"Sola. Could this be"

"Right. Sounds like the magic of resurrection has been solved."

That's how he smiled, Sola said to the Spirit of the Eight Winds that were waiting.

"Come on, let's send those spirits back to the underworld"

The spirits once again hold a cute sword and go into it.

Now I command the Spirit of the Underworld not to move, so there seems to be less counterattack.

"What will she do?"

The blonde-haired woman remained blurred all the time at this time. Maybe he's standing unconscious, under the influence of the Spirit of the Underworld.


So, uh, what would I do if I was already dead but in a zombie state?

But I don't want to confirm it as it is now.

I tried to get her to avoid getting caught up in the fight first, and I use defensive magic on myself and her. The magic of LV1 without it, but it would be better than without it.

This defensive magic, pressing the button reveals the choice. Because she didn't grasp the name on me, or it was labeled "Mysterious Woman".

The spirits also guided the Spirits of the Underworld to avoid her once and for all.

Now I'm in the war too.

After this, the battle begins against the monster who is mourning on the edge. Before that, I wanted to get used to the fight.

Pushing the button pompously, he struck a streak of thunder, flame and wind magic.

While I thought it would be easier to fight with magic, the Spirit of the Underworld finally vanished.

It gets smoke and all of it disappears. And it doesn't look like it's coming back.

I ran over to the woman. In a while, the demons on the aisle will attack. Before that, I was going to take her and get Sola to move on.

With her blonde hair, she fell on her knees as soon as the Spirit of the Underworld was gone.

"Are you okay!?

I speak up, but I close my eyes with a blur, and I'm totally weak.

Oh, fainting?

I can't help it if this happens. I don't have enough arm power to hold and move, so let me put you to sleep first and deal with the demons.

That's what I thought.

The spirits who were about to start fighting come together to surround me about time.

I was wondering if there were any outrageous demons out there, but rather demons, some of them are trying to move backwards.

It took me a few seconds to realize why that was.

"Oh, yabba"

When I snapped, several demons blew up at the same time as the white light could play.

You hit the demon on our side, so you pulled Hate, and most of the demons turn to you.

I also heard a call.

Some of those voices sound tremendously familiar.

"I'm here. What shall we do?"

The demons are being shredded from the back. There's no sign of a resurrection, so we'll be there shortly.

I don't know why so soon. I can't believe it, but for one reason.

Because the spirits as players have taken them. It would be quick to get here without encountering demons for about a tier.

I don't think there's anything more I can do about the captains.

It's more a matter of finding yourself than that.

Do you want Sola to take you home now? But I lost my mind. What if I left her there and the demon attacked her?

If I was deceiving you, Sora put my shoulder on.

"Bye, Yura."


So, you're leaving me?

"I can't let Lucien find me."

Yeah, yeah, yeah!?

I want to scream, but if I scream, the knights, who are supposed to be more and more beyond the demonic walls, will hear me.

"What do you mean? Is it also due to something with the captain? More than that, I want you to take me and her with you!

I asked Sola for an emergency evacuation, but she shook me to the side.

"If you're going to take her, maybe ten extra cookies"

I wish I had ten!? and at the same time I was surprised and turned my head on realizing that there was not a single cookie right now.

And my favor, you mean it's spiritually a separate account to move her.

Besides, you've already been found.

That's how Sola disappeared.


They left me. Although I would be able to protect her from being unconscious even if I were in this state already.

What do you mean they're finding us more than anything...

I roughly looked at the demon wall.

The light that slashed and tore apart the demons of the Necromancer swept through the air.

Five bodies disappear at once.

There was a figure of a man who did such a terrible thing in the space he could have pretended to be.

I'm shaking my silver hair and staring at this one with purple eyes... the captain.