"I don't think it's that easy."

Sola went on to say.

"You're the only one who can make tea, right? Although anyone can probably make something that tastes close. You can't use your magic to do anything that works differently, can you? Even if you don't, if you're going to spread the word, you're going to have to produce quite a lot."

I see. After widening the range of customers, they want to sell it to others.

Even if we do only sell tea, we need to make quite a lot of it when the sales channels grow. The way I fry and make it now, I don't feel like I can make it.

"I guess I'll just have to do some research to make the tea itself pucker..."

You think you can use the magic of fire to do something about what is the source of the tea leaves, for example? I hope it turns into tea in an instant when it's broiled.

"Steam... then I need something big. Put it in a pan and fry it in bulk..."

The question would be whether purchasing a giant pot would make the captain suspicious. Suddenly I wanted to spread the tea - there's no way I'm convinced by what I said. We have to twist out some reason.

"The red one, the leaves that become basic. Maybe this is what you need for your imaginary tea, right? I think if we can add your magic to it by mediating flames and water, the spirits will be able to help, as usual."

"Huh!? Then... maybe we can do something about adding more pot."

Then they shouldn't be suspicious.

But it's hard to get caught in the fire. Would it also be ant to try hitting the magic of the initial flame with a lid on it? But the pan is going to be broken soon.

"Then water... water"

I already know how to transfer magic to water. If I could figure out a way to make tea with that, I guess I could do it a lot faster than using fire.

Anyway, I'm not making it the right way. Thanks to magic, the color, aroma and flavour of tea can be reproduced. Ali may also be the one who knits a magical way of making it.

"But when you make tea, does it increase your magic?

"Your tea master skills will be better handled in the future. And I'll need it till later. You'll need tea to earn magic."


I also ask Coo Sea to help me because I made tea and split the magic.

"Okay, I'll make some tea"

The course of action for the future was decided.

"But unexpectedly."

"What do you want?

Sora puts her neck up.

"I just thought that if I were Sola, it would be something that would introduce me to a quest where I could replenish my magic. Hurry up... you want me to be a witch, don't you?

When asked so, Sola smiled like trouble.

"You're absolutely right. I want you to be a witch as soon as possible. Better than your other witches."

"Besides me, I knew there was a witch?

Sora nods.

"The witch will destroy everything as planned. So it has to be you, Yura."

Sola stands up and holds my hands as I sit.

His growing hands are no longer the same size as mine. No, it could be a little big. The brown skin's hands are a little warm.

"It can't be them. I can't save everything. And you won't be able to stop yourself. So I want you to do it."

"I know, Sola. I don't want Arlendar destroyed. I don't want people living there to die. Because the only people I care about right now are the people here."

I don't even have a grandmother. Now I have nothing else. So if I can even drink my own fear, I'm the one that matters right now... because if I'm going to protect the people here, I can move on.

Nodding to me, Sola says, "I'm sorry."

"Instead, I'll protect you no matter what. From fear, from pain."


"It's time, I hope you call me again"

Finally, he laughed and disappeared so that Sola's figure dissolved in the air.

And the feeling that they were holding my hand.

And I breathe.

I hardly knew what I wanted to hear, but I was brave enough to think that Sora would protect me at any time.

Let's try again tomorrow. I casually looked at the table thinking so.

"Oh, I'm consuming hot cake properly"

The next day, I didn't have much to do with tea.

To help Miss Maia prepare for her departure.

Finally, the greeters are here.

A total of fifteen knights and servants from the neighbouring territory, Count Barkaus.

The pickups were going to stay overnight, so I ran around with Mr. Helga to get ready for that room.

Meanwhile, three small servants and servants of women for Miss Maia also came, so I was excused from taking care of her.

As it is, I will not be able to speak to her, the Duke's Lady.

In the morning following, Miss Maia left.

I'm not even in a position to stand out and drop you off. So I opened the window in the hallway upstairs and was watching with Mr. Helga and Mr. Molly.

"You're finally coming home... I feel sorry for you personally, but it's been so hard with more work. Now I can take a breather."

Mr. Helga takes a fuzzy breath.

"You can't beat the year. It should be easier than it was a few years ago when the injured and sick were brought in, but the fatigue is different."

Like Mr. Helga, Aunt Molly, who usually comes by to do laundry, hips with a tongue.

"Well, thank God you're a dear lady."

While Mr. Helga says so, he looks down at Miss Maia standing in front of the carriage.

She must have brought it from the Count's house, Miss Maia dressed in a green dress adorned with lots of candles and laces, often trying to get into the carriage.

At that time, I felt like I had eyes with Miss Maia, who looked up.

Waving to drop you off may not be something you should be a noble lady either. I just had to stare at Miss Maia, who disappeared in the carriage, and the carriage that ran away.