I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

* The balance of Yura's mind is loose

Yura's body doesn't seem to have any particular abnormalities.

Frey was relieved to find that out.

I know that magic has no particular effect on ordinary people. Later, however, I remembered that Yura also underwent a spiritual fusion experiment.

There is no way that Yura, who can now use magic, has not been affected by the experiment at all. I wish that magic had had some kind of negative effect, but nothing seems to be wrong except that I can't help it.

What bothered me a little was that while I was away from her, she was starting to bake cookies but seemed to be worried about something.

He said, "I can't help it..." staring at the oven, so I was expecting to know how the cookies were done.

After that, I was fortunate to be able to explore her condition by touching her head thanks to the stuffing.

I can barely feel the power in her.

However, signs of a serene spirit feel the way they have always been.

Relieved. Frey doesn't want to hurt her.

Move to the coffee shop seat and sigh.

"In the first place..."

I almost squealed and realized I was more worried than I expected. I just have to keep my mouth shut and be stupid in my heart.

I did not even anticipate that a series of incidents were led by the people of Idrisia, etc.

I can't tell anyone this. If I can tell you, it's just Maia. But if you make contact with her, you'll be suspicious, and Maia will solicit even more Frey.

- What are you going to do now? Frey, and.

For the sake of the people of my homeland, I want you to cooperate.


That time I discovered Yura, I didn't expect this to happen.

I just found traces of Idrisian folk... and wondered if a magician imprisoned by Tanastra was being used.

Neighbouring Tanastra is also targeting the Arlendar kingdom.

To distract him, he said he was doing troublesome things like doing experiments inside Arlendar on purpose.

I couldn't get the details, so maybe the Idrisian side is using some kind of plan for Tanastra......

Even so, it's too dangerous.

I know how Maia feels. Something a witch needs to do to break Tanastra's plan.

Was it really necessary for Maia to volunteer to be a witch herself, even if she needed someone to avoid any more casualties?

Was there no means of stopping the plan itself?

I only know that it was the people in my hometown who were avenged from contacting me.

The means of communication of the people of Idrisia often use the Spirit. It's a move you can make because it's a country with many Spirit lovers.

In the Sigur Knights, however, it is possible that the commander, Lucien, will enlighten them.

Frequent interactions with ordinary means of communication catch people's eyes. That's why I was in distant contact with my colleagues in Armadir territory.

Thanks to that, Frey didn't realize things were moving quite a bit over there.

If you notice, you're in this state.

"Thank you for waiting"

Frey meets Yura's soft voice, who brings tea and sweets with a smile.


That's what I say and reach for the tea placed on the tabletop.

I took a sip and was strangely relieved.

Though he didn't specify anything, Yura may have brewed a tea that reassured her mind. I feel a little more relaxed than usual. But when I do, I wonder why I miss someone somewhere.

"Mr. Yura, for as long as you don't have guests, why don't you sit down and rest?

Then I stop her from trying to get back to the room where the kitchen is located.

"Right...... I baked cookies too"

Say, I'll come back.

Show me how you miss it this way, I think it's cute. I feel admired by the animals I pick up.

... Ever since I saw Yura, who was falling, I thought I felt sorry for her.

On his lonely body, he flirted with others after the one who relied on him had also died.

That's when I remembered... about Maia.

When the kingdom of Idrisia was invaded, Frey, who was to be joined by the royal family, was forced to escape to the kingdom of Arlendar with the rest of the king's people.

The country the princess once married. Trying to get help there.

At first I hear the king was reluctant, but the Duke of Armadir heard and accepted Maia's plea.

If Maia will accept it, it will be fine in the northern periphery, which is out of reach of exploration in the wasteland. And I moved there myself, because I offered to decay from it without moving for the rest of my life.

From the circumstances of its birth to giving it all the freedom it would have had, Maia tried to help people in less involved countries.

I wondered how strong a woman was, and I didn't think she was a weak girl younger than me.

"Because I don't have anything else," Maia said even then.

I think the sympathy for Yura on her lonely body was also due to her association.

Just Maia's dedication didn't pay for her migration.

The Duke of Armadir knew that there were many people whose clan could manipulate the Spirit because of his involvement with the princess of Idrisia. Having a magician with the ability to do his job also put him in the conditions of emigration.

Frey was taking on your job, so maybe he was even more oblivious to the others' movements.

But the only time Yura was supposed to be here... When I think it's my own people's fault, I feel like I'm not doing it.

"Mr. Frey, are you ill, too?

"No? Is your complexion weird?

"You look like you have some troubles..."

This tea seems to make it hard to make an expression.

Yura peeks anxiously into this look. Yura, who usually worries people, found it kind of funny that she was doing so.

"I'm pretty sure I have a little problem with that."

That's probably what Poirot said, after all, because of this strange tea.

"So will you comfort me?

Still, I don't talk about the content. Because I don't want Yura to hate me for missing me.

"Comfort!? Uh, uh."

After worrying, Yura lifted her hips a little and stretched her arms, stroking Frey's head. It's also a few times, and I immediately grab my hand and turn my eyes to see if Frey won't get angry.

Frey laughed unexpectedly.

Really, Yura looks like a little animal or something.

"Are we done?

Speaking of teasing with laughter, Yura turned her face bright red and shook her neck to the side.

It's funny, and watching Yura like that shakes my heart.

I always think of my homeland. I can only find as much blood muscle to blame for that country as I can for Maia, other than Frey.

But there was still some confusion in lending a hand to Maia's plans.