


It's dark, it's like a place made of cluttered rocks.

I came from an open place to a place with a sense of obstruction and my shoulders shook unexpectedly. I mean, it's just the cave, it's a little chilly. Good thing I've been weaving my cape......

I realize that when I think about it.

Oh, I only brought a water bottle.

"There's so much to panic about. I..."

It's a dungeon. I heard there were some strong demons, but they came in outrageous light attire. I was going to improve the cause a bit and go right home, but this, it doesn't work that well...... right?

"What if I encounter a demon"

Anxiety comes to mind even now. Thoughtful. But I had company.

"I'm fine. This is pretty close to my goal, and I have them for that."

Sora floating right next to me gave me words to ease my anxiety.

Good. I've never been to a dungeon here, and I don't know all that much about information.

At the same time, the little spirits around Sola began to make noise.

"Spirit of the Wind: Higana - I'll Have Arms"

Spirit of the Wind: Level Up

I am anxious about the small size of this though it is positive and reliable for combat.

Or what are they in the first place?

"Sola, they're spirits, aren't they? And yet I keep talking about weird things, how come?

Sola laughs all the time and doesn't answer me as I start walking after the spirits who started to move on, asking what I've always wanted to hear. They kept it to themselves.

While we were doing that, it looks like we ran into the first demon.

Spirit of the Wind: Ghost Solder

Spirit of the Wind: Try Using Your Moves

Spirit of the Wind: Make Me Magic

Before the preceding spirits drifted haunted demonic necromancers wearing Halloween sheets. The head is white and clear, but becomes translucent every time it goes towards the hem.

It's bigger than what you see on the game screen. And it's not like it's a fantasy, it's not like it's a fantasy. It moves like it sounds like it's coming, so I'm not half scared.

The spirits go to such ghosts, to innocence.

The Ghost is level 20, by the way.

Though I wondered what would happen, I don't know how the bird-shaped spirits have it, a sword like Tsuyoshi emits light. That ripped the bass and ghost hem.

I wondered if the magical light flashed blindly, and the ghost was half melted.

There were spirits there who shined their swords again, and in no time Ghost disappeared into smoke.

He defeated the Ghost properly. I thought I'd cover for it with some elementary magic without it, but I don't need it at all.

"But this... isn't how the Spirit fights, is it?

Why does the Spirit of the Wind have a sword? Why are you using the magic of light?


Seeing as he twinkles, but pretending not to notice at all, Sola moves on.

I had no choice but to follow, and after a while I was to recall the initial problem.

Several spirits who were moving forward turned to surprise.

The spirits' conversation dances to the status screen that leaves it out.

Spirit of the Wind: Popped Again?

Spirit of the Wind: Too Much Time


What's repop? So I became spirits and turned around, so that the smoke could gather and the ghost earlier was about to reappear.

"Spirit of the Wind: Here, the rest of it goes back the same way, right?

Yes, I recall.

The demons are coming back, so the captains are struggling.

Spirit of the Wind: Yeah. I can only defeat him now. "

Spirit of the Wind: Then Run

"Yura, run"

Sola tells me that I run out with the spirits. Or even if they leave only one person here!

Trying to be surrounded by spirits, I devoted myself to running.

Even along the way, one necromancer after the other appears in front of him.

It's like a skeleton and I'm about to bump into it, screaming unexpectedly.

Running through beside a dead spirit like a big blue and white snake, deciding not to see it.

Honestly, if the cute birds and goblin spirits weren't on your side, I think they would have fled to the dark clouds anyway with fear, like they went into a haunted mansion.

But being on the run didn't solve the problem.

Looking back, I took my breath by accident.

Ghost and skeleton are chasing after all sorts of dead spirits solidified. He had gathered all the Hates of the Necromancers and brought them with him.

Spirit of the Wind: Wow, I'm Fishing

Spirit of the Wind: Take Me to the Deep of the Dungeon

"Oh, hey...!

Isn't that where you take your time with tea?

So once again, I remembered something I was having a hard time asking Sola.

"That Sola! Yeah Me, how the hell am I supposed to use tea!?

As I ran and asked, Sora, who flies softly across the side, answered with a smile.

"Of course, I'm gonna give you a drink to the magical, nucleated being that changes the situation in this dungeon, right?

"That, human!?

If it's a magical nucleus, it could be a human being being being used. That's what I wanted.

"Is he the boss of the dungeon?

Sora said something snarky and horrible.

That means you're going against Dungeon Boss before me, the captains!?