I am The Black Tea Specialist Cheat of The Chivalric Order!

Just the two of us. Let's go over the details.

Tea is going to be brewed tomorrow morning after I wake up.

I decided to be ready during the night for that.

There are three water bottles I'll take with me tomorrow.

The contents are honey tea and I'm going to calm my mind. I said I changed my mind all of a sudden, because when I get attacked, it happens. It's a monster.

And I will prepare tea for the captain who will eventually come.

You shouldn't have blue muscles floating on your forehead that far this time, or doing anything to piss you off. But I think I put a lot of effort into it... so I feel calm and I wish I could talk to you.

I wonder if just normal tea will restore your strength, but it will make it harder to get angry.

Ko... I'm not scared.

I just don't really lie to the captain about the witch, and I just want him to flush it loose, even if he makes suspicious remarks and actions, to hide what he's keeping to himself.

While I was thinking about that, the captain came.


Somehow when I said that, the captain laughed bitterly.

"This won't be your shop, Yura"

"Yes. But when I'm making tea, I'm worried about that."

As long as the tea leaves are in place, tea can be made in the coffee shop or in this kitchen. I even felt like I was extending my job because it was more of a period of time I was making here.

I like it, so it's not bitter.

The captain, who took his seat, gave me good news after first sipping his sifted tea.

"First, I decided to put you on my dragon tomorrow"

"Oh, are you okay?

There's also the reason why the captain makes it easier to move, and Mr. Frey's anxiety.

"I have a problem with today. It's hard to keep Frey's flying lizard close to Coo Sea. Eval has also argued that he will not be able to continue to snooze, and judged by how the flying lizard looked when he returned to the castle."

Even after returning to the lizards' stables, Mr. Frey's flying lizard seemed unsettled.

"Even if we cross safely tomorrow, we'll have to give the flying lizard a rest. That's more of a loss for the Knights. Frey also agreed to this."

So the leader of the dragon team said.

He had another concern for the captain.

"I don't think it's easy for you to talk to Coo Sea. If you don't mind talking to demons, you should do the same."

"Yes, that's for sure"

Misunderstanding Mr. Frey is also a glitch. The captain, who knows some secrets, can talk easier.

So I thanked him.

"Thank you"

"I'm not thankful. I'd rather have it reported again, including the hard part to say"

The Chairman asked me to explain, adding a supplement.

"First, I tried a little magic on the ground when I tried to get down on the ground, and I saw a line for a moment that looked like a magic formation. I knew I should probably break this. The demonic stone in the center contained magic gathered from the dead demon."

"Right. Was it meant to gather magic..."

I nod.

"The problem is I pour out my magic, and I don't know if that magic team can finish the role as soon as possible, or if I'm going to keep collecting it endlessly. After consulting with the captain, I was wondering if I could study something that might be solved with tea."

That's where Coo Shy showed up.

"As it were, when I thought Ku Shi would attack me, the spirits who came nearby told me to use the power of the witch."


"Um, when you get to the level, you talk to certain demons and you know what they say. It's like that kind of move."

I can't say I see a button very much.

"The Spirit told me it could also be used for Coo Sea, so I listened, and it turns out that it smelled like magic from me or my tea, and I was trying to catch it."

"... that was still a dangerous situation"

"Yes. But it's not there that matters more. Ku Shi and the others said they wanted to destroy it, but they didn't have enough magic."

"I see," said the captain.

"Is that why you tried to make a deal?"

"Yes, in exchange for giving me magic, I thought I should have Coo Sea destroy the cause"

"In exchange for magic, it's certainly more convincing than they say in exchange for tea."

The captain breathes heavily.

"Then it would be worth a try. You should try it first. As long as you're on the dragon, you won't be able to get your hands on it."

"Dragons are amazing, aren't they? And the braces were strong."

I wonder how much damage that would do...... I also had a widespread attack and thought it would be great or something.

Calm down and think about it later, though. The moment was just so full of hearts and minds because of my fear for my life, I couldn't afford to think about it twitchy.

Oh, I just thought I'd like to be able to use magic that can do a lot of damage too...... haha.

"Sir, I have one favor to ask of you."


"Magic book, will you give me intermediate and advanced? Primary was remembered just by turning it apart, so completing both of them could potentially boost my power."

"Just turn..."

That's right, the captain seems to have been taken lightly by these words.

But a few seconds later, he laughs when he comes around.

"Are you really out of standard? Fine, I'll arrange a magic book. I'll give it to you from Eval or me because having someone else hold it would be a hassle to explain. I think it's going to be after tomorrow..."

"Yay, thanks! Now you can be strong!

When I rejoiced, the captain looked at what seemed like a smile.

"It is desirable for you to be able to protect yourself. I hope to learn it well."