I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Thanks to you, I was able to make up my mind.

I didn't know what face to look like, and I got sick of it.

The captain also held his forehead and got sick.



"In the meantime, I know you can be a hassle every time you leave something to me."

"No face..."

Apologize to Jandere for not knowing how to act correctly on the threats, but failing to come up with a good response.

"I'm sorry I'm being kept...... But he seems to be an obedient dog to his husband, and he can't be caught. It's also my fault Mr. Frey got worried."

"Stop it. Seems like you can see it's gonna be worse."

The captain came looking up at me.

I'm seriously mad at you!

"Excuse me! I'm sorry! I will never!

Apologize as you worship with your hands together.

I never thought myself that you came up with something weird.

"You should think and act on things a little more, Yura"

"Yes, I'm sorry"

I can't help being mad at you. I'm not smart at first, but I might be feeling too comfortable with my pet......

Your grandmother told you it was time to be too sweet, didn't she?

Even when my grandmother was finally in danger, I remembered that my hikikomori couldn't heal and I cried with anxiety.

In the end, I just remembered a previous life when I was a socialite, and I think 'Yura is Yura'.

Come to think of it, I don't think it's so different now when I was Japanese. Even with my elbows in the office, when I got home, I twisted to my parents... Because it was sweet, you can have that attitude, now I know.

I guess I should be able to put more anxiety into my mind. I'm just looking for people's hands, and I'm going through trouble.

Mr. Frey has come to mention something somewhat drastic from overprotective, also because he thinks I'm the one who has to take care of him from end to end.

... So what I recall is Sora's words.

If I get stronger, I can protect myself, right?

And if you're strong...... I hope you can tell Mr. Frey that you're okay alone. If I showed you a strong spot, you shouldn't be so anxious.

The captain pissed me off and I think I'm getting a little calm.

I already have witch skills. MP It's a hell of a number, and maybe you should think about it with the intention of using this.

I couldn't think of being a witch because I was afraid of being hated, but it's much better than bothering you.

While I was thinking about that, the gentle captain was consoling me.

"I just think it was cruel to tell Frey to come up with an excuse to hide his involvement with a witch. Especially a man like you who didn't have anything to do with a fight, because he would have been full of just dealing with an emergency."

That's what the Captain says and sighs.

"I'll keep an eye out for Frey, too. I think his behavior is a little off. Next, what was earlier... the Spirit?

You must have found that I had settled down already, I repeated the question just now.

"Yes, there's a big spirit in a goblin"

I haven't told the captain about Sola yet. It is also about the inexplicable movement of the Spirit. Anyway, it's hard to explain because it teases memories from previous lives.

But until just now, I didn't know what to do, my heart was full, but now I was a little calm.

Until now, I had no choice but to worry about how the captain would react. But now, I have a policy within me.

With Sola, I hide the most important thing.

But you won't be able to hide it all. So let's just say the group trying to make a witch is still moving.

... that you have advised me to expose that power from the side. You don't have to tell me that if you go strong like that, you'll be able to help the captains sooner or later.

At the end of that path, though I'm sure I'll have to leave the captains...

I spit, I said.

"They say that spirits are bigger because they are stronger than other spirits. I called the spirits who saw a lot of cookies because I could call them..."

I'm not lying.

But let's not be suspicious. That's what I think, I get sick of it.

"I asked him to try it, and he told me that where he was going to investigate tomorrow, the people who were experimenting to make witches, were involved"

"Who was doing the experiment?

"Probably. There's no one else to make a witch, is there?

On sight, the captain had his gaze at his disposal with a difficult look. It's okay, he believes me.

"If I went and touched the trick I was collecting demons there, they told me I could break them..."

Bite your lips once and for all.

"Can you break it, are you anxious to not believe the Spirit's words? So just now I trembled..."

The captain cares. Because half of it is true, or he doesn't look suspicious.

"Sorry, I wandered off"

"There's no need to apologize. Those who inspired me to change are the ones who set me up. You'll feel fear too."

"Well... it's like it's been modified."

That's what I said myself, and the only thing I remembered was a certain feature drama that I had heard in my previous life.

"Good thing it's not a bat"

Because the Spirit is a mass of magic, fusion does not change the appearance. If I was strong but bated, I wouldn't have been able to do it alone either.


The captain speaks out his doubts.

"It was a story I heard when I was a little girl, and there was a story about someone who would merge with Batta. I think it's your grandmother's story."

The captain I heard looked terribly disgusted.

"That's... you make a lot of horrible stories into children. But, well, it sounds like your grandmother."

What does that mean?

"Anyway, then you should just get close and see how it goes first. If anything happens to Frey as soon as he's gone, it's going to get worse."


The captain strokes my head with a nod.

"Not only Frey, but me and Eval are on the ground. Don't worry, I'll help you in case."

To the captain who would say so, I smiled.

"Thank you"

But I hope you think it's because of the tension too, although I find it a little hard to move your cheeks because you're lying.

The next day, I decided to always go with my tea.

Basically, I'm going to get the magic of being collected on the ground, as Sola suggested. Though I intend to do it next time so as not to worry Mr. Frey.

If you just reschedule, there may be.

I thought I'd go back so I could blame the tea.

And cookie spirits snacks.

I have nine cookies left that I didn't use yesterday. Now we may be able to summon the Spirit and get help.

"Be a witch...... then I'll solve it all"

When I snap, that's what bothers me.

All I have to do is give up. Because Sora said it was better to get in that stream than to go against it.

Although at the end of the day I can no longer hide the fact that I am a witch and I no longer need to make a promise to the captain of the regiment.

But don't bother the benefactors, and it's more important to help.

When I left the room, I saw Miss Maia looking out the hallway window.

When she notices me and turns around, she opens her eyes as if surprised.

"Is Mr. Yura going, too?

Probably because I was weaving my cape and dressed easily for movement. Soon, with the knights, I think I found out I was going outside.

"Yes, I'm a crusader. I'm like an auxiliary, though."

"Is it dangerous?

Miss Maia had an anxious look. Even women have crusaders, but no matter how nasty they are in the corner, they may not know that in a noble warrant lady.

Most importantly, he seems to be left alone, perhaps anxious.

"It's okay. Guys, I need your help, and I'll be in the back. Don't worry, Master Maia will wait. I'll make you another cup of tea when you get home."

Miss Maia must end this crusade if she is to travel to the Lords' Hall next door. Because I can't use the streets.

"I'm coming!

With that said, Miss Maia managed to smile at me.