"This way, thank you for coming. Sorry about the other day, Sola."

Thanks to Sola, I could smile and thank you too.

"No. I should have assumed you'd be scared."

Growing up, Sola normally sat in a chair. I also, somehow, sit in the chair next door.

"I was in a hurry."

"Oh, but it's okay, Sola"

I said.

"I've already decided. He said he would accept me to be a witch to help the captains."


Sora gave an anxious look, but after closing her eyes for a few seconds, she nodded.

"Thank you, Yura. We really can't do anything without your help. [M] I honestly was relieved because I thought I had to convince you one by one"

That said, Sora laughs bitterly.

"Besides, we haven't revealed so much to you yet."

"Can't you reveal it?

"Yes, the fundamental things you'll want to hear. The future of Arlendar. I wonder why you know about the future of the people you care about. And that purpose. That's why I couldn't help but be anxious."

"I can't tell you... of?

I thought I could hear all the strange things about Sola. I clap out.

"Yes, if you say so, we just have to disappear. 'Cause I'm shifting."

I'm shifting. So I can't tell you, and if I tell you, Sola and the others disappear.

"That's like..."

Something that's gonna get removed if they find you? That's what I'm about to say, and let Sola stand her index finger in front of her mouth as she says, "Shh."

"No, Yura, more than that. Let's talk more than that."

"Ugh...... ok"

Anyway, right now, I have a problem with Sola being gone. It is very disturbing that no one gives me guidelines. Even the dungeon, because Sola was there, had such a way of traveling.

When you can no longer use that power... if you can no longer make it to something important. That's what scares me.

Above all, I hate not being able to see Sola.

"I wanted to talk to Sola about something. You said when you said you were going to investigate where demons gather at certain points, you wanted me to get the magic there, didn't you? Actually, go for it, but I don't think I could have gotten all the magic. It was placed in the center of the magic formation, and the demonic stone that seemed to have accumulated magic was missing... What do you say?

"Hmm... a little hand, Yura"

Sora touched my hand and shut up to think for a few seconds. Wrinkles between the eyebrows.

"Right. Less magic than I expected. Probably had a lot more magic than the Demon Stone. I'm a little worried, but I can't help it."

"It's hard to search where you've been by yourself..."

Even with magic, I have a problem with combat power. It's me. Especially when it comes to defense. It wouldn't be possible to explore alone or anything.

"Well, let's make sure we can form a report there later. And then I'll do what you can."

"What I can do as things stand...... about making tea? Oh, but if we get the magic book from the captain, we might be able to keep up with the fight some more."

Though it hasn't been delivered yet, I think maybe my plans went crazy because I was sleeping too much. Let's ask the captain later.

"Speaking of which, if you defeat a demon, it doesn't automatically absorb magic on me, does it?

"You need special magic. Until now, all the magic you've absorbed has been made by people who were experimenting with examples."


Why not defeat the demon and level up?

Or I'd like to hear about the people doing that experiment, but I think it sounds like something I can't tell you from what I just said. But let's give it a try.

"Sola. Can you talk about the people who used me as an experimental bench?

After all, Sola shook her head to the side.

"It's hard to think about the future, too, isn't it?

Maybe Sola knows what's going to happen up ahead.

But I don't suppose we can talk about the future in detail. Is that the unique noun? So perhaps the very broad and vague word "future of Arlendar" can be put to the mouth.

Sola moved her neck vertically.

Sora seems pretty constrained, too. I remember that even the little spirits could only refer to Sola as "king" or so.

That's what Sora said.

"When it comes to magic, you have to do what you can first."

"What can I do?

"I want your tea spread."

Oh, spreading tea? Is that okay!?