I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I'm heading out to the Necromancer dungeon.

"Dunn... boss...!

I was about to peel my white eyes.

I just didn't think there would be a ton of demonstrable trials ahead, even though I was afraid the demons would track me down from behind. That's what Sora says to me.

"You knew that too, didn't you, Yura? Change the dungeon demons. Don't you think it's impossible without the strongest demon?

"Apart from the boss, he just said that someone made it look like some kind of device or something!

If I didn't think so, I wouldn't think of going into the dungeon alone. Because whoever's going to sneak away and go home doesn't envisage a boss fight!

"What? I have to fight my boss!?

I can't do that. Darkness ahead... scares me to run. But the Ghosts behind me are so scared they can't stop. There's going to be tears in my eyes.

"I think you'll be fine. I called them in to protect you."

It is the bird-shaped wind spirits (and player-like) that point to it.

"I can't be relieved. No, no!

If you do MP, but you have me as a novice in combat, let's take the monster! What a spirit to do. If it was a game, it would come back to life if I died, but I can't do that right now.

Even so, traveling with the spirits is now the safest way.

I have no choice but to run.

"And if all this dead spirit has been swept away, people coming later can come easy, so why not arrive early?

"That's not a good one!

You mean the captains. If we move on, they'll be the first ones to come. 'Cause it's not like the others are in the dungeon.

Because if this is normally a game, even with this, it would be weird not to see some players.

Be angry. You will surely be angry.

Sora says strangely to me, frightened.

"Didn't you hide your face, like it's okay to be seen?

"Something quite different between what you assume is seen for a moment and what you can tolerate even if you are watched still"

For a moment, I can fool you pretty much if you keep your face to yourself. What I was assuming was enough to run past a little far away. But as it is, you will surely encounter it during the battle.

"But you've come this far?


Absolutely right. More than we've come this far, we just have to get to the stomach.

Most importantly, there could be another serious injury as it is. I know the captain is safe, but what about Mr. Frey and the others? I'm fine now. But I might get hurt later.

"That's right...... Mr. Frey is going to be running especially through the front lines."

I remember Mr. Frey, who joyfully runs away holding his sword. Normally, that leopard is weird even though he looks like a very solid type of fighter. Definitely someone who tries to stand up front.

I just caused trouble. I don't even want you to die about Mr. Frey.

"And then when the number drops in here, there's a later quest!

Fighting dragons, it's going to be bad, though not very bad. Even the forest should have burned or people should have blamed it.

"How did this dungeon go crazy in the first place?

I accidentally crush it.

In other words, a Necromancer appeared blocking the previous passage.

He is a demonic necromancer spitting blue and white flames in the form of a giant translucent wolf.

The spirits enter a combat posture, and I fall within the attack range of the Necromancer who is with me, prompted by Sola.

"Look, if you do this, the demon behind you can't come this way"

The ghosts and skeletons accumulated without stepping from a certain range, whether the demons were trying not to erase each other. A really game-like move.

It's helpful, but it's probably the wolf state of the tiger rear gate at the front gate.

But there's nothing we can do if we don't get through here, and the spirits will have to keep fighting.

I also tried some magic to help a little.

"Er, po, po"

Use Fireball LV1 for Orthodox. I thought I was done hitting it a little bit later, but it seemed to work surprisingly.

Ooh, ooh, ooh!

The translucent wolf barks and burns and disappears where the fireball struck directly. There's no damage roll, but I'm pretty sure I hit him.

The spirits attack and go further through the wounds.

But it's a surreal painting of a bird poking around with a sword or something. No matter how much fantasy the world is, I wonder.

Eventually, after I used the fireball three times, the wolf became smoke and temporarily disappeared.

That way, we'll get through the road.

The demons that followed me at the same time followed me.

"No, no, no!

Even then, the chase will resume. But this time, there were few demons at the end of the road.

And the wolf demon just now, he can't seem to follow me. I could see him reviving in the distance before turning the curve, but I could see him staying there.

Maybe this will buy you some time. Because I don't think the captains will lose that one.

Instead, the chiefs should want to avoid it most of all by dealing with a large number of dead spirits. That shouldn't be a problem now that me and the spirits are running in pull.

"No, there's a problem"

I was often completely oblivious to the thought of the crisis of the captains, the instantaneous movement, and not being found by Mr. Eval.

After we stop the resurrection of the Necromancer, don't we have to fight?

"It wasn't just the boss..."

I finally arrived there, anxious to see if I was okay.

The ceiling is only partially open, with a glimmer of light outside.

There was a woman surrounded by dancing white flames.

Long, loosely wavy blonde hair is like a soft river stream. Beautiful nagging face, commensurate with that. Long lashes.

What you're wearing, though, is a white piercing coat that looks familiar somewhere.

"No way."

If I noticed, my leg would have stopped.

Isn't she... a victim of a witch experiment?