After hearing from the Spirit about the witch, the captain told me that he wanted to think about the future.

"It's time to withdraw from here."

If we were talking, time would have passed there. You won't be able to stay here forever.

"Are you going through the dungeon again?

"Right. We're traveling by horse to this point, so we also have to send someone to the castle to make him go get a flying lizard. It won't take long. Just let those waiting downstairs attack you from the ground up."

I see. Is that a pinch?

So I went back into the dungeon with the captain using the magical tools of wolf smoke.

The captain immediately catches Mr. Frey and directs him.

"I also sent a signal to the people below to let them enter the dungeon. I decide to go back through the dungeon like this. This third layer is already destroyed, so just attack the second layer and you'll be able to return."

"Okay. What will happen to that person?

What Mr. Frey looked back and showed was the woman who was surrounded by that Spirit of the Underworld.

"I just have to take him. It's a hassle for one person to lose his hand when he has to take turns..."

Having said so, the captain approached, looking at the face of the woman who was lying on her back, stopped her legs and glanced at her face.

"I have to skip contact with the Duke of Armadir in the north...... This girl is a princess."


I wonder what that means. I have no idea what that means.

Unlike me, who is surprised to open his mouth pompously, Mr. Frey and his knights just gave him a slightly troublesome look. I wonder if you're used to these things.

For that reason, I wonder how she found out she was a Duke's Lady.

"For now I will let anyone but me bear it. I'm not very good at that."


He seems to feel floated when it comes to fighting, Mr. Frey replies with a good understanding of his qualities, and the captain nods as well.

"Cal, take charge of that lady. Orpheus in ten minutes, Quinn in ten minutes."

An instructed knight takes charge of her unconscious. I heard he had it just in case. He's lugging it with a blanket and packing it.

Still doesn't wake up, so I guess I'm totally unconscious.

That's how we started moving out of the dungeon.

Before Mr. Frey and the avant-garde people, the next thing you know, me and the captain, the knight who was last in charge of the princess, and one in the rear guard just in case.

The return was pretty smooth.

Ranged attack if Mr. Frey discovers the enemy. can be activated with sword skills.

Simultaneously beat in the magic where you slowed down the opponent's movements, and by the time it stops, Mr. Frey, who stormed, is approaching, knocking down the demon so that he can prune it.

Even though I'm fighting demons of the Necromancer system, Mr. Frey is looking like a Reaper.

Dear Commander, there are no appearances below. But this, too, is what it is because the demons are no longer resurrected.

After proceeding that way through the second layer, merge with the group that came straight up from the first layer.

The first layer was that the demon had been overthrown, so he could leave the dungeon only in walking time.

Then put the princess on the carriage she was preparing for the seriously wounded.

On top of that, one will follow so that the unconscious princess does not roll over and hit her head.

At first I wondered if I could be put on Mr. Frey's horse. Because I'm a businessman.

"Well, Mr. Yura, I'd like to hear a lot of explanations."

Mr. Frey invites me, and I shudder when he says so. My eyes are still not laughing. I wonder what it is. I wonder if this time it feels like the chickens were running around by the field where their owners are, escaping from the cabin on their own.

Now what should I say? Speaking of which, the captain told me to lay low for the details, but I just thought... the captain of the current captain called me.

"Yura, you come here. I haven't finished talking."

The captain calls me and I turn my back on you.

Yay. For now, I could escape Mr. Frey's frightening eyes. I go to the captain's side thinking "wow" in my heart.

Upon arrival, the captain lifted me and put me on a horse. The captain also just sits behind me and starts walking his horse.

Mr. Frey moves to the beginning.

The captain, who had formed in front of the carriage, said in a whispering voice after a while.

"I say it because I'm in a place that gets undone by the sound of a carriage, but don't tell anyone else about the magic or everything you've told me. Whatever you say, I'm going to have to explain your anomaly in the process of explaining it."

I nodded, but the captain sighs small.

"Still, it is possible that those close to you will soon be known"

"Oh, why?

"You'd jump out if something like this happened to you"

When I hear that someone was badly injured, I won't be able to stay or not.

"Like this one, let's just say I was at the bottom of the dungeon. Besides, why don't they witness where they take down the dungeon boss? You'll wonder where the hell that power came from."

And I went on like it was hard to say.

"Also, usually few can serve the Spirit that far. Especially not without the Spirit fighting instead. If they saw that for sure, they wouldn't be able to say. And you will one day."


Yes, sir. I'll definitely do it by accident or something. I can tell for myself.

"We just have to find a way to hide it for as long as possible. For now, aside from talking to the Spirit, you shouldn't take cookies seriously"

Sure. That's going to make it so Mr. Frey can't straighten it out and make it sneaky and leave it behind.