At dinner, I brought tea with me to Miss Maia.

"I'm sorry it's not a very luxurious meal..."

The combination of bread and soup with cheese and baked chicken is a bit lonely compared to dinner in previous life. The main dish feels like cheese. I'm used to living in this world, so I'm fine.

But if you're an aristocratic warrant lady, you're probably mouthing a menu rich in previous life standards.

No, no. Because it's so thin, maybe I've been living a controlled diet since I usually do?

If I thought so, I got an unexpected answer.

"No, no problem. It's not so different from my usual diet. I'm embarrassed, but I'm a troublemaker at the Duke's house."

Speaking of which, I recall.

"He said he was hiding..."

After I say it, I wander around saying I shouldn't have asked you this straight.

Bad. Though I thought it was strange that a young woman was still hiding out, there would be a reason for that, and I'm sure it would be hard to say. Besides, you even said you were a troublemaker at the Duke's house.

"Sorry, I said I stepped in"

"No, never mind, Mr. Yura. Sometimes it's a nobleman's house. Being my late wife's child, I am not well thought of by my ex-wife's half-brother.... is also pre-construction."

That's where Miss Maia laughs small.

"There are other circumstances that make it difficult for me to go to my daughter-in-law elsewhere, so I was given one of the villas to live there."

Miss Maia stared at the red tea.

"The number of servants was limited, and I didn't dislike life so much when it came to eating only to the extent that it was a little more... than people in Ichii. I just can't do anything about myself..."

So Miss Maia, who stopped the words once, smiled.

"You'll have it before it gets cold. Please, Mr. Yura is eating too."

That's what they told me, and I decided to step back out of the room.

After the meal, Miss Maia was instructed by Dr. Orvé to sleep early and went to bed even though it was not long after night.

I was wondering if there was any help getting dressed, or so I was smiled at because I was used to living with fewer servants.

What a pity it is to say that she is a princess of a royal stream called the Duke's Lady.

Then I make tea and wait for people.

Then much earlier than ever, he showed up.

"I'll get in your way."

"Master Commander, I've been expecting you. And I'm not interrupting."

I waited because I thought you were coming to hear the report, but there's nothing in the way or anything. When I said that because I thought it was strange, the captain laughed bitterly.

"I didn't let you know the time. Sometimes I wonder if I want to be alone."

"It's okay. I don't walk anywhere at night, and I'm basically just making tea by myself."

Even if you start a coffee shop, there are times when you don't have customers. There are times when even Mr. Frey isn't around, and there's a lot of time when Mr. Eval doesn't even show his face. There's plenty of time for one.

"Really?" said the captain, sitting in a seat that is becoming fixed position.

"I couldn't say for sure, but how was Miss Maia Armadir from your eyes? Did you look like one of them?

"You mean witch or not, right?

Confirmed, the captain nods.

"In conclusion, I couldn't get confirmation if I was a witch. I took the Spirit, but he didn't seem very interested."

There is no other person's information on the status screen... Demons just show their species names, don't they?

"I see. Now ask me with your good cookies."

"Speaking of which... I'll bake it tomorrow."

All the cookies from yesterday are gone, so I have to bake them anew. I gave a lot to Sola.

Should I rather call Sola? Ten cookies per call?

Think about the number of cookies that you should prepare after tomorrow and serve to customers. Then the captain said it was pompous.

"Miss Maia said she was having fun talking to you."

"Yes, it may be rude, but it's been a long time since I've talked to a woman my age, so I had fun too"

When I answered, the captain gave me a slightly happy look.

"She's a pitiful person too. I know you'll move your place soon, but until then, be nice."

The captain asks me to do so.

I honestly wondered.

"Um, why didn't the engagement go well? Between the two of you, it doesn't look like there was a problem... then I thought,"

Miss Maia is also neglected by relatives and pushed into the villa with a handful of servants without being able to properly marry her. If you want her to feel calm, it would be quicker for the captain to get married as he is. You should be free to defend as much as you want.

But the engagement didn't go well either. He doesn't really want to get involved either.

I can't help wondering what the problem was...... right?

"Do you care?

That's what the captain told me, and I panicked thinking I'd pryed too far.

"Um, the captain is my subordinate husband. Shit. You'd be a little aware of that if you heard it was more engaged, wouldn't you? And Miss Maia said she was hiding because her relatives were neglecting her..."

After overlapping excuses, I noticed that the captain had turned away a little. Plus, he's got his hands on his forehead, and he looks like he's worried about something.

"Oh, oh, oh, I'm fine with not answering your questions, Captain! I won't force you to ask!

I waved and said I was in a hurry.

"No. I'm not..."

The captain said in a slightly groaning voice, then turned this one around.

"Don't worry about that now. Just please, other than when it's just me and you, don't call me your husband. It wouldn't be good to hear the outside."

"I am so sorry......"

I see. Did you say you were worried about me for calling your husband... was that frightening...

When I was subordinate, I thought the captain would be your husband, but the choice of words seemed poor.

"And then... right. I can talk about my engagement to Maia Armadir because you're subordinate. Yura, I command you. Never speak to others about Maia after this."

There was a tingling feeling of static electricity playing on my neck. Maybe that's why the contract with the captain was activated.

To me I nodded, the captain said.

"She's supposed to be the Duke's daughter, but she's the child of the brother of the previous king"