It makes me so much sadder than frightened.

I'm the one who's making the captain threaten.

He has to think about the Knights.

If you find out I'm a bad person or swept by a force that I can't handle, but scared and silent, you're in a position not to leave it alone. Because there is no harm done to the Knights or those around them.

Of course, I know the captain doesn't want to threaten you.

If I were a cold person, I wouldn't touch you so gently, telling you I'd hurt you.

I close my eyes to the warmth of the captain's hand.

When I was being touched, I felt calm. While I think it's a time like this, I also think it might be an escape behavior from being mentally cornered.

But thanks to this warmth, I was finally able to tell the captain.

"Can I talk to you, and you don't hate me?

What scares me is that they don't like me.

If this guy leaves me, I feel really alone. Is it because you lost your grandmother and protected her after she was abducted?

That's why I want my word.

"... if you're comfortable, do you talk?

The captain who listens back, stares at me.

"But I promised you that verbally, and you're convinced? I can do it right now if it's just a mouth promise. But what you want will be different."

I just have to nod to that word.

And the captain told me to notice. Because I don't know what to do myself, I told the captain to tell me the answer.

It's not the behavior of someone who wants you to believe very much. But I can't think of a good idea and it's painful.

"I, I want you to put it in the Knights. I hope you don't abandon me. But if we talk..."

When I tried to talk, I almost burst into tears and got stuck in words. I thought I could do it because I settled down once. I feel sorry for myself for why I can't talk properly.

Then the captain said.

"Can you guarantee credibility with something else, not words? If I could do that, I would keep you in the Knights no matter what I ask. Even criminals can be a reason to miss out on me if they have the benefit of informing or something. Besides, wouldn't you be relieved if you could present your credibility in a clear way?

I'm hazy.

Yes. If I relied solely on the generosity of the captain, I would remain anxious for ever. Because if the captain changes his mind, that's it.

Even the captain will continue to question my loyalty at all times. So if there is anything that can take the form of a contract, the head of the regiment will also feel a certain credibility in me.

That's where I came up with something. Thanks to this time, I was able to ask with a clear voice.

"So how can the captain... believe me that I absolutely want to help the captains?

What I want to do. Drink those terms. But that's what I want to do.

At the end of a story like this game, I don't want to put you in a situation where you're alone. I don't want the Knights people I know to die. I want one person to live more.

That's all I hope.

I don't have anything else, so I want to protect this place.

"I can't think of a way to prove it. So if you have something magically that would take your life if I betrayed you, you can use it."

This is all I have left.

I don't have a single thing that's going to be the quality I can trade. Then I'll have to risk my own life.

After a few thoughts, the captain distracted himself from his sight.

"If that's the case, I don't have an idea. It's just... it's a question of whether you can accept it or not."

Hmm? Kind of from the looks of the captain, it doesn't seem like he could do harm or anything in that direction.

Seems a little troubled. I'm not sure if I can tell you, but I feel the leader is a little embarrassed, even if it's rare, rather than worried. Does that sound okay to you?

"I knew this was... but on top of being left unknown by the most, in a useful way..."

"What happens when you do that?

The captain runs his mouth like one person, so I asked him what his condition would be first.

"If it works, if you stay close, you'll become obedient to my orders. And it'll be easier for me to find you."

"I see. Even if I escape, that means I can find it, right? If we stay close, we can't even try to disobey."

"... right"

The captain finally turned away. But the hand that touched my cheek is intact, so I guess I didn't like what I said and did.

"So, what the hell is the way? Sounds magical."

The captain asked said, turning this way, even though the rash appeared to be bad.

"It's the art of subordinating the Spirit. I don't know if I can use it on you."


When it comes to subordination, though words like obedience and obedience come to mind. Does that mean you're finally going to obey?

If I had grazed and understood the meaning in my head, the captain summarized it for me.

"It's like having a dog."

"It was just a pet"

There's a breeding frey, so now I'm in a real pet state, right?

Oh, my God. Around the time I think about it, I don't seem to particularly dislike this magic. Most importantly, if the person who obeys you is the leader of the regiment, you are going to get serious protection...

Besides, I don't feel particularly different from listening and acting in the Knights.

Is it too easy?

The captain seems more hesitant.

"While using this, the operator also incurs responsibility. I can't take you anywhere. But you are human. You don't like those shapes, do you? You don't have to go that far..."

"If you can assure me that the captain can rest assured with that and I can't throw it away, too. In the first place, Mr. Frey was called Yura or something, and I was recognized as a raised chicken or dog... so now you're saying"

Plus, I'll add.

"If ordered by the Commander. Anything is fine."

With that said, the captain sighed.

"You are too defenseless. Aren't you afraid to get yourself moved the way others think you are? Whatever I do, you won't be able to resist..."

I'm fine, I stopped the almost saying because the captain's hand slipped down from cheek to neck.

Places touched, spines deliberately blocked my mouth with both hands as strange voices were about to sound unexpectedly.

Oh, I panicked that the captain was like that.

There's no way I can think of anything to do as a heterosexual, Master Commander, or I'm not going to be free. But the way you touch it now! and my head is going to be confused.

The captain's eyes were harsh and I felt that he was being tested to see if he didn't like it.

"Still...... probably more than anything else, I don't have to doubt it later. If you can tell a lie even if you pass on the information... you'll still suspect it."

That's why I could say it that way.

As soon as the story was settled, the captain seemed to have switched consciousness.

"Then you should be kept by me, Yura"