I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Just for a moment, I've heard about the captain's situation.

"The brother of the previous king..."

What do you mean?

"Eh, His Majesty now was the king's brother of the previous king, wasn't he? Uncle of the captain..."

The captain nods.

"His Majesty the King is now the second son. Three men had a scandal with the Duke's Lady. My mother was the fourth child and princess."

The princess has come out full of princes!

Earlier kings__Earlier kings (dead)

|_Current King (Onei)

|_Three Men__Princess Idrisia

| |_Miss Maia

|_Mother of the captain_Dear captain

Here's the thing, I think of a diagram in my head.

"Before the previous king came to power, it happened when he was Prince Wang."

The captain continues with a sigh.

"Her mother is the princess of the Kingdom of Idrisia, who was invaded by neighbouring Tanastra about three years ago. He was supposed to marry Prince Wang in the first place, but when he came for his engagement, he had the children of a third prince. That's Maia."

He said he was engaged to his oldest son, but at some point he was tied to three...

Sure, this is a hell of a story.

"Why is Maia the Duke's Lady?

"Prince Wang is furious with the scandal. Naturally, welcoming him to the bride was just a momentum of refusal and slaughter.... because he was a tough guy. The third prince was sent to the border by the king at the time, after stripping him of his inheritance rights"

I can't run off in the royal family, and I can't help but tell you to let me marry you.

"The problem is the treatment of the remaining princess. A princess from another country can't go home even though she has. Besides, the child is a royal son, and he can't leave it in place. I made a deal with the Duke of Armadir after the king at the time had thought about it. That's how I created the story of the great love affair between the duke and the princess, and I was to push it. So the princess pulled into Armadillo and made up a story about not showing her face on the surface."

"It's... it's outrageous again, and I know why I can't marry you and why your relatives have offended you."

Though she does not have the right to inherit, Miss Maia, who draws the blood of the royal families of the two countries, cannot let her daughter-in-law be the one she likes. Because Miss Maia herself doesn't necessarily reveal everything to that opponent.

And for the Duke family, Miss Maia is an unwelcome opponent, albeit as a result of the deal. The blood isn't connected either, so I guess the response gets even colder.

"That, but yet how could you and the captain..."

Were you engaged?

"Because I was a troublemaker too. In the days of the previous kings, I was about to be put together a troublemaker because it was just right. If you're going to marry Miss Maia, I'm pretty sure the Dukes have the least trouble. This is a royal neighborhood."

"I can't believe the captain is a troublemaker, no."

I wonder who said that. Was it the previous king?

"I must have been a troublemaker. In my childhood, I couldn't even dictate my own power to kill spirits. Because of this... it was isolated close to a wasteland in the corner of the territory"

"Huh... childhood?

The captain nods.

"I'm only five or so years old. I'm sorry. Only my grandmother followed me."

I remember saying that the captain used to be your grandmother and child.

- I was raised by my grandmother, too.

"You and your grandmother were alone... you lived there?

"My father was busy as Duke. And my mother, who was a former princess, was a hater of things I didn't understand. At the time, the Spirit Church also abhorred me, and I guess that man who was faithful didn't want to get involved with me extra. Instead, sometimes His Majesty the King has come to visit us."

Oh, I thought this guy was something too.

I don't have many memories with your father and mother. Was Grandma the only one on your side the whole time?

I now know clearly why the captain cared about me.

The captain was only with Grandma.

Even if your uncle comes to see you, it's basically just the two of us. I can't believe the Spirit Church even hated me... If you do kill spirits that were randomly close, though the church that worships spirits will have no choice but to hate you.

But even your mother hated me. I can't believe it's a lot harder than it is for me to die.

It makes me as sad as it is about me, remembering what happened in my birthplace. There's going to be tears in my eyes.

Then the captain laughed.

"What if you're about to cry, Yura?"

That said, the captain stroked my head sitting across the street.

"Uh, uh, excuse me"

If the captain is sad, it's still strange for me to cry. Unexpectedly, he laughs small again.

"But I know why the captain was your grandmother and child. If you've been on my side the whole time, I knew Grandma would be the best."

"Well, yeah."

The gentle captain agreed to that, and when he slapped me in the head twice, he let go of his hand.

"That's why she's a pitiful person, too. I know that too, I'm glad Yura is being nice to you while you're here. If I do that, I won't be able to do it because it'll be a hassle when the Duke comes."


Where you can't be involved, Miss Maia, your destiny has been decided.

I've spent all my life in such an environment since I was born, so I guess even if I were abducted, I'd accept it so quietly.

Perhaps he is also a pale sleeper about his marriage to the captain of the regiment because he has given up that it is something he cannot do with his own will.

"But... is it a hassle? Even if the captain is nice to you, there doesn't seem to be a problem..."

To my words, the captain shakes his head to the side.

"The Duke of Armadire still wants to push Miss Maia on me. If you hear from a member of the team that you seemed a little friendly, etc., you should be swooping up big and pressing for another engagement. Because of this, His Majesty has disowned my engagement because of his willingness not to marry me. I can't even bother you again."

I see. Trying to avoid that, the captain wasn't mad at Miss Maia, was he?

And the captain, knowing that he didn't feel like getting married, I... felt a little sad.