At first sight, Ku Shi and the others rush to the place where the demons are consolidated.

The demons who were in the way were kicked, crushed with their forelegs, and sometimes kicked around by the body.

"Coo Sea A: Grandpa!

"Coo Sea B: Out of the way!

And as we approach the center, we first drive out the surrounding demons so that they can be wiped out with a shovel.

The demons who were quarreling with each other were softly flown by the coo shes.

Then I wondered how to break the magic formation.

"Coo Sea B: Nyah!


Somehow he raised his cat-like voice and the two began to dig the dirt abruptly.

"... that you're destroying every ground... what"

The magic formation draws some sort of magic flowing line on the ground. Then the Coo Shy and the others seem to be acting on the theory that we should destroy what it says.

That said, I can see that you need magic.

When Coo Sea's nails scrape the ground, something like a batch of lightning can play, and then a shard of light rises along with the sound of the glass breaking.

"I see. That's a piece of magic from the magic team. At first glance, it only looks like a dog digging in the dirt, but I guess I'm using the magic I refilled from your tea to break it."

I think it will be enough for the captain's commentary. You were using magic properly......

But I'm glad Coo Sea cooperated. Thanks to you, you don't have to show me how to break the magic line.

Eventually the two move stops.

"Coo Sea A: Uh, it's over. It's over."

"Coo Sea B: Now it's quieter near the nest."

"Coo Sea A: Hey."

The coo shes are so noisy around the nest, they even take their magic away from them, so they can't wait to break the magic formation.

"Dear Commander, it looks like it's over..."

I just wanted to report it, and I noticed.

A light that says it's a shard of rising magic. It flows loosely without disappearing... not towards me?

"Dear Commander, please move to Ku Shi and the others immediately. Magic is coming to me."

As it is, Fray and the others will witness me breathing in magic.

The captain nodded immediately to the suggestion to stay away from the

"I'm gonna see how the coo shes doing."

and told Mr. Eval, who was nearby, that we moved.

As soon as the dragon cut open the sky, it jumped into the shards of light.

If you look back properly, you can see that the shards of light that were spreading until earlier are now altering the flow towards the center.

I'm still glad the captain moved.

I guess the captain thought the same thing.

"Probably incorporating restrictions into magic, such as" Magic for Witches "in collecting magic. To not be used elsewhere. That's why I'm gathered here with you, the witch."

"From the beginning, the use of magic was specified."

I'm convinced that's why.

The same goes for the vortex during the Spirit of the Tree of Guidance. I guess the same goes for the incredible balls in the dungeon.

It was becoming a witch's magic, so I took it in, and I leveled it up.

"I'm taking it in, and you're okay?

The captain asks. The glance I notice probably has a feeling that something will happen against me once I get through the magic.

But I won't tell you.

The more magic I take in, the closer I get to a complete witch.

"Looks fine. Maybe the magic that I lost when I put it in tea for Coo Sea feels a little bit like I'm back."

Though it doesn't really feel like it anywhere because my body is kind of pouty.

Master Commander, I'm sorry I lied to you.

"But what shall we do with this? I hope there's something a little more blinding."

Although I tried to direct the shards of light to the side of the Coo Shy and the others, the shards that came together blend into me when I did.

It's not noticeable because there's still a lot of scattering right now, but it's going to look like Mr. Frey and the others are going to be absorbed by me when it's less.

And that conversation seemed to be heard.

"Coo Sea A: Nah. You want to hide from the surroundings?

"Coo Sea B: If you can still magic me, I can help you blindfolded. I just lost it."

Oh, I did it.

I still have just two water bottles.

"If I do, I'll give you the water I just gave you again, so can you make a little blindfold around here?

"Coo Sea A: Fine."

A light reply came, so I spoke to the captain and gave him the contents of the water bottle again.

O-kun and the two he drank shook his tail and ran around the dragon.

"Coo Sea A: Uh, this is so easy."

"Coo Sea B: I want it around the time of parenting. Blindfolded for now... just like the nest, okay?

"Coo Sea A: It's better to hallucinate if you're mistaken for being attacked."

While the captain was telling the rear with his arm movements not to do the handouts first, it looks like the coo shes decided to do it.

When they stop, there is a fluttering green wind around them.

That wind that surrounds the Cou Cees and the dragons doesn't look horrible like a tornado because it circulates softly. Eventually, in the green wind, the wooden trees float like video.

Right, hallucinations.

The first time I was surrounded by Coo Shy and the others. Even though it's all this giant, we're late to realize it, but we might have used the wooden phantom of the forest to hide ourselves.

"Yura, do you want to hurry?

Now I definitely haven't seen it from Mr. and Mrs. Frey. So I guess the captain says, can't we do something about it?

"I'll try my best"

If there is magic in the tea, I wonder if we can collect it the other way around.

Sola told me that it was an image, and I imagined transferring the heat of my body.

Then this time, if I imagine myself getting warm......

Reach out to offer and close your eyes.

Soon after I first imagined it, my eyelids became eyelid even through my eyelids.

When I open my thin eyes, my hands are glowing. When it subsided, there was not a single shard of light that drifted around.


I got kind of chilly. It feels like when you catch a cold. Because of the image of my body getting warm!?

But it feels like I have a slight fever, so I'll figure it out.

"You're done, let's go home"


I nodded and told the coo shes.

"Thank you. Now that we're out of business here, I'm leaving. Don't miss out on demons around human-made paths that may come to defeat you, but don't attack you then."

"Coo Sea A: You're always right."

"Coo Sea B: Bye."

The Coo Shy and the others who said so lightly. He just disappeared into the back of the woods after running errands.