I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Concerned about the circumstances of the captain

I wonder why I feel weird.

Is it because there's something I didn't even know I was looking at the configuration data set?

But even the captain of the regiment would have had a lot more than being a living person.

Do you think there was someone you were seeing?... I can't possibly not have one with that look or anything.

Besides, even if nobility has a fiancée, recognition is in me.

Instead, I'm half 20, and I wonder if it feels like I don't have to be married. Sure, Captain, you had the Duke too, didn't you?

Nevertheless, before, does that mean that... either the captain of the regiment or that young lady stopped for a reason?

Speaking of which, to Mr Eval, the captain had said something. I don't want to give you a name because it's troublesome, or borrow the name of your deputy chief. Uh...

I thought it was weird. I thought it was because of the relationship between the nobles, but what because they had a relationship.

So it's a follow-up and a cure, and you think they might ask for it?

"Is it hard to say no because you're protecting me?

Something like this, the civilians would be nice, but they wouldn't take care of our daughter, they'd even be engaged, like, what could they possibly say?

"That's not what I'm talking about," says Dr. Orvé.

"It's a matter between nobles. If the other person is a lady, the response is appropriate for someone in that capacity. Besides, no one is more familiar with the Spirit than the Commander."

And one more thing, Dr. Orvé adds.

"Honestly, I wouldn't be able to put you right back home in this state. If so, we will have to enter the laboratory in Wangdu. It would be stopped for follow-up on a yearly basis. More than that, where there are people who seem to be able to be identity underwriters, they should only want to let them see how things are going for a short time and go back home. And a convenient person discovered it, so I decided to push it on him."


I keep my mouth shut.

"When the captain contacted the other side, he said he didn't want to give his name. Is it because you wanted to avoid that?"

"I guess. If this causes any problems, this lady will not be able to marry. Then there's the possibility that he'll push you to the head of the regiment. But even the captain of the regiment is passive about marriage, so you want to avoid it at all costs. I hear His Majesty the King says," Marry soon and have children, "or" I want to be adorable to my grandchildren. "

"Hmm? Um, shouldn't His Majesty the King adore His Royal Highness's children?

"Oh, you don't normally know... you seem to know more or less people under the castle in Wang Du, and you don't seem to be hiding them."

"The closest blood relative to His Majesty the King is the Commander. His Royal Highness is an adopted son from far away. And this is the place to be."

Dr. Orvé said a little more.

"His Majesty the King has no romantic feelings for women."

"... what about men?

"You probably prefer it there. That's why you don't like getting married. That's why I even adopted him."

"Sure, that's it, your own blood close grandson... It's hard if you don't knit something incredibly magical."

I see. Convinced.

But I didn't know the captain didn't want to get married... I felt a little bit like a deserter even though I was young.

Sometimes what you say is so dangerous!

"Well, we just have to ask His Royal Highness the Prince to marry us soon,"

Even remotely. You should expect your grandson from His Majesty the King.

"His Royal Highness the Prince...... He wants the best bride over there."

Dr. Orvé laughs bitterly.

"I hear His Royal Highness is competing with the Commander."


I'm a prince, so I wish I could just stand back and relax.

"Rumor has it the captain is jealous even though His Majesty the King likes him. Because of that, I've heard the captain's conversation about wanting a sumbalashi daughter-in-law."

... Dear Commander, you have some pretty troublesome people in your eyes.

That's how while I was talking to Dr. Orvé, the feeling that my heart felt just now was gone.

In the meantime, I decided to open a coffee shop till time.

Although it had been near evening while I was back from the dungeon, it was still early for the scheduled closing time.

And that's where the cleanup was popping up.

When I reopened the coffee shop, several knights came back from the dungeon.

"Hey, I don't have any legs..."

A knight who doesn't seem to like ghosts says a cry with tea in his mouth.

"It's okay. Drink this and you'll feel better with a little less energy."

Speak to the customer while selling tea.

"Yura said she's in the dungeon, too, but she's fine."

This man seemed to be in a group that attacked me from the first glance and joined me.

"That's right. I think you'd be scared if you were a ghost you couldn't defeat if you fought. So when I heard you were coming back to life, I thought I didn't like that, but I was wondering if it would go away properly."

The demons, who were the first to catch and train with the spirits, were in a resurrecting haunted state, but what I couldn't help but lay low.

I have no choice but to tell someone that I was okay with being scared.

"Well, you certainly felt easier to take him down."

That made an estimated 30-year-old knight customer look relieved, so good. Good.

Although it was about 5 people who eventually came, the tea with the strength to recover seemed very effective. He tells me he was tired, but it made him feel easier and he goes home.

This is a word of mouth, and I was just about to clean it up, hoping it would spread to other knights.

"Good day, Mr. Yura"

Mr. Frey came.