When it comes to marriage, I didn't even have a connection in my previous life.

I wasn't a pull-in idea in my previous life, but it seems like I'm too desperate for work to even interact with my friends.

Even in this world, I probably don't feel like I can't get married.

It's not just about the captain's pets. Unless we solve one of the witches' cases, wouldn't that be impossible?

But I still think it's a shame that people like the captain and Miss Maia, who are not a communal handicap and have beautiful looks, can't do anything about it.

Though my relatives' opinion is that I have become a caretaker aunt.

"Well, there's no choice, is there? When it's all over... if the country is scorched even if I live, it's out of the question. It's possible, but you can't do this."

Full of it, though I'll try not to end up like a game. I can't guarantee it.

What a thought I was making cookies, I just put the dough in the oven to check my status.

I've been a bummer the last few days, but I've been knocking down demons and brewing tea. Must be pretty skilled up too.

"Oh, HP's a little up. Attack and all, it's a tear of stings, but I'm glad to be up..."

And I looked at the slightly different numbers and went.


I nearly screamed along the way and blocked my own mouth in a panic.

Shit. If I shout, they'll rush me, even though there's just no one there right now. I don't feel like I can handle it very calmly, but I have trouble getting people to come.

Take a deep breath with - and see your status again.

Yura Savell/Tea Master

Vitality (HP)/Magic (MP) … 700/1000 000

Attack... 5 Magic Attack... 600

Muscle Strength……… 5 Magic Skill Proficiency… 700

Speed............... 8 Sword Skill Proficiency...... 0

Physical defense…… 5 Magical aptitude…… 1,000

Magic Defense… 500 Spiritual Suitability…… 1,000

Acquisition capability

Tea Master...... Skill Level 13

* Moves added

Witch...... Skill Level 15

* Moves added

"Add moves."

What, what's more!? Besides, the tea master is still a witch!

First, I checked from the tea master's moves, which seemed kind to my heart.

Channel: C · D · E · F · G

"Too many!?

It was just Channel G until now, and there's something more! Oh my God, this is a tea master move...

But I have no idea why it has increased. Something is wrong with the rise according to the level.

But I can't ask anyone, so I decided I had no choice but to check the witch's moves.

Let me show you all the details.

Spirit Operation LV1 Spirit Summoning LV5

Underworld Knowledge, Magic Manipulation.

I groan when I see it.

Must be because you manipulated the Spirit of the Underworld in a dungeon! Summoning occurred as a move because you fed them cookies before that?

Incidentally, "Spirit Operated LV1" is "capable of manipulating spirits who have given magic", so it seems that you can't use it without giving them tea. No, maybe I can give you direct magic.

"Spirit Summon LV5" is written as a snack of the Spirit on a must-have item. Sounds like a cookie must-have move.

"Underworld Knowledge" and "Knowledge Required to Manipulate the Demonic Power of the Underworld" are written.

"This, could..."

It was the Spirit of the Underworld himself who solved the magic of the Immediate Resurrection of demons. So it won't be because of that. If so, there is one thing that comes to mind.

Weird stone in the dungeon, because you touched it?

Reminds me of the round stone. If I had it, it would have disappeared, but maybe it wasn't because of that.

As for Magic Manipulation, if there is not enough level, it will come out. Then why are you mastering skills?

"... well, I can't help it"

I can't take it back anymore.


If anything ever goes wrong with my quest in the future, I'll be rushing. You'd better be able to fight or be able to fight then.

And then when you go on a quest involving a witch, it's naturally fortified, so you can't even stop it...

And I have one thing to think about. Wouldn't it be better to have strong powers as a witch to solve all sorts of things?

Thanks to taking in magic, I found the art of fighting because I had witch skills but could use magic instead.

I have a lot of quests ahead of me. Something I could do better then, if there were other witches and the main story was going on, to stop it.

Anyway, I'll talk to the captain later.

"All right, burnt."

While I was thinking, the cookies baked me up.

Spread onto a plate to cool, and grab one of them.

"Yeah, it's good"

"Well, can I give you a taste of one, too?

"Gu, shuffle!

I was suddenly called from behind. I thought nobody was here!

Anyway, water. When I tried to drink water, someone put water in the cup and offered it to me.

Thank you. Drink it before you see it, it's Mr. Frey.

I didn't think you'd be so surprised.

"Phew, Mr. Frey. When are you coming back?

I ask him as he is still cheering because he is about to get into the trachea. Mr. Frey rubbed my back worryingly.

"I just did. Looks like I was thinking, and I didn't even notice when I spoke up, so I waited until I handled the oven or took my hands off the hot stuff."

I see. Having considered it, I was supposed to speak up right after the stumble.

"Are you okay? I wish I could have spoken a little later."

Although the cough finally subsided, Mr. Frey said so with his head.

They did that so naturally, I'm a little late to respond, but is that it?

"Um, it's one cookie. So, it's okay. If you want to be tasted, sit down and wait, Mr. Frey."


Mr. Frey still seemed worried and told me.

"If you get sick, you tell me, Mr. Yura. If anything happens because of me, I'm sorry."

"It's okay, just like that."

Waving with his hands clasped, Mr. Frey finally got a relieved look.