Bad. Eyes on each other.

At that moment I saw a wrinkle all the way between my eyebrows and I guessed.

- He said he found out.

No, it's still okay. Because I haven't even spoken out.

Oh, but it was full of spirits of the wind! Eight spirits surrounded it, so maybe it stood out.

"Um, dissolution, dissolution"

If you whisper, the spirits will fly everywhere with their necks clenched and disappear.

After that, while I thought it was a waste of resistance, I wore the hood deep again and moved to the corner.

The captain moved his gaze to deal with the other demons, so let's hide now.

The demons have dwindled so far, and the knights are about to turn behind the demons. Women will be fine now.

I moved softly and crouched into the dark corner.

Now you should be able to get lost in the darkness.

... I know myself that it's a waste of effort.

I told Mr. Eval I was going to the dungeon in the first place, and he'd be pissed because I left the castle. However, as long as I came back again with the power of Sola, I could have deluded myself forcefully by saying that I was playing with the Spirit.

Yes, even if the captain might not be able to, he might have asked Mr. Frey to keep his mouth shut.

Mr. Frey looks fine......

Behind my back, I hear laughter. It looks like so much fun, I guess I'm glad I'm waving my sword.

I wish this was all hallucinations...... No, what are you gonna do with me, on my way home, if you keep getting through this well?

You can't travel in an instant like you're going.

Thinking about it makes me more and more afraid that I would have pissed off the captains.

That's what I did because I want everyone to come home safe. But if you were the captain, you'd have made some sacrifices, but you'd have done it, and I might have chosen you over everyone else being safe with my hands.

If that's the case, I just broke my word... so I'm pissed off.

But what was the head of the game like? How angry do I look?

I try to remember.

But the Sigle Knights haven't cleared it, so I only know what I saw on Traila and stuff.

However, at the end of the day, I remember the sight of losing a lot of my men and being flabbergasted.

I don't want you to look like that.

I want everyone alive, too.

For that matter, I can put up with it as long as I'm angry. But what if they kick me out too angry?

The problem is there, I look at the rock in front of me thinking.

... and found something incredible.

There is a strange stone in the rock. It's a beautiful spherical stone, like blue and white striped.

I checked the status screen for once, but because it is something I don't know, it becomes an indication of "Mysterious Stone".

I wonder what it is. Besides, I put this stone that I obviously brought from somewhere else. I don't like the feeling. I think this stone is clearly polished and in this shape.

I thought there might still be a trick in this dungeon with magic. Or do you think it has something to do with the mysterious golden-haired woman doing something to her?

"If you want to break it, it's best to move it."

I just pulled the stone out of the indentation.

Once that happens, the stone melts like sugar fluttered in tea and disappears.

I felt a cold sensation spinning from shoulder to body all the way out of my hand instead.

What the hell is this?

If I was blurry, I got slapped on the shoulder.

"I wonder why you're here? Yura."


I could hear the screams, but I couldn't help but find them clearly. Perhaps looking back, it was the blonde who was there.

Mr. Frey smiling, but his eyes aren't laughing.

I was scared and drank the word "wrong person".

"I don't think this is the castle grounds, Mr. Yura."

"... well, is that right?

It's a painful excuse for myself, but I'm wasting my resistance to not being able to stick around and avoid it.

"Isn't that right?

Mr. Frey's grin deepens.

My shoulders began to tremble as I shrugged. No, no, no, no, no!

"When the captain said that someone was trying to solve the magic of this dungeon, I thought maybe... The Spirit will let you know. So the Spirit said we should wait a little... but there's no way we can wait."

In Mr. Frey's words, apparently, the captains heard from the Spirit and found that he had rushed to the top of the dungeon more quickly than planned.

Mr. Spirit, uh-huh!

You don't have to go that far. Ooh!

Why did you talk...... I want to scream, but I can't scream. I was like a frog stared at by a snake, I just had to keep trembling.

I don't know what Mr. Frey's going to say about this.

Because I broke my promise, will they hate me when they tell me I don't know you anymore?

A third party came even more when I was in tears just imagining it.

"Frey, I want to talk to that important reference person. You, over there, please."

The captain who came behind Mr. Frey spoke up and pointed behind him. You kind of rock the way you thumb up and show your back with that divine look. I don't care what comes to mind.

It's carp on the slab, so I can't stop consciousness from going about it.

"Oh...... You have someone who has some kind of pre-sight. I'd like to ask you about her condition because it's easy for important reference people."

Mr. Frey turns his gaze and tells the captain to tell him to hurry, too, with his jaw.

"... well, it looks like they were about to be made witches and used for some sort of magic to revive demons here"

Speaking briefly, Mr. Frey sighed even with his forehead.

"I think I somehow figured out the connection. Tell me more later, Captain."

That being said, when Mr. Frey leaves, he tells the captain to "stand up".

I was scared, but I did what I said.

Isn't this the scene where if we were men, our men would be beaten up and preached? The captain won't do that, but I'm afraid he'll be completely limited. Flush the remaining courage to improve your position.

"You know what? I was really going to go home soon, but the Spirit..."

"I hear stories elsewhere, be adults"

As soon as I said, the captain took charge of me.

"Um... this is embarrassing!

Luggage handling is a pain in the stomach. But there's more to it than that! Because my thighs! Your hips are just next to the captain's face. This! Luggage handling is such a dangerous position!

Screaming at me approximately, the captain ordered the Spirit of the Wind, who had stopped by nearby, to be taken out of the hole in the ceiling.