I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Interactions of interest to the Duke's Lady

"Master Lucien!

Shortly after arriving at the castle, Mr. Eval was picking him up to the right side of the gate.

Speaking of which, I forgot about Mr. Eval......

But there's no place to hide. Mr. Eval has, of course, advanced straight to the captain.

"Safe and above all."

"There was no particular problem. Thank you for the answering machine, Eval."

Mr. Nervous Eval loosened his cheeks from a slightly hurried look.

"Anyway, it's something that Yura did a strange way of popping up, so I was wondering if something terrible had happened, but I couldn't just throw out the absentee..."

Mr. Eval stares at me carefully.


If you think about it, I'll go help the captain! So I magically moved.

The captain who came down earlier relentlessly sends me down in front of Mr. Eval. This, the carp state on the slab......

"I'm sorry. I'm sorry, please forgive me. And thank you for your concern."

You better apologize first! and keep your head down all the time.

"I wasn't worried about you. I know your way around is the work of the Spirit, and since the destination is Master Lucien's, I thought it was rather inconvenient!

With that said, Mr. Eval looks away, pointing his mouth but still checking on me. I wonder if he checked for injuries.

"Forgive me. Looks like the Spirit took Yura to help me. I was able to collect it right away, and I was safe."

So the captain took me for a ride. Or did you let me stand before Mr. Eval so that the captain could see that he was safe, too?

"If Master Lucien says so..."

Mr. Eval leaned back reluctantly...... and glared at me again.

"Oh, that's how I don't know. If you don't make a proper declaration, you're in trouble, Yura. I'll teach you later on how to write down."

"Instruction!? Oh, no, yes Wakarimashita..."

Whether it was a recoil that disappeared in front of me, Mr. Eval mentioned something like a senior mentoring a new employee in the company. Though I do think that writing was very unfriendly now that I think about it.

Nevertheless, if you study across the street with this tundra (Dere is mainly the head of the regiment) Eval, you are going to get fat by eating sweets foolishly due to mental fatigue.

"Um, I'll rewrite it if you like, and I'll give you some guidance on that score... thanks"

So as for the communication course, I gave them what I wrote and asked them if they could handle it in a way that had them put red in it and returned it.

"Well, that would be good. But I'll do it again and again until I can!

So Mr. Eval backed me down. Good thing I avoided the man-to-man course......

But I'm pretty sure I surprised you, so let's just plug in some cookies.

Just relieved, the captain tells Mr. Eval.

"It looks like that person is involved in why Yura was brought to the Spirit. Probably a mediator of witchcraft or a provider of magic."

What the captain pointed out was the carriage that tried to pass beside us when we stopped. I guess I'll just keep taking him to the hospital room where Dr. Orvé manages.

Mr. Eval initially looked suspiciously at her face and opened his eyes as if surprised.

"Aren't you Miss Maia Armadir! Why..."

"I don't know how. Just send me a call to Armadir territory. It's too much for me to put here."

To the captain who said so, Mr. Eval tells him that it is difficult to say so.

"Do you use Master Lucien's name to contact him, not as a Knights? For once, you have a shallow edge..."

Your friendship?

To the captain, what a setup you had with the Duke's Lady. I try to capture memories, but I can't think of any.

"It's the same without that edge anymore. each other."

"That's true..."

"Send it in the name of the Knights. Instead, you can borrow the deputy commander's name so that no trouble occurs. You know I'm here, too, so if you avoid giving me a name, you'll guess."

"Yes, sir."

Mr. Eval does not sue any more, either to contact him or to catch a nearby knight apprentice and start talking.

I was pulled up by a horse again.

When he was unloaded in front of his residence that way, the captain said, "See you later" and slapped him on the head with his fingertips.

Because I became an owner, or I feel a little closer to the captain of the regiment than before.

I took off my black cape in the room for now.

Next, take a peek at Dr. Orvé.

Women's care is a lot of hassle. Especially if you're dealing with a warrant. I would ask Helga and the others to help, but I thought I'd see if I had enough hands.

If it's okay, I was going to open a coffee shop again until the sun went down.

There was both her and Dr. Orvé in the office.

The knight who carried him is being driven out because he can't just show his lady's skin. I'm going to call you when I hear how you're doing, and it looks like you're waiting.

When I knocked and said my name, Dr. Orvé gave me permission to come in.

Inside, a teacher with Mr. Helga was holding hands and magically checking her condition.

"What's up, Yura?"

Apparently the state check is over, Doctor, but hands down and ask.

"Um, I was going to ask you if you needed a nursing hand. Because I'm a female patient..."

"Basically, it's not a hell of a state. You must have passed out because of the drastic decrease in magic. I just have to let him sleep until he wakes up. But because of that, you just have to let Yura see how things go from time to time until bedtime."


When I replied if that was all I needed, Mr. Helga left the room to bring a change of clothes.

Dr. Orvé sits in a chair once and sighs.

But you're the Duke of Armadire.

"Lady, is it difficult to treat you here, too?

That's what Dr. Orvé asked because he looked kind of troubled.

"No, I just wish I didn't get into trouble with the captain. Anyway, I wonder if it's possible that this young lady has been experimented with the same way you did?

Looks like Dr. Orvé was listening that far.

"Probably... I think so"

"If the Spirit has anything to do with it, the captain may take care of it. Whatever..."

To the next word Dr. Orvé said, I somehow got cold hearted.

"Until a while ago, he was engaged to the captain."