My face was going to turn red unexpectedly to the words of the captain.

Don't say such dangerous words with that face! I thought so, but I can't say......

Or just now, something's wrong with the captain. Mainly the choice of words.

Even as I turn right and left in my heart, the captain casts some kind of spell with a flat expression.

From the looks of it, you're seriously saying something similar to the Spirit opponent, this guy!? The suspicion turns my mind.

The captain turned his left hand away from my shoulder and a white circle of light appeared there.

Quite large. It looks like it could be more than 20cm in radius alone.

The captain passes it through my head, which has gone from nervousness to a 'put on' position. Then there was a hissing feeling around my neck. I close my eyes.

"What do you say, Yura?"

I know it took magic to tell me, and I try to touch my neck unexpectedly.

Nothing, so is it magic that blends into your body?

"Um, try to order something"

That's what I said because I don't know if it's not, but the captain just distracts me.

It sounds like he said small, "This is a little dangerous," but, uh, no way, Master Commander. Did you imagine something in my conversation?

When I thought so, my face was about to turn red with embarrassment to my side.

He said to me that the captain had come up with the content of the order, saying that it was deceptive.

"Then obey me, Yura. Say mud tea is better and better than your own tea."

A mud tea is a tea filled with herbs, powdered and dissolved in hot water. It is a commonly used medicine in folk therapy, but it is a substitute that does not take into account the flavour at all. Blue smell, muddy tongue, bitter and triple slapped, a substitute for even adults to escape.

Master Commander, that's too bad!

That being said, my mouth moved on its own.

"Mud tea is better and better than my own tea..."

Oh, there's going to be tears.

Because it's impossible to say mud tea is the best! Even though there is a difference between tea and the heavens and the earth, it is hard for my heart to say that my tea is a mess.

I felt a sincere fear that this was the magical power of subordination.

"Sounds like it's working. This will do."

You feel sorry for what you forced me to say, gently slap me in the head that the captain did well.

"I've gotten this far. I believe you have no idea what would harm me or the Knights. [M] So talk to me."

I nodded.

"Yes...... First of all, I was worried about the captains who went to the dungeon. I knew I could ask the Spirit to do that with cookies, so I thought I'd try that lightly."

Ordinarily speaking, magical orders don't seem to activate. So I took off and talked about memories and games from my previous life.

"Then ask the Spirit, that the seriously wounded have come out or something. The Spirit taught me when I wondered if I could help. My magic will break the magic that is reviving the demons in the dungeons."

"Your magic?

I took out the measuring stone and opened it to show it that I would rather show it than explain it.

A measuring stone spread like a flower, only the part of magic shows an unusual length of light......

Or this magic length, I don't think it's 100,000. Me, they've challenged the display limits.

It was a subtle triple line, but maybe this, it's not enough. But I don't think they're asking for the exact numbers, so I'll do it.

"Since when is this?

"Go to the Forest Alert Line and undo the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance... since it was drunk by a vortex"

I feel my throat dried from my tease and I spit.

"According to the Spirit, that was a vortex of magic. I seem to have taken it in. After that, the magic increased abnormally."

I can even say that because I'm not lying.

"There are other numbers, from your level, that are odd.

The captain, who was looking at the measuring stone, looked at the other figures as well.

In my state of running out as a crusader, I guess the numbers are strange indeed. The triple line is abnormal, but the others were also found abnormal.

"The Spirit would be telling us why, wouldn't he?

The captain questioned me with certainty.

"I just have a lot of magic, and I don't think I can be cornered enough for you to cry. Surprisingly, it sounds like an optimistic quality."

Yes, you are... It's too foreseeable, Master Commander.

I took a deep breath and then closed my eyes and confessed.

"The Spirit now calls me a 'witch'"

I have a witch in my skills. I'm not saying. Stone doesn't know that much.

How would you react?

I was frightened and waited, but the captain didn't say anything. Seeing, he kept his eyes closed as if he were sinking into his thoughts.

I wonder what you're thinking.

Though the captain, who said he didn't dislike it, didn't look up when he heard he was a witch. But are you even doing the math to lock me up somehow?

Eventually, the captain opens his eyes.

"From what the priest of the Church had said nothing, it shouldn't have been right after the spiritual fusion experiment. So, the result of increased magic?"

The captain seemed to wonder at what point he was recognized by the witch and the Spirit. If you were a witch from the beginning, it seems odd that priests don't notice anything unusual when registering.

"I guess that means the experiment was a success, you are."


I get nagging, I hold my hand naturally.

"Whatever, how should we protect anyone suspected of witchcraft..."


Is that what you still think? Staring at him, the captain laughed bitterly.

"I wouldn't kick you out, I told you I'd keep you. You are a man, not a spirit. I'm not willing to imitate it only to protect you."

I was so relieved that he told me that even though he found out he was a witch, he seemed to cry.