It was decided that the captain could buy the book.

Yay. I was wondering how I could steal Mr. Frey's eyes and sneak up on it.

If they found out I bought it, Mr. Frey would be wary of me on top of this...

Are you willing to mix in the battle (you're right) or are you going to act sneaky alone (that's what happens if the Spirit is involved) and you see me unanswered......

Gather strength as a witch at any rate, I don't know how long this will last.

I don't think this is the end of it. 'Cause I'm still at witch level 15. Level setting is still an initial step.

"Yet why are you involved with Ku Shi in the forty level band..."

It's a mystery, but I know it's not going to work out the way the game is, so I gave up.

So I have to make tea in the morning.

But Helga and the others aren't from the city in the morning, so we need to take care of Miss Maia.

Fortunately, I'm adding that and getting a look at the leeway for departure time.

"Good morning, Master Maia"

When you knock and enter the room, you can feel like a servant of a noble house.

If it had been Yura as she was, she wouldn't have been able to imitate that no matter how much she was stuffed. I may have chosen to starve to death in the back of the house, secluded by adults.

Miss Maia, who was inside, had already woken up and changed her clothes. It's a light red dress today. It suits poor Miss Maia very well.

"I'll wash your face. You'll put the water here. I'll bring you breakfast now."

"Yeah, thank you, Mr. Yura. Um..."

Miss Maia tried to hear something, but at that time she was laughing, "No, it's nothing."

But when I took the breakfast, they asked me if it was too puffy.

"I also heard that Yura came to the Knights after being involved in some sort of incident. Are you all right?

Apparently, someone told me that I had been transported to the Knights' Castle in a coma, and then I was living there.

Knowing it was a similar situation, you must have cared.

"Because it was a long time ago. Don't worry, you're feeling better. Otherwise, I can't even work. Oh, I was. I'll take the lower meal when Mr. Helga arrives, so you don't have to come without me."


And I say, leave Miss Maia's room early.

Keep it on the ground floor, now we're ready for tea.

It takes a little while to boil water but just pack it in a water bottle, so it's a lot easier than when you prepare a barrel for the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance.

When you have the water bottle ready, take it to your room.

Wear a proper jacket to ride the dragon, wear trousers under the skirt as well, and when you wear boots and cross the bag with the water bottle in it, you're ready. For once, just in case, I'll keep a cookie that will be a snack for the Spirit and a little money in my pocket as well.

Even if you're about to be wrecked in the woods, this should help if you don't encounter a strong demon, a set of.

Finish your preparations and I'll go outside.

A knight told me he was the captain's man, and he waited for me.

When taken to the large courtyard, dragons, flying lizards and riders are already waiting.

"Yura, come"

When I was told, I ran over to the captain.

"Thank you."

"That's this dialogue. I'll give you a ride."

So the captain jumps on the dragon with me beside him.

And the line flew into the sky.

Heading east of the woods. This is where demons gather.

"I hope this solves it...... What if it turns out to be the same thing as when the Tree of Guidance."

Problem is, after the Coo Shy and the others broke the magic formation. I'm anxious to see what happens to the accumulated magic. It's like a tornado again, and if it hits everyone, I'm in trouble.

"If the same thing happened to you then, once you get down on the ground. That would be better if you didn't have to jump, and to hide it or play it, it's easier to handle. Just in case, Coo Sea wants you to direct him a little further away from the point where the demons gather to give him tea."

"Okay. It's safer for all of you."

While we're talking about that, we get to our destination.

Nearby, there were already two Coo Sea, who had come nearby demons growing like feathers from their backs and tightening them up with spreading crawls and eating...... Was it dinner time?

They'll soon notice us.

"Coo Sea B: Oh, I've got a drink."

"Coo Sea A: Human, This Way"

"Tea, we're here for you"

If the other person was human and in the building, it would be an answer like a restaurant, but I asked the captain to stay here a little away from Coo Sea.

Having Coo Sea close to me allowed me to stay a little away from the scene.

"I'm on a dragon today, but don't be surprised if I approach you"

"Coo Sea A: It's OK. It smells the same as yesterday's tea.

"Coo Sea B: Come on, come on."

Ku She-B opened his mouth and looked up.

I kind of feel like I've had a big dog, but the other guy is a demon. I'm nervous. Come back.

Once you follow your cheek, open a cup of tea that has been magically prepared in advance and pour the tea toward the mouth of Coo See B.

The dragon just didn't seem to be scared of Coo Shy. He was getting me down pretty close while he turned his gaze about "oops, I see you again". Thanks to this, I can lean the water bottle more easily than last time.

When I drank Coo Sea B Ladder and an amount of tea that was too whispering compared to my body, I shook my body when I shrugged. It's like a dog flying water.

The captain leaves the dragon.

"Coo Sea B: Mmm! This is good! The magic from that magic is back. Sounds more efficient than eating demons!

"Coo Sea A: Well, let's break it down."

"Dear Commander, it looks like Ku Shi and the others are going to destroy the magic that demons gather."

"As promised, good for you. Everybody, stay on board and wait there!

The captain also raised the altitude by pulling the dragon to Mr. Frey's side and watched how the coo shes were doing.