I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Would you like some tea for the demon, too?

Coo Sea is like a dog version of the fairy cat Ketsey.

It was definitely spelled CU SITH. It's not Channel C because it's Sea.

Of course Coo Sea, who appears in the game, wouldn't be just like that in his previous life. It doesn't look the same, except it's a dog and it's green.

But this status screen is only visible to me. I think that means it will be set within my memory and imagination.

Therefore, even the English notation means ants.

"Shh, shh."

To the whisper of the Spirit, I press channel C.

Then a conversation appeared on the screen.

"Coo Sea A: It smells good."

"Coo Sea B: Does it taste good?

"Coo Sea A: Something Better Than That. The Smell of Magic."

"Coo Sea B: Doesn't it look delicious after all?

When I hear it and then I look at the two of them, they react slightly differently to those who are sniffing at me and those who are trying to peel their fangs and tongues.

Probably, definitely.

"Coo Sea A: Let's Catch It For Now"

"Coo Sea B: All right, let's get him and take in the magic."

Hiya! And I almost screamed, but I blinked at the next word.

"Coo Shi A: If you take in magic, you can break this weird magic."

You mean this magic that can break the magic, that the demons are gathering together?

"Wait, wait!

When they rushed to stop, the two coo sies, who were about to walk out, stopped as surprised.

"Coo Sea A: The Voice of Man Now."

"Coo Sea B: I heard a feed!

"You guys want to destroy the magic of collecting demons? You're in the way, aren't you?

I hear voices, and they make sense, so I just talk. Because if we don't talk quickly, we're going to get attacked.

"Mr. Yura......?

Naturally, Mr. Frey behind me is a long way off, but not now.

If it goes well, I can really solve it with tea.

"It's like talking to a demon makes sense. We might be able to talk to you somehow, so just keep an eye on it."

When I say that in a small voice to Mr. Frey, I stare at the status screen.

"Coo Shy A: I Want to Break Magic..."

"Coo She-B: I'm in the way."

"If you give me magic, I can fix it, I can fix it for you."

To my words, the two coo shes shook their heads slightly troubled.

"Coo Sea A: Magic? We need a lot of it, but can we get a human?

"Coo Sea B: If you can eat magic, that's fine. We were sucked a lot too. annoying, breaking"

"Then can you stop sieging this flying lizard? Then I'll go all the way over your heads and throw down the problem, so take it."

One of the coo shes rocks his long tail.

"Coo Sea A: How do people get to that point?

"Because I want you to break it. I hope that comes true. Instead, we have no hands on each other."

"Coo Shy A: Okay for now. If it's magical, I'll keep my word."

I cut the channel once.

"Mr. Frey, please don't let the captains attack you. If you keep your word, Coo Sea and the others will lift the siege."


Confused, I guess because Mr. Frey watched me seem to have been having a conversation with the Coo Shy's. He sent me a signal to wait so I wouldn't get my hands on the captain.

Looks like I can tell you how to wave. I guess that's the kind of signal you're deciding.

The captains were trying to line up and do something, but they stop us from moving towards the Coo Sea and the others.

Eventually, Coo Sea and the others stopped manipulating the forest trees.

Watching Mr. Frey look incredible as the siege net unravels.

"Mr. Yura, are you..."

"Mr. Frey, please move forward in Coo Sea. 'Cause if you find out you can't keep your word, they might come after you."

"... ok"

Things are going according to me so far, though dangerous. That's why Mr. Frey did what he said, too.

Though I got somewhat distant from Coo Sea.

So I speak to them again.

"I'm going to sprinkle the tea. Try that."

"Coo Sea A: Tea?

"It's warm colored water"

I can tell the demon to understand easily. I miss it when it comes to color water, but I need to make it a priority for you to understand.

I hug the water bottle and soften my magic as I imagine the tea inside warms up.

When I open the lid, I get a real hot air.

To show it was safe, I put my mouth on the water bottle and gave it a drink. Yeah, I'm fine. The tea I poured into the cup is glittering, and it stays warm.

"One of you, open your mouth. I'll drop it towards there."

With that said, the two look at each other and then one opens his mouth

I ask Mr. Frey to lower his altitude just a little bit. The flying lizard was terribly frightened, but Mr. Frey scolded me.

And tilted the water bottle toward Coo Sea's mouth.

The tea falls down with a little diffusion.

But thanks to the drop in altitude, it looks like the majority went right into the mouth of one coo sea.

When he finished tilting the water bottle, the flying lizard raised its altitude.

And the coo sea I drank,

"Coo Sea A: Nma. It's magical."

"Coo Sea B: Yeah, and I wanted it, too."

One coo sea looks very sorry.

"Coo Sea A: Then I'll have it. If it wasn't for the two of us, it'd be hard to break."

"Coo Sea B: Right. I want it too. [M] Then I'll break you like I promised."

Oh, my God, I can't seem to break it without the two of us working together. Nevertheless, I've already used what I brought with the water bottle.

"I brought it all now. Tomorrow, I'll come back here and give it to you. Is that all right?

"Coo Sea A: Hmm. Tomorrow. If this is all you get, wait."

"Coo Sea B: Nice, Nice"

The one who couldn't drink stepped on the demon that was nearby like a stubborn one and kicked it up with his hind leg.

"Um, Mr. Frey..."

I looked back at Mr. Frey. Mr. Frey had a really subtle look on his face, but I have to say.

"Your order has been received"