I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

I'm heading out to the Necromancer dungeon. Three.

Fortunately, it's within Dungeon Boss's attacking range, so the demon behind it is still stuck in the aisle.

Thanks to you, I can stay safe even if I stop.


Ask to twinkle.

"Is she, like me?

I think the years are lower than mine. If I wear a dress, I'll look like a courtier that everyone looks back at.

Did she get the same look as herself like that?

The moment I feel chest pain, I remember walking behind my brain on the pretense.

Pain stabbed with a sword.

I think he was stabbed during an experiment. Even when I was caught in that vortex of magic, I saw such a sight.

But when I think of it, for some reason, my heart snaps.

Like someone's trying to calm me down, I'm not alone, okay, and I remember sharing the hard things and soothing them in the corner.

Perhaps this is a sign of fusion with the Spirit.

And Sora replied.

"Yeah, that sounds close to you."

"I knew you were a man fused to the Spirit."

Didn't it blend well with the Spirit? Is that why they left you in such a dungeon, being used for sorcery that would bring the demons back to life?

And I'm around her, dancing white flames. That had a face.

I think it is the mouth that has an eye for a round area that is not realistic but does not move black-filled in the flame and occasionally a hole in the flame.

"Is it the Spirit around her?

"That's right. Spirit of the Underworld."

I'm relieved to hear of the underworld.

"She was about to merge with the Spirit of the Underworld... or something?

Wouldn't that be why you wouldn't leave the side?

"I wonder if it's a little different. That crazy underworld spirit is the boss of this dungeon."

"Huh? Isn't the dungeon boss here, Specter?

A demon that instigates fear that more than one Necromancer has been gathered together.

At the time of the match, he should have been a slightly obnoxious boss, temporarily paralyzing the player's behavior with his own move called "Panic".

I was talking about an easier boss than the four of us attacking because the number of people in the dungeon is limited to eight at a time. Because the bosses do it when there are many people who are paralyzed and unable to move after the first time they have fought each other sneezing.

... Well, I'm not fighting.

It is also the place where this dungeon, the so-called starting party fight, takes place in the first place. Of course it's a place where you can come even if you don't have friends or play alone because you have an automated matching system.

The boss is changing.

"But well. There's no way the boss hasn't changed even though the demons are changing..."

Anyway, we have to do something about that.

"I wonder what to do. Should I fight with the spirits and defeat those spirits?

When asked, Sora says it's obvious.

"Fighting is mandatory, but we have to give that spirit a drink, right?


"Let the spirits drink tea."

"You're unattended!

I'm so impotent! I have a mouthful, but how do you make him drink it!?

"We have to stop that spirit first. Let's leave it to the 'player role'."

And as Sora patties her fingers, the spirits pop out toward the woman and the spirits.

Three underworld spirits the size of a certain doll line up to face the player role spirits.

The spirits shine a small sword at once and begin to fight normally with the three spirits of the underworld.

Does that mean I make you drink tea where I shredded your HP?

"No, how?

Is that flame-shaped spirit something you want to drink tea from?

"It's okay, Yura. They'll rely on your magic in tea."

"Magic, ah..."

After all, that's it, I recall.

The magic on the tea is due to my magic. Even if the Spirit seemed to change by throwing a smokeball at me, wouldn't that fix my magic or something like that?

On top of that, I have about 10,000 MPs in the tea that I have now, Sola told me. Thinking in numbers, I feel like something subtle though.

"It's more of a problem after drinking. Why don't we just get some tea ready?

The spirits seem to be scraping their HP well.

You're so tiny and cute, but strong and strong.

Besides, I don't feel like some kind of fierce battle because of the bird figure and the flaming figure.

Thanks to you I was able to act calmly, too.

I just decided to pour the tea into the cup.

Remove the cup that forms the part of the lid of the water bottle and open the screw-turning shaped inlet.

Is it a magical achievement, hardly cold? The hot air stood fluffy, and the unique aroma of tea, sweet in the fragrance, spread.

Pour it into a glass of water bottle and I gently place the tea on the ground.

By then, the Spirit of the Underworld had become much smaller.

Until just now it was a huge stuffed animal, and now it's about the size of a hand with a finger stretched out.

Sola instructed me to evacuate on the walls without demons.

The spirits of our allies flee to us all at once, as they were given the signal.

And the smaller Spirit of the Underworld moved flutteringly and gathered on the side of the cup like a tin gathering in a puddle.

... Don't tell me you thought it was a little cute.

Even during that time, the blonde-haired woman stood in the same spot as the blur.