I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

How to get the Spirit to say something

"Still, couldn't you defeat the Spirit of the Underworld even as it was?

Fighting the spirits of the wind makes them so weak. Will it disappear as it is?

"No. They will also be resurrected to the magical streets they put in the dungeon. That's why I need your help."

Then, after all, we must do something about the Spirit of the Underworld.

I carried it smoothly until I let him drink it, but is it something that will end if I drink it? I have a bad feeling...

Sora, as I had a bad feeling, said something outrageous.

"Those spirits will now be placed under your magic by drinking tea"

"Under control?

"Yes, that's why you'll be able to force those spirits to move"


Hey, it's like a real witchy story popped up.

"You mean manipulate the Spirit? You can do that..."

"You can do it."

Can you? Before I tried to ask, Sola assured me.

"Because some of the spirits you've been merged with are spirits of the underworld."

"... of"

I thought the only spirits that went with me in the experiment were the Spirits of the Tree of Guidance. So the Spirit of the Underworld, too, is shocked to be told.

Me... how many spirits are you fusing with?

I'm getting cold.

Embrace yourself so you can accidentally grab your shoulders with both hands.

If the Spirit was one, I still felt like I could understand. That soul no longer existed, and there was someone who became part of it to make up to me. That's recognition.

So I don't know what to think about having a bunch of people like that.

Whatever confused me, Sola continued to explain.

"In that Spirit, it won't be as much as your magic or ability. I can push and make you listen. [M] More than crazy, it's the quickest way to make it disappear or obey. More than anything."

Sora stared at me with a serious look.

"That's the first thing a witch can do to manipulate spirits."

"Witch moves......"

Really, I'm a witch.

I felt like I was followed.

You wouldn't lie or joke here. In the first place, Sola has no choice but to lie to me, the Spirit.

If people just told me this was "like a witch," I think the degree of shock was small, even if I felt sad.

Maybe not, because I think so.

Someone special, because if that's not the person who can peek into someone else's status, then you don't know I have witch skills.

But Sola knows everything I don't.

I'm not lying more than he says.

"I'm really a witch."

The role that may one day kill the captain, Mr. Frey, and Dr. Orvé.

"No, no. But I'm not acting with my enemies."

But I get anxious because I get a hell of a lot of magic, or even now Sola tells me to manipulate the Spirit with the power of a witch.

I feel like I'm getting more and more witchy, and I'm scared.

"Yura. We can't save your people like this, can we? That's what you want, isn't it?


That's right.

Coming here was what I asked for. Until then, Sora didn't show up before me, and even the spirits seemed to leave me out of it.

It's strange to suspect that Sora seems to be trying to make herself a witch, even though she let me come all the way here because she wants to help.

"It's okay."

Sora grabbed my left index finger with her small hand, as she felt my anxiety.

"Witch power depends on who uses it. While you're using it with that in mind, it's definitely going to be a way to save someone."

"Yeah...... right"

Let's act for the captains first. It's only from then that I worry.

"So be specific, I wonder what to do about manipulating. I want them to go back to their sanity and solve the magic that plays on the dungeon demons."

"Witch moves should be available by now. You just have to remember them. Your magic permeated their bodies binds their actions and will"

"You look really witchy."

I think it's the magic of a creepy pedigree. But that's all I have.

I held each other to pray for my own hands and tried to hope.

"I put this dungeon demon on, untie the magic."

The magic of being resurrected depends on them too.

The spirits of the underworld, who drank tea and returned to their original two-thirds size, let the flames shake as they sifted away from the cup.

In the meantime I turned around and turned to me.

My round, black eyes stare at this one. Scary.

Not only was I scared, but I felt some pressure. It feels like my heart is going to be heavy......, my heart is going to suffer from something sad.

"Good luck, Yura. You shouldn't lose out on magic. I can't let you solve magic."


Right, is this the opponent's own magic about to rebel?

So I prayed all the time to scream in my heart.

Undo the magic of the dungeon!

As upset, the Spirit of the Underworld swayed greatly. My heart gets lighter too.

The spirits of the underworld retreat from me and gather together in triplets. Did dealing with my buddies make you feel more comfortable, and the pressure hit me again.

That's when I felt like I heard something like an explosion from somewhere far away.

- Absolutely. These are the captains.

What if it's a close place? Doesn't matter even in distant places. If you're struggling again, someone could have been hurt.

What if that's Mr. Frey?

What if he was the captain?

"... I won't forgive you if you don't solve the magic"

People who were nice to me, strangers, just because they were victims. On the contrary, he has also given me a job to do alone, and since I was able to make tea, he has let me open up to the store.

Though I thought we should be on guard at first, all the knights who come to the store as customers are kind and courteous.

I want to thank everyone a little.

All I can do is make sure they can fight without getting hurt at all.

Untie me! And as soon as I glanced at him, I could see some power coming from me toward the Spirit of the Underworld.

The Spirit of the Underworld made waves in the flames of.

With a tight stiffening, they start leaking "yep" and mysterious audio out of the mouth of the cavity.

Once, the blue and white light spread across the ground beneath its feet.

The light that can ripple at the puddle also goes over my feet and beyond the demons that had accumulated in the passage of the cave is invisible.

I don't know what happened. I just felt something 'changed'.