The tea I had seemed to be filled with water spirits.

I look at the spirits in cute fish like Tobiuo, and I remember, oh. Tell the captain that we have to talk about whether Miss Maia has one of the witch scales.

"You, can you tell me if any of the people you're going to meet are like witches?

Though I asked, I bend my body so that I can snap my neck.

Do you know this or not?

When I put out the status screen, they know for sure.

The Spirit of Water: The Witch Returns?

"Yeah, I want you to look for me."

When I said that, she pointed at me (pointed at me with a straw) and asked me again, "If there is someone who doesn't look like me, please".

In fact, suppose she was a witch...... But you saved him, didn't you? If we could return to our territory, we would no longer have to act as witches either.

But I wonder if the captains will confirm her progress.

"I brought you some tea"

When I arrived in the room, the door was slightly open, so I called out and went inside.

There were already three people sitting there.

In the room I keep in the hospital room, I used to only keep the bedroom.

But the Duke's warrant will be using it, so he hurried a few cars around and carried tables and chairs. Consideration is that when you can wake up, you will also take meals here.

Miss Maia seemed to be able to wake up more firmly than earlier, wearing the colored clothes that Ms. Helga had prepared on the Knights' budget.

I'm not injured, I just didn't have enough magic, so I guess Dr. Orvé thought I should get up, too.

Even though the clothes managed to obtain silk ones, they were not of a slightly lower rank as the clothes worn by the noble lady. Yet when Miss Maia wears it, it's amazing because she looks fancy.

Helga also said she thought I could get something a little better...

I understand. If you put something weird on the noble lady, you may complain about the Knights from relatives in the territory, and the lady herself may dislike it.

Miss Maia seemed uncomfortable around there and was very helpful.

Unlike games, without players, I think you're having a lot of difficulty in these places. You would have sold me a lot of things I created with my clothing skills...... I guess they also sold silk dresses and stuff everywhere.

Instead, in this situation, I was surprised that Mr. Helga had been able to buy several pieces.

I almost accidentally get taken by Miss Maia, but I always leave my tea on the table, admonishing that I am a waitress.

"Come on, have a drink. It's the tea of those who make coffee shops in our Knights."

"Do you have a coffee shop in the Knights?

Miss Maia puts her mouth on the tea as she was recommended by Dr. Orvé and attracted interest, even though she seems to wonder.

Watching in the corner of the room thrilled, Miss Maia, who drank, breathes relief and smiles.

"It smells good, a little sweet and delicious. This is my first cup of tea, but which country is it from?

Good...... They told me it was delicious.

"I hope you like it, Master Maia. It's called" tea, "and it's made and named by the woman there."

I thank Dr. Orvé for introducing me.

"Well, that's better."

Miss Maia blinked her eyes and smiled elegantly.

"Thanks for the delicious tea. Did you mix the tea leaves?

"Oh, no. It's a little magically perverted."

Otherwise, this flavour will not come out. "I'd like to talk to you a little more," Miss Maia replied, asking Dr. Orvé.

"If you don't mind, can we have a little chat?

"I don't know if I mind. Dinner's coming up, so that's it."

That's good, right? and Dr. Orvé sends his gaze over here to confirm. I nodded.

This is a place where there are no women my age, so I thought I'd like to talk to you too.

He's also too pretty and a noble lady, though I'm anxious to talk to him or make him enjoy himself in his own story.

"Then it's impeccable to participate in a woman's story, so let me disperse. I'll leave Frey to watch."

That's what Dr. Orvé says and takes a seat.

While I'm talking like that, I check the status screen to see if the spirits I was putting on my hands aren't talking about anything.

Spirit of Water: Puffy Puffy

I was just crushing cute things.

Slightly soothed, I would be invited to take Dr. Orvé's seat.

Dr. Orvé left the room with the door closed properly, either because I was present too.

Position to view Miss Maia from diagonal left. It's comforting because Mr. Frey is in his seat as it is.

As I waited thrilled to see what they would talk about, they asked me first about tea.

"Why did you want to make new tea?

"I wanted to drink something with a different flavour...... Uh, it was like playing with color water when I was a little girl."

Actually not, but I'll answer for the right reasons.

"For a long time, could you magically change the tea? Is it possible that it hasn't happened recently?

That's what they asked me, and I said in my heart, "Huh?" and twinkle.

It's as if Miss Maia asks me what I used to think I couldn't do with magic.

If you know about spiritual fusion, how come...

"Dear Maia. The story that got in is just..."

Mr. Frey stops me at once. Thank God, Miss Maia turned to Mr. Frey for the water of the story.

"I thought it was necessary, Master Frey. To talk to you, too. But... I see."

...... hmm? Something's wrong with the interaction, but what do you mean? And I think you two are answering it the way you're used to. You don't think I knew him?

Confused I closed my eyes when I was drowsiness attacked by a pretense.