First, check the hot cake.

"Black Tea Hotcake: Spirit Snack A"

"Spirit Snack A?

I wonder what a. But there's no further explanation for the Spirit snack, is it because of its lack of magical medicinal effect?

I just have to ask the Spirit.

A lot of customers will be here after lunch, so let's finish the crisp before then.

Fortunately, two goblin spirits are dancing on hot water today.

I think this is the Spirit of Water and the Spirit of Fire. The two men who changed to a dwarf-like costume wore red and blue wreaths around their necks.

... It must have changed with magic absorption, but this process of change is also a mystery...

"Okay, use cookies!

Using Potty Nah and Spirit Snacks.

Why do you use both of them? The two turn around and stick with joy to the two cookies they were serving.

Spirits eating and going. That doesn't even make my stomach fuzzy, so is the Spirit's stomach a different dimension?

When I finished eating, I got a certain phrase.


"Can you do me a favor?

"Can I call Sola with this pancake?

It has an A, so it's either better or worse than regular cookies. If you can't, just ask for the number.

Then the spirits answered with their voices shut.

"Uh hey, two more!

Now Sola can be summoned with three pancakes?

"How many cookies, by the way?


Sola, the price has risen too much!

I'm starting to feel like I'm contributing to meet some host...

No, no, no, if you're gonna meet a fantasy being, you're gonna need something special, right? That just happened to be a treat. It would be normal for them to have to rank up from cookies when they are at the top.

"All right, let's do it at night"

Sora seemed to have difficulty meeting the captain. And there's something I'd like to talk about slowly.

When I left the coffee shop, I transported pancake ingredients and cookies to the kitchen in the building where I lived.

Though Frey, who came to see how I was doing in the evening and saw through the store, asked me what I would catch.

"I wanted to make a prototype of a treat."

You're very enthusiastic about research.

And Mr. Frey told me.

I'm doing research... yeah, not what I'm putting out in the coffee shop... no, can I? You don't have to use it as a snack for the Spirit, do you?

Now we shall also serve tea cookies. That's quite a treasure to ask the Spirit a few things or use to get Sola to call, but I was consuming the rest alone, so the size of my waist... I'm getting a little worried.

Yes. Does Miss Maia like this, too? It's a world where tea itself is the only substitute I can make, so they might want to rare the scent or something.

I don't have a problem eating it, and I'll recommend it.

If I was thinking about that, Mr. Frey told me to say so.

"The Duke's warrant says she'll be picked up by the neighboring lord the day after tomorrow. So did Helga and the others, but Yura's making her work as a crusader, and I'm sorry she had to take care of her like a servant."

"Oh, no, never mind. I'm a civilian in the first place."

I've brought up a sense of equality like Japan in this world more than I have an identity system, and it just makes it harder to live.

Instead, I think it would be a pretty good advantage to serve tea and cookies and ask them what they think of the flavor.

You can tell me it's delicious, which means my tea works for the noble lady, right?

The captain is also a nobleman, but, you see, men and women have different preferences. I wanted a woman's opinion if I could, so I'm just fine.

... So at dinner this day, I served Miss Maia a few tea cookies I baked with her.

"I made this, but if it suits your mouth, go ahead"

I was thrilled to recommend it.

"Well, thank you"

"Oh, it's fine after dinner. Because if it's not what you like, leave it! Never mind there either."

Try to leave the room before asking what you think so you don't have to eat.

Because I thought it might put pressure on you to "eat" when you stare at it. If you haven't seen it, it's easy to leave it behind.

If it stayed in there, you mean it didn't fit Miss Maia's mouth. Then, when you get another chance to serve it to the noble lady, you just have to stop this cookie.

Then I was about to leave the room, and Miss Maia spoke to me.

Speaking of which, I'm going to be free from here the day after tomorrow.

"Oh, you can move now. Congratulations."

It's only been a few days since Miss Maia arrived, but I can't even get out into the garden if I want, and I would have been crippled. Even the clothes I wear would have been of poor quality after all.

If I can return to an environment close to my original life, I think I can be relieved, so I said the celebration.

"Thank you. Thank you for your help, Mr. Yura. I appreciate it."

Miss Maia walked over to me and shook my hand.

It's warm hands. Thin fingers and smooth fingertips. Everything is like a fairy.

If the background wasn't complicated, I'm sure the suitors would have lined up...... No, as beautiful as I wish someone would show up to swallow the situation even now.

"No. Never mind."

I haven't done much to get your lady to thank you so much, because I thought I was a little sorry or something for giving her a taste of cookies secretly.

"Please take care of your body. Even yesterday's crusade must have made you pretty tired, huh? I've heard stories about magic."

Hmm? I wonder if one of your knights talked about that.

Sure enough, after Coo Sea broke the magic formation, he went right into the middle where the magic was rising, so I can't help wondering if it's because of that. I mean, that's about it, and I'd prefer that if I didn't have any particular suspicions.

"Perhaps so. But I'm perfectly fine today. Bye."

When I spoke too much, I was about to accidentally slip my mouth, so I dispersed early.

Of course, then it didn't sound to me, such as the words Miss Maia snapped in the room where she was alone.

"A lot of magic... a lot?