I'm used to flying.

Because I also rode the flying lizard with Mr. Frey a few times.

But I never imagined people would fly in charge.


There is no pressure on the stomach.

And you're kind to me, you hold your legs to keep your skirt hem down, but I want to scream at that point already.

Master Commander! I can't help thinking you're heterosexual about me, but this is a bit of a concern. Yes!

While I thought so, I went out to the bright ground.

While his eyes are closed to his eyelids, he is lifted from the luggage locker and dropped off to the ground.


When they call me by my name and open my eyes, I glance at me with my hand touched on my stomach when I dropped it off on the ground, the captain and I gaze at each other.

Slightly harsh look. I'm afraid my eyes won't feel very good about it. Although the embarrassment blew up because of it.

There is only one more action to be taken at a time like this.


I can't do anything but apologize. But when I bow my head, I'm going to hit the captain, so I'm just going to lower my gaze.

That's when I found out what was going on around me.

This place, apparently, is like the summit of a mountain. If it's about twenty people, it's about the size of being able to stand. There, I had a fuzzy sense of pre-sight... but not now.

"First tell me what happened and how you got here. Then I decide what to say."

Oh, Master Commander. Can you ask me what's going on?

If I looked up, the captain remained unchanged.

What we're going to talk about, I guess it will be vetted.

But what I thought and did is not complicated. I was just worried about the captains, and the spirits told me that I might be able to do something with tea, so I asked them to bring me in with cookies...

But to explain, I would have to talk about a lot of magic.

I noticed that, and I wept.

I don't regret what I did. I would do the same thing over and over again if I heard the captains were in trouble and the injured were out.

In fact, the captain also sees remnants of the battle. The end of the cape was slightly torn, and some of the knights I had just seen were injured.

I'd like to lighten the burden a little, even if I know that's their job.

I think it was better that he seemed better than the Spirit taught him the first time. Just for a moment...... me, maybe I didn't need it? What a heartbeat though.

What should I do? What can I tell you?

How do you explain hiding about magic and telling me that you could manipulate someone by making them drink my tea, as you didn't even seem to want me to say about Sola...

Because of the stubbornness, my head was going to be unnecessarily white.

"Because you seem to want to talk, say what I know first"

The captain cut the fire, as he was in a hurry at me for silence.

"I was immediately noticed that something was wrong with the Dungeon's demons. The injured also came out. I asked the Spirit what caused it. Then the spirits of the underworld on the top floor were taught to use the magic of resurrection over and over again."

So the captains discussed and decided.

"We can't leave this place alone. If that's all weird magic is being used, something else is bound to happen. So, including me, I made a unit to go in for the deepest part of the dungeon at the fastest. I come here from the outside because I couldn't do it under the influence of magic."

Oh, I can't come here directly, I realize for the first time.

I was completely oblivious because it's a game and I can't force myself into it from a place like this, and I just have to follow the order.

Sure, there's a way to fly through the sky, and the dungeons here are structured to go from bottom to top. It would be nice to go into the top floor of the dungeon.

"But in the third tier, I noticed an anomaly. There were no demons."

I was upset.

"Ask the Spirit, he told me that he had a buddy who came to defeat the boss in the back and it would be because of that"

The captain sighs.

"The Spirit rarely moves voluntarily in these things. As someone moved it, I could only think of you as someone who would have acted to help the Knights, if I knew, and that prediction came true."

Yura, and the captain calls his name again.

"Talk. I know you're hiding something. Your actions remind me of when I gained the power to dictate the existence of the Spirit. It's behavior like you're confused and think you can't talk to anyone. You got something as good as that. Didn't I?"

You can't be asked so politely and not say anything.


I nodded as I nearly cried sorry.

"I couldn't help but hold my hand, knowing you couldn't tell me. I hit my hand in the direction of locking it up with the intention of protecting it until I could say so, but you get over it and be impotent again. Honestly, I don't know how to do this."

I breathed into the words of the captain.

... have you been limited? As soon as I feel that way, I will miss you mightily.

I know I'm on my own. The captain wanted me to be a big man. And after I was able to tell you everything, I was going to think of a response.

But I broke it.

That's why the captain doesn't know what to do with me anymore.

"What did you get to solve this dungeon problem with the spirits?

As such, when the captain releases my shoulders, he makes sure that both cheeks are wrapped with his hands.

"I can't wait any longer than you've acted like this and come alone to an impossible place. If you can't talk, you'll have to hear it another way."

So speak now, the captain urged.

"Beyond being a spirit a part of you, I can also interfere with that part and inflict suffering on you. I don't want to do that if possible...... Yura"

You're supposed to be threatening me, but I felt like I was being begged.