"But Mr. Frey, does it feel like you're forgetting me that far?

Three times, I'm seeing Mr. Frey in a situation where there's going to be a fight.

I left it to Mr. Eval for the first time, so Mr. Frey can also consider it beforehand. When I was on the flying lizard... I jumped, so there would have been nothing protruding.

The third time is a dungeon.

I was fighting with laughter then, and my eyes were scared... but yes, I'm not seeing if I was impotent. I'm afraid the captain will find me. So maybe a little, Mr. Frey was overdoing it.

No more problems on the way home (?), so Mr. Frey fought very hard as planned.

It was Mr. Eval who answered my doubts.

"It's unusual today, he continued to protrude and was injured. Something must have bothered you. And that's why we were talking about taking you with us this time."

I see.

Because of the problem, you wanted to be cautious about Mr. Frey.

"Were you hurt okay?

For the minute I've never seen Mr. Frey get hurt, I get anxious. I'm rather surprised at the very fact that he's told everyone he's strong enough to suffer a worrying injury.

"Looks like he bled flashly there, but the wound seemed to have blocked right away. Looks like you're willing to put the squad together and come back on schedule. Then at Dr. Orvé's, you'll be treated."

"Is it enough that you even need Dr. Orvé's hand..."

A healing magic as far as a knight can remember is an injury he can't keep up with.

So the captain said.

"What we're worried about is not refusing orders"

I certainly don't think there's any way Mr. Frey would say "I don't like it," and so he doesn't have the right to refuse my job on his own.

"There are two problems. That if I let Frey take you, he might not let you get as close as he needs to get."

"Oh, I see."

Is it also possible that they would distance themselves from the crime scene if they did it and tell them to do something about it there.

"If I take on you, the possibility that Frey, who doesn't want you to get close to danger, will rumble around the demon opponent in a grudge. I'm so afraid of you this time."

"To keep you away..."

"Frey seems to have a strong sense of guardianship toward you."

When they say that, I feel sorry for them.

It was my fault that Mr. Frey, who used to be in a lighter condition, became so worried. But then I thought that was the only way to help Mr. Frey...

The captain continued the conversation.

"On the contrary, I'm wondering if I'll listen to what you have to say for being intimate with you. That's why I want you to include me. As we battle with that limitation of yours, we will groan in battle and make fewer injuries. I may take you to battle more often in the future."


Even for me, I don't want Mr. Frey to get hurt or anything.

Besides, if that's what you can avoid without Mr. Frey himself being unscrupulous, all the more so.

In order to hurry, he said he would execute it tomorrow if possible.

If you can't get around with your luggage, it's easy to get into a village where food distribution is delayed.

It's about dinner that Mr. Frey returns.

Priority will be given to the treatment of injuries before going to the head of the delegation for a report.

It's hard for me to catch you there and talk to you about what you're doing tomorrow. So there, Dr. Orvé tells me what he plans to do.

"You are just finishing your treatment and talk to Frey. I'll ask Dr. Orvé to do the same."

To that end, Mr. Eval went to see Dr. Orvé first.

I'll just clear out the tea utensils and head back to the coffee shop.

Finish washing and close the store after serving some tea to some customers. When I went back to my room with only cookies for the spirits, they didn't come any faster, and Mr. Frey and the others seemed to be back.

I can hear the sound of multiple horses coming through and people's voices coming from outside.

I glanced through the window and there were several horses in front of the building where I was also. I'm sure Mr. Frey's already here.

When I opened the door small, I heard the talking clearly.

"Report first…"

"This is an instruction from the leader of the party who will report it. He said to heal him first."

Mr. Frey sounded slightly tired, but he seems really safe. It is Mr Eval who is persuading me to do so.

"Okay, Doctor, please"

Looks like Mr. Eval pushed Mr. Frey into the office. The footsteps go away, so I guess he went back to the captain.

How long will the treatment take? I stood still at the door for a while with that in mind, but I didn't bring much, and I don't have an ex or a child to miss Mr. Frey.

It's been about three minutes, and I decided to show my face in the office.

Knock, open the door small and speak up.

"Yura, can I help you?

"I've come to the right place, Yura. Bring me something that can weave feathers in time."

I glanced at Dr. Orvé's relieved voice and Mr. Frey almost took off his bloody shirt.

"I'll carry water and stuff too!

I panicked. Isn't that a pretty big bleed? Besides, it's around my left shoulder.

Hurry up and get some water or towels and find one shirt that will be dressed next. It's a place with a lot of injuries, so it also has a shirt that can be an alternative and a sick coat.

Find something the size of Mr. Frey might be able to wear while searching in the room where he keeps the linens. As Mr. Frey stood directly in front of him, remembering the difference in shoulder-width from himself.

Returning to the office that way, although the treatment seemed to be over, Mr. Frey, who sat in front of Dr. Orvé, was half woven with a blue jacket on his bare skin.

Before I blush, I wonder about the marks of hardened red and black blood, not quite.

On the left side of the exposed, you can see the marks on your arms and shoulders, and the blood stays on everywhere.

And Mr. Frey looked at me with a troubled face.

I think you asked me about tomorrow while I was looking for it.

Dr. Orvé, on the other hand, sighed,

"Looks like there aren't any more seriously injured people. You can go home if you want me to."

That's what I'm saying, I'm going to the next private room.

"In the meantime, let's do something about the blood marks"

I squeeze a towel dipped in water and wipe Mr. Frey's arms and shoulders.