The captain didn't seem to come this evening.

I put my face on the coffee shop to see how it went, so I guess I thought it was okay not to have to talk to you again.

I tried to wait still after my usual time just in case, but it seemed okay.

"All right, three."

I start making hot cakes.

If the captain came on his way, he decided to bake five slices for deception. When the captain shows his face, he says, "Taste it" and gives me one to eat. That's the conversion of giving one to the captain.

If you don't come, I'll make it my post-breakfast snack tomorrow.

Even if you bake five pieces carefully, the captain won't show up.

It was time I decided to summon Sola, who would never come again.

"Spirit summons first..."

Put out the status screen and put out the summons items to display the popup.

Do you want to summon?: One Y/N snack required "

Doesn't seem to change the number of snacks you need, doesn't one LV up make much difference?

Pressing the button, a spirit in a pong and goblin appeared on the tabletop.

... two bodies.

"Oh, for getting to the level... there's gonna be more spirits to call"

I think...... In front of me, the two goblin spirits sit on the table and start eating cookies friendly and hammered.


I'm still eating cookies, and one of the spirits asked me. Oh, I have a powder of cookies on the edge of my mouth.

Pay him a little at your fingertips, I beg you.

"I want you to call Sola. And the other kid has a question."

"Okay -"


Asked by me, says the Spirit with a leash of purple flowers with knees bent and peppered seats. What kind of spirit is this? I don't know.

"You're reading about Sola as a king, aren't you? Sola is... king of what spirits?

I was just wondering. But there was a problem going from next to next, and I didn't have to ask because I was concerned about something else.

But last time, I couldn't wait to see what Sola was like.

... Like me, who is Sola who knows what lies ahead?

Why are you trying to make me a witch when you know about a future to be destroyed?

If I could be a witch, I would be able to solve all sorts of things with my hands, and even if the game situation was altered, I could protect the Knights. So there's no difference there anymore.

I wanted to know what Sora's purpose was.

The spirit with the purple leash answered with his index finger on his chin, "Mmm."

"Kings from?


Is it "from" Kalapo? Hmm, that's why the sky...... did you name it "Sola"?

"So Sola's not someone's king?

"King of all."

And the Spirit turns his hand. Perhaps if you want to hear more, you mean charge me for cookies.... It reminds me of some kind of news-site subscription or a system like divination subscription.

When I gave him the cookies, he started eating them separately again, amicably. Really cute.

Will this be divided in triplets when the level rises and you can call them triplets or something at a time? Looks like it's going to be hard to crack a cookie clean.

"That means we're all moving according to Sola, right?

"Ma'am. We are."

What about us?

"How far are we?


The spirits of the green lease beside block the mouth of the spirits who tried to answer. The Spirit, whose neck was shaken beside him, said to me as a shun.

Don't tell me.

What a secret the spirits in goblins also seem to have...... I guess I didn't have to tell them somehow. Me. Maybe it means only spirits in goblins, us.

I can't think of any other way to distinguish it.

But I didn't think there was a question that I couldn't answer by charging you. Why not? If it were Sola, would I be able to answer all of them?

"... can you call Sola?

"Okay -"

When the two spirits raise their hands together and answer, they rush over to the three pancakes overlaid on the plate.

And pamper and slap your hands.

"It's a snack, guys. Come on."

When the two say so, the Spirit appears at once with PoPoPoPoPoPoPoPoPoPoPoPoPoPo.

"Eh, yi, yi, stay..."

There are so many of them I accidentally counted. There were twenty.

The spirits, wearing leashes of various colors around their necks, stood surrounded by pancakes,


and touch the pancakes.

Then one of the top pancakes disappeared, and the Spirit turned into light, and when he noticed, a figure as big as a boy stood in front of the table.

The goblin appearance remains the same and the size is the same as last time. But the clothes had changed just like the other spirits. Just, hey, maybe clothes that look a little like priests at the Spirit Church?

Atmospherically, it's a goblin prist.

And I thought, what shall I say? Last time I just exposed myself to the ugliness of listening to Sora and crying.

"Um, during this time..."

Before apologizing, Sora opens her mouth.

"Never mind. Glad you called me again, Yura."

That's what Sora said and smiled at me.