...... a little thrilled.

Funny that you just got mad at me, Frey seemed concerned about the inside of the store. I looked around and looked at him.

"Is no one here?

"You don't have to have a watchman. 'Cause, ladies and gentlemen, you're all well-behaved people."

"I'd rather have your surveillance together today than your credit."

- Mr. Frey sighs.

"Um, sorry..."

Let's apologize first.

In the end, even though I didn't have to go, I managed to storm it...

"The captain told me what happened. The Spirit made me panic and accidentally told me if I could help, they took me."

Mr. Frey approaches me and puts his hand on his shoulder.

"Still, you could have talked to Eval in advance, right?


But I don't want to tell you what I talked to the Spirit about, and I can't tell you why I thought I might be able to fix it, so it's not an option no matter how many times I repeat it.

Maybe I found myself not reflecting. Mr. Frey tried to peek into my face.

"The captain also told me, 'I'm the quality that pops up if I want to, so give it up there', right? I'm worried about you, Yura."

Looking into his eyes, Mr. Frey seemed to be telling the dog that did something wrong.

What worries me is that I appreciate it. I was a stranger until a while ago, because you take that much into account.

"Thank you. I want to try not to jump out or go"

Fluffy, 'I'm not sure I'm going to pop up' kind of way.

Then I suppose it would be bad for Mr. Frey, but maybe I, I have too much to hide and I can't even talk to Mr. Frey in advance, and I'll only speak of promises I can't make.

Mr. Frey seems to have detected an unspoken atmosphere.

"... I guess it's no use letting you make promises"

That's what they say, I distract myself. But Mr. Frey was not angry.

"I know very well that it's hard to tie people's minds. I've been rebelling myself."

"Is that Mr. Frey?

Although blood is noisy when it comes to battle, it usually seems polite and solemnly obeys the captain.

"It's a lot rounded now, though. Originally, it's not a very tolerant quality. If I can do something about you, I want to."

"Locking up is a basket..."

That statement is a little scary. You have the mysterious peace of mind that the captain has said something similar, but the captain won't do that eventually.

But Mr. Frey's... after seeing the state of that fight, I feel like I might do it. I guess it's because of the awesome difference from normal.

"I hope you don't let me do that. This way, too, because I'm pretty sure I thought you were like a cat I could grab the root of and carry. You're a person..."

Sighing, squeaking and stroking my head.

It's like allowing a naughty cat to have no choice.

I hope you're not mad at me, but I had my hair tied to brew tea, and I'm gonna get wacky.

"Mr. Frey, my hair is killing me! That's about it already!

When I get blurry hair, I can't fix it because there's no mirror in this room. When you stop in a hurry,

"Oh, and your hair. I wish I didn't have to worry about it like a dog or cat."

Sigh again, Mr. Frey.

"I'll tie you back to apologizing. Will you sit there, Mr. Yura?"

"Uh, but..."

One moment, please, Mr. Frey? I think it's easy for a man to think of his behavior as tying a woman's hair, even if it's not in this world. It's not about kids and adults, so why not mislead? Isn't that bad?

"You don't have to hesitate. I'm good at handling fine things."

My anxiety roughly causes Mr. Frey to pull his arm and sit in a nearby chair.

"I haven't seen anyone, and I can't even get in the room, so I'm fine. So I won't preach about this one anymore. Instead, I want you to listen to me."

I'll be bitter for a little while.

As a result, I nodded. If no one has seen it, it would be nice if I could just tie my hair.

"... ok"

Mr. Frey smiles with great pleasure and turns behind me.

That's how you untie the string that was making it the proper one. I felt my hair spread over my shoulders.

Mr. Frey slowly combs and lifts my hair with his hands.

Looks like they're knitting from one side.

Every time my hair moves when I touch it, it tickles. When Mr. Frey's fingertips stroke his head and occasionally touch his neck muscles, his shoulders seem to jump unexpectedly.

Although I am patient with the thought of overreacting, I am probably noticed because Mr. Frey laughs small.

Even so, why did you say you wanted to tie your hair instead of getting angry?

"Um, do you like tying your hair?

of women there, and I didn't say it because then it was going to be a dangerous question.

If you didn't have sisters, who was the other woman? I was wondering if Mr. Frey would care about that.

"I don't think you like it special. If it's Yura's hair, I thought you might want to touch it. And harassment, I guess."


"See, I don't turn around. Look forward."

I was surprised and tried to look at Mr. Frey, and he even held his head and turned forward.

"For breaking my promise."

That's what Frey told me, but I ended up knitting three things.

I couldn't help but worry about people's eyes until I cleaned them up and went back to my room.