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Problem solved.

But right after Coo Sea walked away, Mr. Eval came in with great momentum.

The wind swirls around because I let the sudden braking fly on the lizard. Thanks to being protected by dragon magic, I wasn't overwhelmed by the strong wind, but I was surprised.


Even if the captain looks annoying, Mr. Eval is not the place to be.

I opened my eyes with excitement and said aloud to the captain.

"Dear Lucien, are you all right!?

I guess it's because the hallucination made the captain a little invisible. Mr. Eval had a tremendously hurried look.


The captain is bluffing and crushing, and he's watching for safety with his hands... Isn't that right? Something seems to be pushing me away.

"When Coo Shy tries to surround herself or use some kind of magic, she wonders what to do!

"No problem."

The captain waves again firmly.

Mr. Eval has a lot to say, I guess.

But with the flying lizard and the dragon on board, there's a distance, and it's hard to talk about it in detail.

The captain said at the interruption.

"I'll explain later! The sweep around the street and the demon stone here, so I left that collection to Frey and you! I'll take the non-combatants back once I use the braces"

Tell him that out loud, and the captain moves the dragon.

Oh, they can see you with that brace on.

Mr. Eval, who heard the order, conveys it to the other knights, and the flying lizards go up altitude and away.

Looking excitedly, he breathed in after the dragon looked at me shyly, because he was looking too eagerly at me.

(i) After a breath, the brace of flames is exhaled.

I am blinded by the flame that spreads like a waterfall.

The feeling of gravity is also soft when riding a dragon, so I didn't really feel the recoil of the braces. However, the fever is transmitted to the skin with stiffness.

But soon, the cape was covered and sheltered by the cape.

I'm thrilled to be held to attract you. The feeling of being protected raised the embarrassment. But when I'm forced to go outside, I sit still because it's hot.

Immediately remove the cape worn by the captain.

I was surprised by the sight I saw.

Where Ku Shi dug back, there are no demons left.

And towards the demons who were blown away, Mr. Eval and Mr. Frey descended the flying lizard, jumped down and started the attack.

Unlike yesterday, the demons that were about to gather are scattered around like they feared a dragon's attack because they weren't lured into magic. With this, Mr. Frey and the others won't have to keep knocking down tons of demons.

"All right, we're going back, Yura."


The captain immediately sent the dragon back to the castle.

I feel extra cold because of the dragon braces that warmed me up once.

I shrugged my neck a little, but the captain didn't notice.

When I went back to the castle and asked the captain to unload me from the dragon, I first reported back to Dr. Orvé and then said:

"Excuse me. I think I'm a little tired because I've been out all day and I won't be able to open the store until dinner, but don't worry."

Dr. Orvé frowned.

"Are you all right?

"Yes, I might open a store when I get better from resting"

"Right. Good day, Yura."

Dr. Orvé told me that without ever hearing much. Thank you.

I changed into warm clothes in my room. Weaving one thick one on top is warm.

The chills got stronger than just now, so I decided to keep it in the futon for a little while until dinner.

After layering many cloths and blankets, I finally became comfortable.

If this is okay, then the fever won't be high. If you have a slight fever, it should heal if you have more time to rest.

In the first place, I fainted after absorbing a lot of magic. Considering that, it's better this time because it was done with a slight fever.

"I've scheduled a coffee shop for the day off, and it's okay, it's okay"

Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. I thought about magic.

Was it enough just to absorb that drifting portion? If there is still a lot of demon stone left, should it be recovered as well?

"I don't know what to do. Calling Sola and asking her to figure out some way?

When I do that, they'll suddenly move me to the place I keep it, and then they'll hand it to me, yes, please. I'll give it to you, if there's a storm in my hand and I destroy the room... I can't even see it.

"You should think of something for yourself, and then you should ask Sola for help."

Let's do that. But after a little sleep... while I was thinking, I fell asleep.


Wake up voiced.

Ah, Master Commander...... it's dark in the room. Or it was dark outside the window, and only the magical lantern light on the desk lit up the room.

"Oh, excuse me. I was a little tired and asleep!

Shit. I totally left it out about Dr. Orvé and Miss Maia's dinner.

Jumping up to me, the captain tells me, "You can sleep without forcing yourself".

"Your condition has already been confirmed once by Orvé around the evening. He said I left him asleep. And then, if it's going to be eaten, Orvé is leaving the meal there. At all, if you have a fever, just say so..."

That's what the captain says, touching my forehead.

Oh, it feels a little cold and good.

"Sorry for the inconvenience...... I've asked the captain to come and see what's going on."

"Never mind. Sometimes today, I just wanted to make sure you were okay. The fever isn't that high. Is this the after-effect of taking in magic..."

After the captain snapped like that, he stuck my forehead.

"Just take the day off. Tomorrow as I see how it goes and decide. Well, Frey's gonna care if we don't open the store."

"Yes, thank you"

The captain asks me again, who nodded.

"Do you think I can get a meal?

"Yes, I'll eat a little and then go back to sleep"

"That would be nice."

That's what I said, the captain who was sitting on the bunk gets up.

"Oh, speaking of which, what happened to those magic formations and demon stones?

When I heard what was bothering me, the captain gave me a slightly troubled look.

"The magic of attracting demons has been completely solved. but I hear the demon stone was... gone"