"Did the demon stone disappear?

The captain nods.

"After some demon sweep, Frey confirmed. At that time, the only place that was supposed to have been was a small trail of fallen, and no demon stone was found."

Mr. Frey is checking the location of the Demon Stone with me. So it can't be wrong.

If so, where...

"If the magic broke, was it a magic formation where the demon stone disappeared too?"

"That sounds convincing... but that's not very hard to think of either. Demon stones don't disappear first. If magic is broken and its nucleus, the Demon Stone, is affected, the Demon Stone must be broken. Because Eval said there were no fragments..."

So the captain stopped the words once and put aside some time to think before saying.

"Did they take it away, or in case, did they also incorporate the magic of transferring demonic stones"

"Metastasis seems more likely."


Otherwise, someone in the Knights would have snuck it away.

... I think the captain thought about the possibility.

So I was wondering if I'd say it, and I guess it opened up for a little while. I don't want to doubt my body if possible. But in the mind of the captain, that possibility hasn't disappeared at all.

Ultimately, I think he chose something that wouldn't disturb me.

"How about you? Have you absorbed magic and made any changes?

"Oh, actually, not yet..."

I was focused on resting and completely forgot to confirm.

The captain also seemed to realize that after saying it, which gave him a slightly worse look.

"Right, it was better to rest first. After tomorrow, I'll let you know when I'm feeling better."

That's what the captain said, he left the room.

"There is no demon stone..."

Whether someone took it, whether the Lord using magic was trying to come to his disposal, then I, I guess, haven't been able to take in much magic.

I feel like the path to becoming a complete witch has been a long way off, but because of my determination, I'm a little clapped out.

In the meantime, the chills are soothing than before I went to sleep, so I ate and opened the status screen.

Yura Savell/Tea Master

Vitality (HP)/Magic (MP) … 700/1000 000

Attack... 5 Magic Attack... 650

Muscle Strength……… 5 Magic Skill Proficiency… 750

Speed............... 9 Sword Skill Proficiency...... 0

Physical defense…… 6 Magical aptitude…… 1,000

Magic Defense… 500 Spiritual Suitability…… 1,000

Acquisition capability

Tea Master...... Skill Level 14

Witch...... Skill Level 20

"Oh, but it's a little up there"

The level of the witch also reached twenty. By absorbing so much magic, it looks like there's been a change.

Although there are no more Tea Master channels, Spirit Manipulation is LV2 and Spirit Summoning is LV6.

"Since the range of change has been so great before, I'm concerned that there's only a small difference..."

Or is it because I still couldn't get the magic for the Demon Stone?

"Do I have to ask Sola?"

I cried when I broke up, and now I think it's a lot awkward. But the only person I could ask was Sola, so I had to be there.

When I closed the status screen, I felt like I wanted some tea.

I'm not feeling so bad either, so I decide to go downstairs and make some tea as I lower the dishes.

It seemed like it was later than expected, and Dr. Orvé's dishes were already in the usual place.

I have to apologize when it comes to tomorrow.

"You worried about the captain, too."

Dr. Orvé told me, and I guess he came to see how it went. I'm so glad you cared for me as if I were family.

Let's think of something to thank you for.

I was just trying to open the kitchen door with that in mind, and I was always concerned outside the laundry window.

I think I saw some white shadow.

"... but you're allergic to ghosts in this world, aren't you?

As a ghost of demons, he is a good opponent to defeat. When I have a way of dealing with it, I don't feel too scared. If it's not even gross on the outside, though.

I guess that's why there are people.

I somehow hid the light I had and approached the window.

That's how I saw Miss Maia standing outside the building.


Looks like he's talking to someone. Because my mouth is moving.

Her face is not clearly visible, but her body shape and long gold hair, which can be seen in the moonlight, will definitely be hers.

Looks like they're close, but you're trying to stick your back against the wall, I don't see them at all. But Miss Maia thought that the Knights would have known each other... and it was the look of the captain that came to mind.

Mr. Eval seemed to know, too.

"One way or the other..."

If they are, I know why they sneak eyes and meet Miss Maia.

Because if anyone had anything to do with the Duke's house where Miss Maia was taken away, when she was seen interacting, it would be a hassle. It may be the night, or the thought of deceiving them in case they find them.

Eventually Miss Maia finishes the conversation or goes back inside the building.

The sound of opening the door, and the light footsteps climbing the stairs, so no doubt.

I didn't know who they were... but I didn't see them in the end.