The captain was solidified.

I don't know what to say either.

In my head, Sola is full of whether she wants to make me a witch or not, and the tremor still doesn't subside.

I guess I'm not totally a witch like Lasbos because I'm still level 10, but if I do, what can I make you do?

You said you'd let me protect what I wanted, but if you were to sift the power like a witch... would you be separated this time by the captain?

I don't like that.

But if Sola and the others aren't going to be witches, will they stop helping me? Then it could be dangerous to follow the crusade.

But even though the captains are in trouble, I don't think I can help it.

I don't like to see you hurt and suffer without even being able to repay you.

He said if I had the power, I could protect the Knights. Then why don't you shut up and empower the captain as a witch? Which way should I go?

I don't know the answer, and I just have to look at the head of the regiment.

The captain also seemed confused for about two seconds, but closed the door and walked over once.

"Yura, are you scared? Is that a spirit?

I can't help but look suspicious. Sora was getting bigger, so it would just have looked like a little goblin stuck to me.

"Um, blame me..."

I can't get my mouth around it. The slippery tongue is also a bit obscure. Being unable to speak well, even if you know it, makes me panic even more.

What should I do? I didn't tell the captain about Sola. What do they ask? How do I answer that?

If I found out I was hiding it, would I be angry?

Because I was thinking about it, I get stunned when the captain touches my shoulder.


What should I do? If the captain doesn't like to be touched. That's not what I meant, I was just scared I'd get mad.

I looked up to the captain. No, it's not that I don't like the captain. But I didn't have a good voice.

So I grabbed the hand of the captain placed on my shoulder. Don't stay away from me for long.

The captain stared down at me,

"You really are like a dog..."

He hugs me as I tell him to be in a bit of trouble.

Even though I was trembling in fear, I feel so warm about whether my body was cold.

Above all, they didn't piss me off. That's all I'm relieved of, and I think I'm gonna get tears all over me.

"I guess I hid something again. You mean that spirit? If you're so scared when you find out, just stop doing it."


Why are you so prospective?

Why don't you just say it like you're scared, and be angry?

I want to ask, but I'm still more anxious, and I stick with the captain. I felt stronger about not wanting to be hated than about being detracted.

Although the captain felt like he took a breath for a moment.

"You're right..."

It seems to make sense, and he says so and caresses his head like he gave up.

I can't wait to see that. I want to be immersed in the feeling of being forgiven. You look like a kid, but no, I think so. Because I'm a pet.

After a while, the tremor subsided.


When I calm down, this time, I'm reluctant to be pursued for hiding things again.

Perhaps the captain has spoken out that the time to confess is over, but he has managed to postpone the time to confess.

Now I have a stronger desire to postpone facing the comfort and all sorts of problems, and I grasp the captain's clothes for letting go.

That's how I cling, and the captain sighed.

"Yura, I'm sorry I didn't tell you."

And I said, The captain, who let go of the hand he was holding, lifted his hands beside mine.


I let go of my hand, which I was surprised and clinging to. The captain, who lifted me as he was, sat me on a chair close by after a moment of thought.

Myself, I just pull a chair in front of it and sit down.

The captain said to me with a truly calm look when I opened my eyes in surprise.

"Well. I asked to hear about Frey's condition and other reports, but I was looking for you because I wasn't there. Orvé also worried that he would remain somewhere without a hand for dinner."


I totally forgot about dinner because I was upset by Mr. Frey's behavior and it was a priority to calm my feelings by making cookies.

"I have to apologize to Dr. Orvé..."

I caged myself in a coffee shop without saying anything. It was natural to make me worry. This happened in the first place because Mr. Frey would do that.

"Orvé said it looked like you jumped out on the way over to talking to Frey. He said he left after you made an odd noise, even though he couldn't hear it."

"Whoa, whoa, whoa."

Indeed, the room I was in with Mr. Frey was also slightly open. When I pushed it to bump, I remember opening it all the time. If I hadn't opened it, my shoulder would have hurt a lot.

Perhaps Dr. Orvé, although he took his seat off with care, if anything - fights and arguments - he was trying to be rushed for when there was.

"Let's hear it first. What happened with Frey?

The captain seems to have decided to interrogate him from there. But it's not using the power of subordination.


I'd rather have been forced to throw up, I guess. That's embarrassing to explain normally. But beyond this period, it can't possibly lead to the head of the regiment saying nothing, etc.

"Yura. You want to be forced to say end-to-end?

"It is! Um, because if Mr. Frey can't promise, he'll jump off himself, or let him sit on his lap... Ah!

I block my mouth with my hands.

But it's too late. I said it openly......