I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

First, give your employer a description of your order.

Anyway, I went back to the castle.

I was taken to the chief's office to explain whether or not I was surrounded by Mr. Frey and the chief, Mr. Eval.

"Mr. Yura, please explain"

It's this sense of oppression that sits on the couch and surrounds itself with a slightly more rugged look by tall people...... But I have to explain.

But other than the captain, I can't say that with the power of a witch… etc. How shall we delude ourselves?

Yes, tea. It's all settled with tea.

"I think I got the smell of tea, and I heard 'good smell' in one word. Maybe it's the effect of tea."

"That's happened before...... was it goblin"

Master Left, sir.

"I've never had an effect on people because of the smell. (It's a lie) Maybe it's a spiritual fusion."

Impress me that it's never because I'm a witch or anything. But maybe not enough at all, so I pushed even more precautions.

"Experimentally... Could I, the demon, be fused too..."

"No way!?

With that said, Mr. Frey seems undeniably clear. That's right, there's no way a normal person would know what he mixed. Sounds like Sola figured it out, but he's a spirit...

But because of that, Mr. Frey and Mr. Eval got pale, too, so let's not do this here. It's not good to overdo it, yeah.

"Anyway, as Yura told me, the coo shes acted. He stopped trying to catch us and drank Yura's tea."

The captain nods.

"Hard to believe, but you have to believe more than you've seen"

"Then Yura told me she didn't have enough tea..."

Mr. Frey turns his gaze on me, and I go on.

"He was concerned about the smell of tea. So I gave one of them a drink and he wants another one. Give me that and I'll break the magic that was planted in those woods."

"I see. Then you won't have to keep knocking down demons."

The captain nodded, but Mr. Eval still seems skeptical.

"It's not really an audition, is it?

"I wish it was an illusion, I thought too...... It really works exactly what Yura says, and after I said open my mouth, one of them was waiting with his mouth open properly. Like a dog."

That's what I'm going to say to Mr. Frey, so Mr. Eval seems to have had to believe it, too.

"Whatever, if that's what you're going to do, you won't have to waste any effort. It will be worth a try, but in case Coo Sea strikes, we'll be on our way tomorrow with the same number and personnel"

Mr Frey and Mr Eval nodded to the decision of the captain.

"As we both communicate to our own people. Yura should have tea by tomorrow. A little more."


I nodded, too, and this meant dissolution.

Probably telling the captain more about it will be while he drinks tea at night.

I'll be in the room after I've been briefed on my salary for two consecutive days of traveling to Eval, and for making a request for tea.

Then Mr. Frey, who should have come out first, was waiting.

"Good day, Mr. Yura."

Mr. Frey, who was also slammed against the wall, takes a step towards me.

"Thank you, too, Mr. Frey, for today. Thanks to you for coming home safe and helpful to hear selfishness in response to Coo Sea"

As promised, I did Mr. Frey a favor, but I was wondering if it would be strange for him to be more resistant...

Mr. Frey, however, brought the flying lizard closer to Coo Sea.

Mr. Frey laughs bitterly.

"Ku Shi and the others really did what Yura said. Plus, I remember something about goblins. I didn't even see it in front of me then, because Yura was right."

Instead, Mr. Frey tries to peek into me.

"Don't you feel sick or something? Does that mean you understand the demonic language, and there's something out of the ordinary?

"Oh, it's okay. It doesn't feel weird at all."

Anyway, it's because of the witch skills......

When I'm worried, I'll be hesitating, but if I look away here now, they're going to notice.

So laugh and narrow your eyes and deceive. Please deceive me.

"That's fine."

Mr. Frey took a breath and put my head on.

"If anything happens, see Dr. Orvé immediately. And don't you have what you need to prepare your tea?

"It's okay. If it was a water bottle, there would have been about five spares."

"If you need anything, just say it."

That being said, Mr. Frey gave me a lift to the building where I was sleeping.

Though I smiled and dropped him off...... Mr. Frey's goodwill stabbed me in the heart and I hesitated to back off......