I went to see how things were about three times that night, but Miss Maia didn't wake up.

Beautiful she was quiet as she slept, and I don't know if all the noble ladies impressed me.

Still, magic is hard to recover from. If you wake up, I can get you a cup of tea or something...

Oh, my God. Though I thought about it, I made sure I wasn't on Miss Maia's side for too long.

I am restless.

A beautiful side like a painting, floating in the moonlight entering through a window.

Because watching it makes me twitch.

I'm sure if you stood by the captain, you'd look great. When I think about it, I feel like I shouldn't be staring...

Eventually, she woke up the next morning.

Apparently back when I was getting ready to open the store. I learned that thanks to the captain who asked me before lunch.

When I served tea to the two knights of my age who came with the captain, the captain who took a sip told me.

Apparently, she doesn't really remember what she was doing.

Dr. Orvé told the captain that the memory of being in the territory was the last of what he remembered.

"I'm going to see you, Yura"

"Am I?

I am troubled when the captain tells me that I have finished my tea.

I think I'll see you later when I take care of Mr. Helga and the others, and I was wondering if that's okay.

"Could be one of the victims of that experiment, I told you? Then I want to take you and show you how things are going."

With that said, the captain looks into my eyes with purple eyes.

Somehow out of the question: 'If you're a witch, you might know what she's like, don't you?' I felt the idea.

I guess I just couldn't tell you because there were Mr. Frey and other knights on this occasion.

To keep my promise to me.


"Then come with Frey right away. I'll wait there."

That said, the captain left the room.

There was just no one in the store. Is it because the captain came, or about two knights who had been drinking tea until then have just disappeared, and no other customers have come.

I wonder if we're all nervous. If so, I still feel like the captain should deliver it to the office.

Though I thought about it, I put out the fire and left the coffee room.

Lock up and go to Dr. Orvé with the captains.

"Good to see you."

When Dr. Orvé arrived, only the captain passed to Miss Maia's side.

I was lying next to Miss Maia on the bunk, to the side of the clash. Mr. Frey and the others are stopped right at the door.

"I haven't got my clothes ready yet. Noble Lady, I don't like to be seen by anyone other than acquaintances, unless it's as bad as it gets."

Sure, you wouldn't like it if the people who came all over saw you, even though you weren't dressed properly.

From me, Miss Maia looks good. She was wearing the same cotton bedding as yesterday. I'm weaving a red shawl from the top of it and waking my body up on the sleeping table.

"In this capacity, I apologize. Long time no see, Master Lucien. We apologize for the inconvenience."

The first time I heard Miss Maia's voice was something that felt so pathetic and musical. It's called a thorough tone, you're a lady... impressive.

"I guess he was involved in a sudden incident and brought in by force majeure. I just want to say slow therapy, but this castle is an unfavourable environment for you. I can't have anything worthy of a noble lady or anything like that. We're trying to get to the nearby Barkaus first."

Since the captain was soggy, I told him that I couldn't leave him at our house, so I decided to move him to the neighboring territory (determined).

Is it okay? So, I guess... because I heard you were once engaged? No, but surely this castle will have a lot of problems making your lady stay.

There are a small number of servants who look after them, and they're just men. Women come and do laundry like Mr. Helga and the others.

And Miss Maia smiled and nodded like a fluffy sweet cream, wondering if she was in shock.

"We apologize for the inconvenience. Thank you."

By thanking you, I assume that for Miss Maia, her life seemed more important than that of a lady......?

Even though it feels like a sweet young lady, she seems happy to be able to travel without being obsessed with the captain.

Miss Maia went on to say.

"Have you contacted us at home?

"While yesterday. We'll be in touch tomorrow."

"Thank you for your prompt response. I'm not sure you'll be picking me up soon, but you can't keep me posted."

...... hmm? Something subtly cynical mixed up, huh?

That's right, the captain also moved his expression a little.

"Not so much, the situation?

"Especially since we accepted the people of Idrisia... I was in hiding, so I don't think I was noticed absent. Including that, thank you, Master Lucien."

"No, it's not enough to thank me. It'll take a few days, but until then, I want you to take care of my doctor, Orvé. Bye."

I really just made an administrative contact, and the captain tries to leave the room.

What shall I do? After we get a little lost, we disperse together.

It's hard for me to speak to someone I meet for no reason or trigger.

When I looked back, Miss Maia stared at the captain with a slightly more serious look.

We were both surprised by the other demeanor, but the last time I saw Miss Maia, I felt like she wanted to say something to the head of the regiment.