I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

* Yura clerk finds out something went wrong

"Mr. Yura!?

Even as Sleeping Yura stood up in a hurry as she was about to fall out of her chair, Maia walked over and held her shoulder down before it did.

"Maia, why are you doing this..."

Suddenly Maia magically put Yura to sleep. I know why, but I still think there might have been some other way.

"Why is that? Because this is the only way to quickly exchange all kinds of information with you."

Maia tells Frey with such expressions as supremely natural.

"I wanted to ask you about my situation and about you so that this person wouldn't ask me. Dear Frey."

"I know how that feels,"

Frey takes the place of supporting Yura, nagging.

You shouldn't let Yura talk to you about yourself and Maia.

Ever since I came to the Knights, I've been caught up in some sort of battle or something, but I'm the one who should have lived peacefully in a quiet place.

When asked about the circumstances, even about the troubles between nations… I fear I will stick my neck in. Because it's Yura.

If you're from Maia, that's not the only reason.

"Above all, if you know what's going on, she's in danger."

"Are you saying that if you... became the subject of an experiment in spiritual fusion, knowing the circumstances...?

To Frey's words, Maia nods clearly.

"Your homeland, Idrisia, was not just occupied. The reason Tanastra invaded was to use the sanctuary of Idrisia to unload God and rule the world with its power."

Maia looked sad, pulling her mouth together once and for all before continuing.

"Dear Frey, like you, we know that those employed by the King as a condition for accepting the people infiltrated Tanastra. You could not be contacted…. The people of Idrisia in the territory know the story."

"I know why I haven't heard from you so far. You won't be able to contact me here in the Spirit. There is a risk that Captain Lucien will notice. Then you'll know I was asked to join the Knights."

As for Frey, he was asked for the price of granting asylum rather than the conditions for accepting the people.

Hiding the Idrisian royalty is a risk, even as Arlendar.

Though I thought the king was also a sweet cutter because the price was the escort of Lucien, whom the king guided.

In a place like this, I didn't expect to be concerned about Captain Lucien's abilities.

Thanks to both Frey and Captain Lucien, everyone thought Tanastra was involved about witches.

If Maia's story is true, we would all have been on guard looking in the direction of the day after tomorrow.

"Anyway... so you want to make a witch? You won't have to sacrifice other people."

"It's an excuse, but I learned about this plan later. By then, many people had already been sacrificed in two laboratories. You can't even blame all the Idrisian people for that. Because it is also a consequence of my lack of power. But you can stop it."

"By you becoming an experimental bench, is that it? But even about the Kingdom of Idrisia, you won't have to bear it. For you, Mother, it's just your country."

"Still, I am the one who draws the blood of the Idrisian royalty"

Miss Maia stares at Mr. Frey.

"And now you know too. that the people of Idrisia are about to do.... What are you going to do now? Frey Hersh Idraval"

It was more like asking, rather than asking.

As if you're not going to do anything.

Frey answered.

I didn't forget about Idrisia.

Mothers, relatives, and gentle servants all died. To miss Frey.

Because I really couldn't stop the royal blood.

If the inhabitants hidden in Arlendar take action to return to Idrisia, Frey will have to lead the way.

But this is different.

Indeed, this country is also at stake if you try to put your fingers around Tanastra's actions.

But I can't tell anyone in Arlendar about the sanctuary of Idrisia.

If you mean to be used by Tanastra, you will certainly have to create and protect a witch-like existence.

But for that, Yura was about to be sacrificed.

It is in tune with the people of the homeland who took such action….

On the other hand, there is no doubt that they are in a position of responsibility.

Will it stop?

But even if we stop, more people will end up dying than the victims.

It's visible.

"I am going to act like this. Because I think that will definitely benefit a lot of people in Arlendar."

Like pushing the back of a troubled Frey, Maia said.

"Let me think for a second"

Now Frey, I just had to say that.

"Mr. Yura? Mr. Yura, are you all right?

For a moment, I felt kind of distant.

It looked like she was asleep when she noticed, and I was sitting in a chair held by Mr. Frey.

"Wow! I'm fine! Maybe I was too nervous."

Other than that, I can't think of a reason.

Because it's impossible in my life to be present with someone in my capacity who's a duke's warrant.

It's not like I'm otherwise ill...

Anyway, I keep my head down on Mr. Frey's worried face.

"I'm sorry for your loss, Maia."

"I'm fine. Wasn't that bad for you?

Someone who had been in a coma until a while ago worried me... unconscious. It's less facetious and harder to raise my face, and I tend to respond to my nagging tendencies.

"I'm sorry for your concern. Don't worry, it's healthy."

"Really? I actually remember seeing someone very similar to you..."

"Huh? To me? … does that mean that when Master Maia was imprisoned?

Even before I fell asleep, I did say that.

Miss Maia nodded.

"I just remembered a little bit about that time... I did see someone like you when I was in a stone building. I was asleep, so I had a different impression."

If she saw it, it could be me.

At the time the captains rescued us, there was a sorcerer who was able to escape, and Miss Maia could have been taken away.

Nevertheless, you can't say.

"To, I think he's a similar person. Oh, if the tea's cold, I'll make it back."

"I'm fine."

Miss Maia smiles and sips her tea again. The way I drank it showed that it was cooler than I thought.... me than I thought, was I asleep? But Frey and the others had the same vibe that woke them right away.

"It's delicious enough to be cold. I'd like another cup of tea. Can you do me a favor?

"If that's the case, I'll bring it back after dinner"

I promised Miss Maia another cup of tea.

Mr. Frey looked at us like he was smiling.

After talking for a while afterwards, me and Mr. Frey decided not to.

Because even if we talk too long, it will hinder Miss Maia's body, who has just woken up.

Anyway, Mr. Frey told me to look at the clock in the room, and I was already talking for half an hour. It's hard to see it coming from my seated seat, so I didn't notice.

When I'm chatting, I feel like it's too soon for me to pass.

Both Mr. Frey and Miss Maia drank the tea. That you would do that even though it was cold seemed really delicious.

Though I felt relieved, the Spirit of Water had disappeared because of the loss of tea, which was moisture.

"Can't you hear this?"

Next time, I'll have to think of something.