Touching a person's complexion is itself accustomed to because he was helping Dr. Orvé.

The knight who was healing from an injury or illness also helps to wipe it, and Miss Maia is wiping it once with Mr. Helga when she changes her clothes when she is losing her mind.

Mr. Frey kept his gaze open until he finished.

Keep your mouth shut, it's like a well made plaster statue.

Maybe it's because the light of day that gradually enters through the window takes on a red flavor and I'm in it.

If I didn't feel the warmth of my skin, I would be embarrassed that my temperature was touching my hands, just thinking that I might have an illusion...

"Use this until you get back to your room"

When I give him the shirt, Mr. Frey says "thank you" small and receives it.

When I soaked the blue jacket that was feather-woven for easy wearing, I just distracted myself. I'm embarrassed to see people's backs and stuff, even though I don't have any particular errands.

Mr. Frey, who weaves his shirt, says to me he wanders around with his jacket, pompous.

"... Dr. Orvé just told me. Tomorrow, when I take Mr. Yura to this crusade site,"


"Perhaps the captain thinks the Spirit is related to this phenomenon. That sort of thing went on too long."

I think, yes, to the words that went on while clamping the button.

Not only did the captain find out I was a witch, but he thought the Spirit might be causing problems, so I guess he had the tea thing...

I'm more convinced than trying all kinds of hands. That's Mr. Frey.

"Dr. Orvé said to me that I could decide whether to take Mr. Yura myself or take a crusade for your safety. The captain said he'd let me choose."

Mr. Frey sighs. And he turned to me standing beside him.

"Aren't you afraid of Yura? You can hardly defend yourself. And yet what do you think of going to dangerous places?

Mr. Frey's eyes were serious.

"If you think you're scared at all, I'll tell the captain so you don't have to go."

I opened my eyes.

"Mr. Frey, how could you..."

I wonder why you're trying to protect me that far. If it was just because you have trauma, you would have had the option to leave me. Because if I took care of him, my feelings shifted?

Mr. Frey looked slightly uncomfortable.

"Why? I guess it's because you don't care too much about yourself."

"That's not..."

"There is, isn't there? Otherwise, there's no way the dungeons are still followed by spirits in a situation where the captains might have been injured. I wouldn't normally do that if I were as weak as you."

It's hard to argue. Because I can't.

Something I can't explain about the high MP as a witch or something like that.

"If you're as weak as you are, you shouldn't have to go where the battle takes place saying you signed up as a crusader. You originally signed up for it, didn't you? So there's nothing wrong with saying no. But why, Yura?"


I didn't even question it. I don't fight, that kind of choice. If you don't want to be a witch, there are ways to do that.

Yeah, but I think.

I was wondering if it's because I feel you can protect me.

The captain said he would protect me. He promised me he wouldn't abandon me. If you decide to keep it, you are responsible.

I think that's why I feel like a protected dog.

The captain said to go, so it's natural to do so. But I also believe you're thinking about my safety as a dog. So I'm not afraid.

And maybe it's because of the spirits.

The Spirit fights me as a player. I had several fights in the dungeon because of it, but I didn't get hurt at all.

But I don't know that. It's only natural that Fray doesn't know why I'm going to a dangerous place without thinking about it.

And I can't talk. How can I reassure Mr. Frey in this situation?

"... Mr. Frey. I'm probably sweet that everyone will protect me."

"Is it sweet?

"I'm sure the captain will protect you, too. So I feel safe going. I'm thinking it's okay. Mr. Frey wouldn't abandon me if it was a fight, would he?

With that said, Mr. Frey glanced over his face with his hands.

Frey, with a deep sigh, says in a very troubled voice.

"What would you do if you had something to look away from? If there was anything more priority, I might not be able to protect Mr. Yura."

"If Mr. Frey is upset, the captain will come. You don't have to feel responsible for me by yourself."

I wonder if Mr. Frey thinks he should be held responsible for my safety. I thought so.

So I told him that I could leave it to someone else once in a while, like a chicken looking after him.

"... Yura."

Mr. Frey, with his face up, grabbed my arm.


I almost fell over Mr. Frey when he pulled me straight away and broke my attitude... When I noticed, they were sitting on my feet.

What the hell is this all about?

Mr. Frey said to me in a pompous manner.

"Honestly, I'm also worried about leaving it to others. Even if I knew the captain would protect me for sure."


"So tomorrow, let's ask the captain to sweep away the demons. And don't let yourself go down on the ground, now have something to fix."

"Co, come on!?

I can't have a collar for chickens or humans, but what the hell...?

"When you want to get off the ground, be sure to turn to my judgment before you do. If you can protect it, I'll take you. If I can't protect you, I'll jam you in every way."


Mr. Frey's saying something scary!

"Please respond quickly, Mr. Yura. Which one would you prefer?

Mr Frey's two choices are not the same as those prepared by the captain. Either I go with you, or I can make you quit.

"That option, isn't it terrible?

"If Yura says so, why don't you take her tomorrow and let me jump?"

"Hi-yep! Please don't. Okay! Okay, I'll say it right!

That's right, watching people jump, that's scary! I'm scared, but that's what I did before! I can't argue!

"Okay, I promise."

Mr. Frey, who made me nod, said with a very good smile.

Then I hurried away from Mr. Frey... uncomfortably, creating cookies inside the coffee shop.