Flying lizards rise.

Five of Mr. Frey's squadrons and five of Mr. Eval's men flew through the sky, spearheading the dragon of the captain.

I'm finally used to flying lizard flights, but I have a tougher feel for gravity than planes.

And shake.

But Mr. Frey is manipulating it, so I grab it in the saddle, believing it's rare.

If it's a flying lizard instead, it's right up to the edge of the woods.

Arriving quickly, there were many demons visible beneath his eyes.

"Really amazing number......"

Just keep looking, there are dozens of them.

Because it was like a cow, it was like a demon like a bear, like a pile of gnawed plants.

If this is the case, I take it for granted that Mr. Frey will be injured. I'm too far behind.

Honestly, I don't feel like I can take this down if the players aren't coming one after another with a lot of "quests -"

The flying lizards head to the place where the demons are about to gather.

When we arrived there, there was even a brawl between demons. It's chaos......

At the center, there's something... a little invisible. Far away because of the altitude.

"... I knew if you didn't come down, you might not be sure"

I tell Mr. Frey, he nods.

"If you just get rid of it temporarily, you can. Captain!"

Mr. Frey called on the captain. I say to the captain who has moved nearby.

"We need to find out if Yura doesn't get off. Give me a brace!"

The captain nodded.

And the flying lizard takes distance from the spot simultaneously.

"What the hell..."

"This hand cannot be used continuously, but even this amount of demons can be temporarily driven away. When the braces arrive, we'll only get off for a few seconds."

and just crushed, the dragon riding the captain threw up a flaming brace.

The sensible demon fled the scene before the braces arrived. The other demons leave, caught up and injured, and the little demons are defeated as they are.

Mr. Frey flew into the middle of it and unloaded the lizard.

Hold me aside, jump, and move to the center after a dying demon.

"Mr. Yura, here we are."

I was anguished by the strangulation of my stomach, and I turned to the words.

The center is where I stand.

There was something like a demon stone right under my feet. It's a big stone with a red and black colour, like a garnet.

I don't have time, so I'll stick with my fingertips to make sure.

I felt like magic was sucked away all the time. Without a doubt, magic builds up in this.

But how can I break it...

"Yura, we're almost at the limit."

If Mr. Frey tells you to look around, the demons that should have fled from afar will come close.

Is it because of this demonic stone? Same even if we break the demon stone?

But right now, if I try to do something about this stone, they'll be suspicious.

Maybe there's something in this stone that's gathering magic.

Look around the ground.

I tried to open the status screen, though it seemed like nothing to look at.

That's how I try to tap the ground on the screen.

There's something out there!

I think what this means is that we're doing a magical trick on this ground.

If I pour out my magic... I wonder if I can do something about it.

Just a little bit, I'll try to get my hands on the ground, like I put magic into my tea.

For a moment, I felt like a line ran down the ground in silver.

It feels like a magic formation, so can we break this? I might not have to use tea if I did.

Yura, that's it.

I was held without question by Mr. Frey.

Mr. Frey, who flew on a lizard with me in his arms, surfaced into the sky at once.


I heard the captain.

Mr. Frey flashes his flying lizard as he pounds his tongue, causing him to turn suddenly.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah!

I just have to stick to the saddle, screaming.

Somewhat surfaced, Mr. Frey seems to have decided to stay on the spot.

On a stable flying lizard, I was finally able to look around. I'm surprised because of you.

"Uh... this"

The branches of the forest are stretched countless times to surround Mr. Frey's flying lizard and rocking.

"Shit, Coo Sea is out"

Mr. Frey was looking at a certain point.

There was a dog as big as a tree among the trees in the woods.

My body is beautiful new green green. You look like a border-colley, saggy hairy.

From its back there were many stretches like grass, clutching to the trees around it.

I gently put out the status screen. That's how I touched the green dog across the screen with my fingertips, and the name appeared.

Coo Shh.

I came out talking to the captains, it's a demon name.

What should we do about this?

"Are you going to get away with this?

Ask Mr. Frey. I think maybe that coo sea is manipulating the tree. You won't get away with it unless you take that one down.

"Once the leader's dragon brace is back, it is possible...... It'll take a few more minutes."

They have such a long recast time for the braces.

Is there any way to open it?

That's what I thought, and the spirits in goblins who came in the wind on the pretense hit my shoulder a little bit and stopped.

On it says the Spirit.

"Shh, shh."


What kind of switch can be used for demons? Button to choose to shoot magic?

No, no, there's more.

Could it be a channel? But which one of the alphabets!?

"Coo Shh......"