The next morning, my health was back on track.

I'm glad it didn't take long......

Wake up at your usual time and do your morning routine as usual.

I took your water to Dr. Orvé's place and said hello and apologies.

"Never mind. Has the fever gone down more than that?

While listening, the teacher touches his forehead and under his ear to check for heat.

"Sounds good. Still don't push it."

"Thank you"

I was relieved that Dr. Orvé was tattooed as well. All right, we're opening today.

I also talked to Miss Maia as usual, and today I went to the coffee shop without hesitation.

"Are you in the store today?

As I was moving outside, a passing knight spoke to me.

"Yes! It's open today, please use it!

"Do you still have that unsweetened cookie?

"I'll make it, so I can serve it to you in the afternoon. Greetings!"

These are the customers who are coming to the coffee shop. I'm so glad to hear from you. Because I'm sure you're waiting for the store to open, and that means you're quite satisfied with the flavor.

All right, good luck, and I'll wrap my arms around you in the coffee shop kitchen.

Prepare the tea and make the missing cookies for the guests who come from opening time.

In the morning, Mr. Frey arrived as soon as he opened the store.

"Good morning, Mr. Yura. I asked Dr. Orvé yesterday that he wasn't feeling well."

Mr. Frey greeted me with a smile, and I felt a little tired in the morning.

"Good morning. I was just a little tired, is Mr. Frey all right?

"Huh? Oh, don't think it's probably because I was a little sleepless...... I'm sorry, I think I made you worry."

"No. Go ahead and have a cup of tea. I think it will be refreshing once your strength has recovered a little."

I kept the cookie molded in the oven and made regular tea and served it to Mr. Frey.

Mr. Frey, who drank tea, breathes in relief.

"Really, Mr. Yura's tea is strange. Because I know it works, and I think it works better than it does when I recover."

"I'm glad you said that. Is Mr. Frey off today?

"After I've been out in a row, I've decided to give you a break in the morning."

I was convinced that it was because I was off. Mr. Frey, I've always dressed neatly, but I'm not even wearing a coat today, so I was wondering.

"Then you should take a little rest until lunch."

You should be able to rest until lunchtime for about two hours. Mr. Frey nodded when he suggested we should go back to his room.

"Right. I made sure Yura was safe, so I'm gonna take a rest."

Drinking up the tea, Mr. Frey slapped me on the shoulder and left the coffee shop.

As for Yura clerk Frey, did you want to see how he was even pushing his ill health?

"I guess it's because I heard you were tired and fell asleep early yesterday"

Returning it is regrettable that I overslept yesterday. Though I was fully happy thanks to you.

"If I had an alarm clock, this wouldn't happen. I don't know if they sell magic tools like that somewhere..."

I'll see how the cookies look next time I try to find them.

All right, all right, it's burning well.

And one of the steps in the bunk was spirits in goblins sprinkling the whole thing with hufu.

Oh, the costume of the Goblin Spirit is changing something...

From the previous and from this costume, dressed like a brown tunic like human clothing and a belt on white trousers. Looks like a dwarf.

They also had some influence on the Spirit......

Anyway, now the cookies will be able to count.

For both humans and spirits.

But that's not all this time.

"Make a new snack...... make it!

I remember it all this morning because I slept slowly yesterday.

If tea ingredients can be predicted, can't snack ingredients be predicted? and.

That way you call Sola, but the amount of cookies won't inflate. Should be.

I see the Spirit Snack I made on the status screen. Where the name appears, next to the letter [!] button came out.


Press just now and you'll get a pop-up.

"Make something more fluffy!


Awesome vague tip...... Anyway, I knew I'd tell you to make something other than cookies.


After roaring and thinking, I tried to prototype something I could easily make.

flour, fudge flour, eggs, milk and a little sugar. Approximately the same ingredients as cookies. Different portions. Where thickened by mixing it, mix the crushed tea leaves.

And then after buttering the frying pan, I flush it down.

And the goblin spirits appeared out of his skin, spraying white smoke in his hand.

The smoke disappeared quickly, and there's no change in what's on the frying pan.

All I could do was......

"Ah, it smells so good. Tea pancakes, how about this?

I've given priority to making it easy, and I hope I can get Sora.