I laughed at the coffee shop at night.

Done! Thirty cookies, baked more!

It's all Spirit Snacks!

Thanks to the unimpeded creation, the impact of the embarrassment of being seated on people's laps and the "if you can't hear me, I'll jump" Yandere threat was much mitigated.

... Phew.

That and this rust out of me...... Then the best possible safety measures. It would be best to get a safety net and information for what if.

That's why I'm calling Sola. I want information about the site I'm going to.

Because I don't know anything about details because I haven't played them.

"Then we will begin the ritual…"

Put out a status screen, put out items for summons, and have pop-ups displayed.

Do you want to summon?: One Y/N snack required "

"Spirit, summon!

Did fatigue loosen my mind or did I mouth the name of a move that was going to be black history and press the button?

Like last time, spirits in pounds and goblins appeared on the table.

"Well done, you fulfilled my wish, Spirit..."

When you mouth a dialogue like King of the Game or something, the Goblin Spirit hangs his neck.

"Please, if it's done, is it done?

"No! It hasn't come true yet, it's a word for word. Do it!

When I tell him to wait and wait, the Goblin Spirit hugs and nods the cookies he raises for now.

That's how you taunt the cookies and you say, "Please?" He asked me.

"Will you call Sola? If it's a tribute, I've got it here."

When I showed twenty exactly layered plates, the Goblin Spirit nodded.

"Okay -"

As the Spirit tells me, I overlap twenty sheets on the tabletop as I did last time.

Or "It's not good here," she said mysteriously, expanding to the coffee shop customer table.

Now I arranged it so that it would be a double circle.

I do feel like this placement... Sora being called out has gotten stronger.

The spirits' finger whistles gathered all the spirits in goblins from the water fields, and the kamadu, and the flowers that were decorating them.

Fifteen spirits ate cookies and simultaneously took a banzai position.

"Come, come."

"Coming, coming."

"The witch's calling."

"King Ko-chan."

When the Spirit chanted in his mouth, the air in the circle swayed. And after the glow......


I was surprised.

It was like wearing this shorter bread length sheep's goblin on my stretched, more white bare feet and hands than before... it was a boy's size goblin.

Probably the same height as me.

Goblins regardless of face. I feel worse on my face than before!

"It's growing fast..."

Crushing, Sola replied.

'Cause you've made me stronger.

Something's getting a little low! Plus, he had a cool voice that looked like a boy character, which made him even more uncomfortable!

"Voice change period!?

'Cause I grew up, too.

Sora flushes lightly.

"Don't you want to hear something more than that?

"Oh, yeah."

It's dark time outside if you're aware. Dinner's almost over. If I had brought any more, they would be looking for me.

We have to hurry and ask Sora.

"Question number one. Tomorrow, I'm going to the east of the woods. Unnaturally there's a place where demons are about to assemble, you know why?

"Oh, or"

Sora had a goblin face and a tremendous grin.

"It's for the witch."

"For the witch?

"Yes. The people who merged you with the Spirit have yet to give up creating witches. I gather the magic I need to do that. So was the previous dungeon."

"Oh, so..."

Were you leaving Miss Maia, who should have been experimented with, over there? To gather magic in some way and give it to Miss Maia.

So I finally figured out.

Goblins who came over the forest alert line. And crazy spirits. Is it possible that my magic increased dramatically when I solved that case because I was doing the same thing?


"With more demons dying, is there something that just builds up magic for that matter?

That's what I'm talking about.

Sora nods.

"I just need that and a lot of capacity on the receiving side. If you couldn't accept it, you'd die of too much magic."


So, collecting magic could kill someone who's supposed to give it to you?

I thought of Miss Maia for a moment.

No, it won't be her. I'm already protecting it here. Maybe that's why someone survived the experiment, apart from Miss Maia?

"Either way, we have to stop... Can you do something with my tea? Sola."

"Is that your tea... It seems easier for you to take away your magic though. [M] It's just some kind of magical ritual, so if you break it, you won't be able to gather magic."


Mm-hmm. Seems hard to do to pee. Obviously, I know I'm crazy.

"Tea that makes us all want to get together, leave it to the trap and sneak up on its magic..."

Such tea, though I desperately have to develop it again.

"I'd rather you make that magic your own."

Sora looks straight at me and says.

"You mean you'll be strong again?

I was wondering if they wanted to level up.

"Yes, I can be strong. Perhaps you can imagine, protect those close by, protect the kingdom of Arlendar."


I breathe unexpectedly.

"Sola, why? I never told you that."

'Cause that's a story about the Arlendard kingdom going to be devastated or something like that that could come. Nor did I tell Sola about my past life memories.

You don't have to tell me, do you mean you can read your thoughts? Or does Sola, maybe... know about the game?

"Why would you say that? What does Sola know? What's a spirit in the first place? It's impossible to fight like a player in a game that shouldn't exist..."

I wonder why.

Someone who knows the same thing should be relieved if it's normal. Yet I felt scared.

Probably because Sora wants me to be strong.

I was the last enemy of the game, I don't want to be a witch.

Because if you become a complete witch, the captain could kill you. Now I have witch skills, and although I would be high if I did all kinds of numbers, I'm not totally as strong as Lasbos.

So this country will be fine if I don't even become a complete witch. I thought we could all be safe... and Sora wants me to be a witch?

"Yura, Yura, calm down"

My body was trembling at some point. That's how Sora gets off the table and hugs me.

Sola, slightly smaller than me, grabbed me in the arm by trying to hug my shoulder.

I don't feel warmth. Because he is the Spirit.

"It's okay, trust me, Yura"

Sora's voice was trembling with anxiety.

"Your wishes will always come true. It's just the power we need to do that."


Do I have to be a witch after all?

At that time, even if we can save the captains...

I was about to say such a question, and the knob on the coffee shop door was pulled. It was locked because it was past business hours, so it never opened right away.

But the other guy seems to have the key. There is a sound of unlocking.

"Trust me, Yura. We want to protect you, too."

Thora hugged me hard and then disappeared, even though she didn't know when the door would open.

The door opened just before Sola disappeared.

So of course.

"What's that..."

The captain with the stern look on his face saw Sola holding him.