As I sighed, the door seemed to open and the customer arrived.

"Welcome -"

When I showed my face, it was Mr. Eval there.

"Welcome back, Mr. Eval. Is that usual?

I rarely refused to receive a tray when I offered him a cash tray, saying.

Oh, what's wrong? I thought I really liked the money collection work because I always secure the tray before I give it to you.

"Now I'm just here to order. I want you to bring the tea to the captain's room."

This is my first delivery order.

"For how many people?

"Just the three of us...... no, let it be for four"

Mr. Eval stared at me and re-said it was for four.

I wonder what. Does my face also work just fine to remember?

Anyway, I prepared tea.

Four white cups. Brew the tea in a larger pot and prepare the leaves to be discarded so that they do not bitter, covered with tea cozee and transported with insulation.

When I try to hold the basin, Mr. Eval takes on the pot. When I left the room with him, I climbed the stairs and arrived in the office of the captain upstairs.

"Excuse me."

Mr. Eval, who knocked, said so and entered the room.

Then when I went in, only the vice president and the chief of the regiment were inside. That means the first three, I guess, including Mr. Eval.

I have a foursome as instructed, wondering who the other one would be.

Leave the tea at the table in front of the reception couch where the captains are sitting.

"The question is, what does Frey say?"

The captain said breathlessly.

"You don't have to give that much weight to the opinion of one of the captains... He said," When I heard what you said earlier, I was just wondering if I should hear your opinion. "

"You got it, Harlal"

"If you seem to ignore it the other way around, let's also create a normative problem in your mind. But when it comes to fighting, you forget me."

Thank you. The Captain and Vice Chairman Harral seem to be discussing Mr. Frey. If so, is the last one, Mr. Frey? Are you coming later?

If that's the case, if I pour it into the cup now, it'll cool off... If I thought

"Yura, sit down when you pour your share too"


Mr. Eval pointed next to himself.

By the way, sir, in your birthseat position. On its left hand side, Mr. Vice Commander, on the right hand side, stop by, between Mr. Eval and me, there is a vacancy.

"Hurry up."

Quietly rushed, I do as I say, bewildered.

For the last one, it seems, it was mine. But why?

In my head "?" Sitting stuck, "the captain apologizes," That's bad, Yura ".

"I have a case I need your help with."

"When it comes to helping, is it tea?

If it weren't for making tea, you wouldn't bother using me.

The captain nodded.

I see. That explains Mr. Frey's story. Maybe you need to take me to the local area to use tea... and that's where the demons are or something.

Mr. Frey with trauma is the one who seems to disagree.

Even the deputy commander who was briefed says that he should be heard, so that may have already been the case between the commander of the regiment and Mr Frey, who hated him immensely.

Nonetheless, there is nothing we can do about not asking about the content.

"What kind of tea should I make?

"In short, it's something that breaks magic"

"Let me explain."

Mr. Eval raised his hand and gave me details.

Now Mr. Frey and the others are in the Knights' Territory and East. Do you think there's a place for demons to come together?

They say that they are after other demons, that strong demons also seem to come by, and they show up on streets on the way to that point, etc., so they are also causing human damage.

"But even if we defeat the demons that gather there, they will come next."

I can't get a carriage through the street unless I find out what caused it. Logistics also lags behind.

"Getting close while fighting is difficult without using man-made sea tactics. So we first checked from above with flying lizards."

Then, in the center of the place where the demons were gathered, they discovered that there was a demonic stone.

Some kind of magic is used around the Demon Stone, and as a result the Demon is dying, the Demon goes there.

"Magical attacks are played. For that reason, Yura's suggestion to try it with tea came from a knight who was part of a vigilance line in the overdue forest."

"Me too, I think I can try it once. As it is, Coo Sea will also come out because of the often rough woods"

Ku Shi is a monster living in the woods. He looks like a dog with huge green hair.

It's so strong. With about LV40 you should be able to knock it down...... So, oh, I remembered this is the main story.

Coo Sea Crusade.

With so many demons around, it's hard to challenge them to be alone. So I will be partying with other players to take the Knights NPC.

The Knights attack the surrounding Miscellaneous Fish Monsters in the Auto.

In the meantime, the players defeat Coo Shy.

I think it happened so fast...... but this is a world where things don't go according to games from real life situations. while it is a world where things happen close to the game.

Anyway, strong. I still can't win now even if I fight.

"Once on the ground, it will be difficult not to check"


Exactly what Mr. Frey is going to hate.

If you're going, though I'd like to sneak out to town to get an intermediate magic book first. I wonder if the captain could help me. And then, in case anything happens, I, for the most part, will have a higher survival rate.

Because armor is still paper.

Whatever it is, it's going to take Mr. Frey's persuasion.

Because you can't let the captain act with me all the time, and then the depositary will be Mr. Frey.

"As a crusader, I ask you to take part in this operation. Do you mind?

Mr. Eval will confirm it once and for all.


I don't have a no. Anyway, the owner wants to ask for it.