The captain sent me to the coffee shop.

"I'll see you later, Yura"

The captain tapped me lightly on the head and walked away with the other knights.

I can't talk about witches now, so later, I guess that means.

Aren't you too nervous in front of the others? Though I feel relieved because I have the feeling of being an owner and I can see that they don't hate me properly today......

And I wasn't sure about the witch nagging. There were no spirits nearby, so I couldn't ask.

Should I take the Spirit with me when I go take care of him later......?

Anyway, I think it's a work job, unlock it and go inside the coffee shop.

But Mr. Frey didn't come in standing in the hallway.

"Mr. Frey......?

Looking back, Mr. Frey stared at the captain's back. But you seem to have noticed my voice, and I turn this one around immediately.

"Do you want to come inside? If you have business, you'll be fine. We're definitely not moving from here until we close today."

I thought I might have something to say to the captain, and I recommended that.

"No, there's no problem. And my throat is dry, so I thought I'd get you a cup of tea."

"Okay. Please wait a moment."

I'll have tea ready soon. But in the meantime, even after he had spoken of his tea, Mr. Frey seemed to think of something all the time.

It would also be rude to ask about root digging leaf digging. I decide to leave it at ease.

And after lunch, Mr. Frey went out because there was a patrol.

The Knights patrol several places every day. Be wary of demons, like the streets and the outskirts of farmland. Mr. Frey, too, can't just be my opponent all the time.

Instead, Mr. Eval comes to peek a little when that happens.

He came again today, so I gave Mr. Eval a piece of paper that rewrote the reason for the other day's outing.

"Um, was this a good thing about the other day?

Eval, who stared at the paper, replied after he had said Hmm.

"Well, fine. Why did you jump out the other day with such a terrible beating and writing when you could write so well"

"I was in a hurry..."

Haha laugh and delude.

The paper I just gave you was written using memories that the society had been doing for about three years at a time.

It's probably not the same format as putting it out to the bosses of this world, but Mr. Eval didn't say anything to me either because it means it was properly written by civilians there. I'm glad you told me you were rather able to write properly.

After such an Eval sits in his usual seat with his favorite cash tray in his hand for a while, the knight on the patrol visits the shop with a bump.

Ten people between closing. That's a bad number.

And closing time.

While serving tea again to Mr. Frey when he returns, he tries to start cleaning up whether to go home or not.

There, rarely came Dr. Orvé.

"Yura, I'd love to get you some tea that'll calm you down, if that's okay."

"I don't mind. Come back to me..."

I tried to tell you to wait, and Dr. Orvé shook my head to the side.

"No, I'm not. I was going to give it to the guarded lady. Speaking of castles here, noble ladies don't always have something to drink. Besides, I was hoping that your tea would taste good and be effective."

I see. Dr. Orvé is not a tea obsessed person either, and he seems to have fancy tea leaves or something, which would be about the captain or vice captain Harral. I'm glad you relied more on me than you did on me there.

"Um, is Master Maia worried about something?

What crossed my mind was the experiment. Could Miss Maia do something that was memorable before and after the experiment?

You know, I don't know how noble ladies are raised, but I was just trying not to put my emotions on the table earlier?

In order to prevent the laboratory sending the case, I didn't know how to get close because they also told me not to talk about the experiment...

I don't think Yura's previous communal handicaps will come out in places like this.

But if you are remembering anxiety and fear, should I ask permission from the captain to tell her about it and lean in until your house or the lord next door picks you up?

It might be easier to talk to someone who's had the same experience.

After much thought, I was about to go right and left, and Dr. Orvé laughed at me.

"I don't seem to remember much about when I was abducted, etc. I heard you were in that cave."

It's good if you don't remember. Something that doesn't make me feel good, no matter what I think, when I remember it later. It's decided it's much better to forget.

"Well, you go over there and brew"

If you're going to carry it, you have to go outside.

I traveled with Dr. Orvé and Mr. Frey with three guests with tea leaves and tea utensils.

Anyway, I'm a civilian, so there's no way I'm going to sit with a noble lady.

Miss Maia would rather have a rare cup of tea in her mouth while talking to the teacher or Mr. Frey than alone, too.

So it's for three.

Next to Dr. Orvé's office, there is also Kamado. So I boiled the water and brewed the tea.

Even though I don't remember, I would have been surprised and careful because I was in a place I didn't know when I realized it.

Add a spoonful of honey and the tea is done.

With tea with a slightly sweet scent on the basin, I took Miss Maia and her teacher, Mr. Frey, to the waiting room.