Even the next day, I only take care of Miss Maia in the morning and evening and work at the coffee shop at noon.

Miss Maia's health does not appear to be particularly problematic.

Anyway, they're ladies, so I don't even know what topic to shake.

So it is primarily up to me to listen to Miss Maia or take questions.

Miss Maia shouldn't have anything to do with the nobleman's warrant, so much so that Dr. Orvé only goes for a walk outside when he can escort her, she has nothing to do in particular.

Yesterday, he got an embroidery tool from Mr. Helga. "This makes me a little bored," he smiled.

And then Miss Maia asks, talking about tea and working in the Knights' castle.

Well, how can I make tea now, and all that, is vaguely deluded. The image was consolidated in Miss Maia by the fact that she was a very plain wizard who could only make teas of wonder and preference thanks to her.

Good. Good.

"So did you register as a crusader in order to have a coffee shop in the castle?

"It's like that."

At present, we are in a situation where we can only say yes.

Because I can't even say I'm a victim of an experiment...

Lady Maia, a nobleman's (or royal) warrant, would be exempt from going to the lab, so it's not a problem to normally tell her that she was harmed.

"I want to interrupt the coffee shop, too."

Miss Maia smiled with a glittering, light-scattered smile. What the hell kind of mess would happen if this beautiful person came to the coffee shop?

I would also like to observe that the knights who normally come for tea, after being surprised, have their eyes nailed by Miss Maia.

"I hope Dr. Orvé will allow me. But it's not beautiful enough for a very aristocratic lady to come..."

The walls of the coffee shop are gray with stone sets of the castle. A common people's restaurant would have no problem, a chair on a warm but simple wooden desk.

The tea mat is made by me, I made it carefully, but I'm not sure I can get compliments as a sale.

So it turned out to be an ambiguous reply.

Two days after I started having those days.

Finally got time to steal people's eyes.

Because Mr. Frey and the others set out in the wake of the demon outbreak. Mr. Eval, since he does not reside in a coffee shop, it would be easy to call Sola now.

In the first place, as every day these days, the captain comes at night, so I can't sneak up on him at night...

"Well, you don't trust pets, or you're checking on me once a day."

I appreciate it, but I can't do it.

When I ask Sora about witches, if she asks around the knowledge of previous life..., I'll have to explain it there again. Then you'll be pissed off again......

"That's ridiculous, they say."

You don't believe me, I feel like I'm in a lot of trouble. That's why I want to call Sola alone.

I'll start by giving cookies to which spirits you're familiar with.

"Would you like to eat?... Soon."

Open the status screen and select a cookie. Then press the "Use/Do Not" button that comes.

The spirits of flames in lizards came a little out of the flames and received cookies.

A flaming spirit in a peppered bowed lizard pulled into the flames with a cookie in her arms and disappeared.

"Oh, that?

I never ate cookies on the spot, and they disappeared!

"No way. Spirits in goblins only......?

Is it the same as my mysterious black tea magic, exclusive to spirits in goblins?

If so, we have to find a spirit in goblins somehow.


I thought about making a stock of tea.

When you're making it, there's a spirit in a goblin coming out of nowhere. This is the quickest way than not sure how to summon.

"But there's a summons LV5, so I wish I could magically call it all the time"

Maybe there's a way.

For once, open the Witch Skills moves details on the status screen to view.

If you press the letter that says "Summon" all the time,

"Ooh, ooh."

The display appeared in the pop-up.

Do you want to summon?: One Y/N snack required "

"Yes, I will!

Press Y. Then a spirit in a pong and goblin appeared on the tabletop in front of him.

"I could call you! Awesome me!"

Banzai, raise your hands up that the Goblin Spirit is also banzai. I'm glad Nori is good.

Hurry up and give him a cookie, and he says, "Please?" He asks me.

"Will you call Sola? Because if it's a snack, it's right here."

If you push a plate of ten cookies slightly towards the spirits,

"Hi-fumi...... hmm. I have twenty to call the king. Okay?

"Eh, price increase!? Every time you call, you go with more sheets?

Speaking in surprise at the doubling demand of the shock, the Spirit shook his neck sideways with "hmm".

"The power that Yura had. That's why the king got better. So."

What do you mean...... with more of my abilities, Sora will also be charged to rank up and call?

So you're saying you'll stay 20 for a while? Unless you complete some quest.

But I look at a plate of cookies thinking.

Ten on the plate. I made five spares. Adding it all up is not enough.

"Can't you do it today..."

So reschedule.

"Do you know if Master Maia is a witch?

I asked the Goblin Spirit on a direct ball.

"Well, not yet."

"I see."

He said he had undergone experiments, but he wasn't a witch.

I was relieved to report it to the captain.