Reports from the time we sent the advance party showed that the demons were being fortified.

Although I sorted the crew with that intention, I have a bad feeling about it. So just before, I switched to forming Frey's squad as well.

That was the right thing to do.

Because it turns out that the Necromancer will be resurrected.

I took a lot of damage because of it. Especially if it's the rear unit that was caught off guard, even the seriously ill could get out.

I feel sorry for myself when I think...

"But changing means something is in the back or is someone doing the surgery"

If you're in surgery, I thought about slapping you in the head before I sweep you, but I can tell you I can't even fly to the upper level of the dungeon and mount you with a lizard.

Asking the Spirit, he says there are those who use magic in the back of the dungeon.

Anyway, I decided to defeat those in the deepest realm who use magic.

After that, the demons will not be resurrected, so it will be easy to defeat them.

After I managed to get through the second tier that way, I noticed a change in the third tier.

Quiet. And no demons.

"Hey, what's going on?

I grab the earth spirits and ask, which was clinging to the blurry and glowing stones nearby.

"Probably - I think I have a buddy who came to take down the boss in the back -?

If you're one of us, is the Spirit trying to defeat the demon?

Lucien thought 'such a fool'.

The fact that the Spirit moves voluntarily is rare unless the land and what he lived in is destroyed and he goes mad.

Has someone brought the Spirit? I was just wondering if there were people who could magically manipulate the Spirit... and I thought of Yura.

I don't think so. But went on to say what the Spirit had said, and Lucien nearly groaned.

"I had a human girl." Okay?

Around here, there is only Yura, other than Lucien, such as those who can have a clear conversation with the Spirit.

But I think.

It's pretty weird just to say that the Spirit walks with humans.

But it's about Yura. I'm sure it's unusual, etc.

Even in those years, aren't you sticking one foot in your dreams somewhere? She's the perfect weather girl.

So much for seeing all that and wondering how I could stay so unsuspecting.

It's understandable enough to be told that the original was the Spirit.

For once, I also thought to tell Frey, who was avant-garde and was taking care of Yura.

But I reconsidered it just before.

... Frey, who previously watched over him on duty, became more protective of Yura. If they jump in front of me, they will, too.

But I also feel like that would really be all.

Frey has done a lot to help women before. Even if they miss me, I don't think I ever turned my back on them. If you are avoiding it for a different reason than Lucien, I was wondering if anyone would even think about it.

Thinking for a moment, Lucien lay down Yura's name and said:

"Frey, it looks like someone is trying to solve the magic on this dungeon. The Spirit says if we wait a little, we can solve the magic, but either way, we need to move on and find the person."

But Frey seemed convinced that the person in question was Yura. The expression changes. Like a muck.

Let's go, Captain.

Agreed, go and you'll see that the demon proceeded with little defeat and was just attracting.

"Oh, this is definitely Mr. Yura..."

With his cold eyes, Frey cuts into a bunch of demons as he leaks his laughter.

Lucien also brings together multiple demons with a fiery sword technique.

The remaining demons are annihilated by the Freys.

Only in the beginning did the demons still keep coming back to life.

Along the way, however, the magic spread around the perimeter.

There was a demon that was knocked down just then, and it didn't even come back to life while this move was surprising and dull.

"The demon is no longer resurrected!

"Eliminate it!

Knights to eliminate simultaneously.

At the last place I saw it that way, there was Yura, as expected.

I guess I sent the spirits home and tried to hide in the corner because I didn't want to find them.

They think they're going to get mad.

You don't want to scare me, but you don't care a bit. And all this protection and trying to understand, she's still hiding something.

Perhaps the anomaly.

I thought maybe I wouldn't honestly talk where the other humans are. So Lucien took only one of her out.

I noticed after Yura told me that I carried it poorly at that time, so I guess Lucien was in a bit of a hurry as well.

It's a short time to talk. In doing so, I have to ask Yura about hiding things.

In the first place, Lucien can't explain not asking for more information about her being here this time.

Against hesitant Yura, only threatening words appear against the Spirit. I think to myself it's because I've been doing all that...

Otherwise, Lucien doesn't have a choice.

When it comes to blackmailing people, it only hurts them or makes them think they have someone else to excel at...

Lucien, who was thinking about it, thought to Yura that she still should do it, that she didn't hate herself. I can make as many reasons to put it on my side as I want because she's a spirit-mixed girlfriend.

If people were opponents, they weren't willing to take that means.

Because I thought I'd have to live on my own the whole time, and I've avoided any trouble.

I wonder if this is because she's half spiritual?

So this is how you touch her naturally?

After she told me that I could risk my life because I was confused by my thoughts, I remember that and there are things I can do.

A covenant to which she, as the Spirit, subordinates herself.

I will not doubt anyone who has accepted this, as it will bind her to her own existence more than any other magic.

Until now, it was only used to save and trust the Spirit, and was rejected by the Spirit in an attempt to solve the problem as soon as it was resolved.

Unless you don't like being kept as a spirit...... And I thought to myself against Yura.

But unexpectedly, Yura didn't hate it.

I was told that it was okay to be subordinated to a human being, and I knew she was worried that the weather was too energetic.

As long as this technique is applied, even if Lucien says he is impotent, he will be obeyed.

If you're a woman, it's something you're likely to assume will be quite dangerous to your eyes...

Or don't you think of Lucien as heterosexual, etc.

Thinking about it, I was a little upset.

Unexpectedly touching Yura's neck muscle. Yura seemed to have noticed that, just as she had deliberately slipped through the finger movement.

That makes me want to frighten you more.

Yet Yura said, nevertheless with challenging eyes, "I don't think I'll have to doubt it later than anything else".

If you're willing to accept that much.

If you don't want Yura to abandon you, I thought I'd keep you on my side.

But even if I try to get away from Lucien's side instead, I might not be able to forgive that. As much as I think so, Lucien seemed happy that she even accepted subordination.

Perhaps I also wanted someone who would accept whatever I did, like Yura.

As much as you nostalgic for me, I'll take responsibility until the end.

"Then you should be kept by me, Yura"

Declaring to be connected by an invisible chain, Lucien was somehow heartbroken.