Maia was worried that I should tell her about this.

It's not my fault.

"It's obviously crazy..."

I've been concerned about her for a long time.

A woman by the name of Yura who seems weak and doesn't change her age so much.

I probably saw her once. If I'm not mistaken, it's the woman Maia was on the move to get her experiment.

... At that time, she was asleep. I don't even see how it happens to things.

"It looks promising," said the Idrisian mage who was experimenting with it, with a sinister look.

"The first procedure was crossed, but mentally unstable... I said I wanted to die and it was rampant, so I did another procedure, but then I stayed asleep, so I thought it was probably a failure."

When I heard that, my chest ached.

If I had made my decision sooner, if I'd realized, she wouldn't have made a sacrifice.

I'd like to help you if I could. But if she stayed asleep, Maia closed her eyes for a few seconds.

"Please finish her off already. You haven't summoned anyone else, have you? 'Cause I'm sure I'll blend well."

"If you do...... I hope the Idrisian royalty has a mixture of spiritual blood."

The sorcerer finally knelt down before Maia and said.

"Please fulfill our grief, princess. I wouldn't even call it a rebirth of the country. But at least so that our sanctuary and the Spirit may be preserved"

The magician shudders his shoulders while nagging.

"Even though I was invaded and I left the country with my relatives killed, I could still stand it. But that's all that's intolerable to the people of Idrisia. To the princess who grew up in Arlendar, it may be hard to understand."

The magician's eyes that raised his face that way were running blood.

"No matter what they say about the devil, this is all we can't stop doing. That the majority of the people who have fallen and stretched out into this country have agreed. And my fellow countrymen have also continued to fail, even with the dedication of many of them, thus summoning and sacrificing the 'Spirit and Man of Physical Fit'. This blame will not come with our lives at dawn when it is done. So princess......"

Maia grew up in Arlendar. It was my mother and the maid of honor who followed me from Idrisia who taught me about the world because I came to live in isolation because of my mother's demeanor.

So I also know that for the people of Idrisia, the Spirit is the object of faith.

Even those who made the choice to close Maia's future, it was her mother and her mother's maiden who taught her what was fundamental to life.

"I know, I know."

That's why Maia couldn't stop the plan either.

And I can't even praise you. Because I could understand their feelings, and Maia didn't have that power.

Where we stopped, it's obvious that we're going to execute the plan again without Maia's surveillance. Then I just need Maia to be a witch. Because I only had a future where I slowly decayed on my own.

... If she was Yura, Maia thinks.

"If she was saved, do you mean she has the qualities to be a witch? No, I don't think she's a witch."

I'm more anxious about Maia's heart than I am happy to be safe.

I was somewhat concerned about Yura.

Yura that she can make an incredible piece of magic. At first glance, I didn't know why she cared, only to look like a bright woman who was just adorable.

Later, I found out that Lucien cared, but at first, that didn't matter.

So I thought it wasn't jealousy of her being protected by Lucien, etc.

But it's about this time.

I was relieved because I was asking Frey to help me about magic.

As expected, Frey delivered the Demon Stone to Maia. When the Idrisians hiding nearby leave, it will be a flashy battle, and they will gladly alert the Knights. I asked Frey to avoid it.

If you keep holding the Demon Stone, a little bit of magic will be captured in Maia. I thought it would take me a while to get on with it.

The next time I saw him, I felt something to associate with the demon stone I had from Yura.

I touched her hand to confirm just a moment of discomfort.

Maia's discomfort was even greater with the amount of magic she felt at that time.

I felt an unlikely amount of magic.

More than Frey, though I only knew about it. It's crazy enough.

Because Yura asked Frey that he could only use magic enough to make a drink called tea, and that he had no fighting ability.

Maia is troubled.

I think we should talk to Frey, but thanks Frey for staying with this Knights, he's starting to think about them. I don't even look very good about Maia being a witch. Talking about Yura had the potential to make me smile.

Still... I thought Maia decided to meet him and talk to him.

Tomorrow the pick-up people will come. Then it would be harder to come into contact with Frey.

At night, Frey came after receiving a signal.

Yura has already slept, and the doctor has already gone to bed because she heard her comeback with a buddy who seems to have been drinking.

Speaking outside also needed to be aware of the content. So I guess, Frey came through the window to the room where Maia sleeps.

"It's not time to visit a woman's room, but I want you to forgive me"

"No, because I called"

Maia shared her concerns with Frey, who seemed somewhat sorry.

"After all, is Yura the person who underwent the fusion experiment?

"Maia, what the hell..."

Frey has a bad tooth cut when it comes to her. They're taking care of it, so I guess it's because of that.

"You don't have to hide it. I knew I'd be watching her where I was doing the experiment. And she has too much magic right now."

"... the amount of magic?

That's right, Frey frowned, too.

"Because you've got magic, I know. Her magic power is probably better than yours"

"The magic is not stable yet. It has to be another skill when it comes to quantity... if you're not a doctor and you're not a priest, you shouldn't know"

Frey doesn't seem to want to believe it. Meia doesn't know how to feel either. Because I wouldn't be able to assume that if I were looking at my regular Yura, she would have a hell of a amount of magic, etc.

"She can only make tea and use a little magic."

"Still, my senses aren't wrong. Don't you believe me?

Close in, hold Frey's hand.

"If you still feel the same way when you swore for me, trust me. I will not lie to you or to the people of Idrisia"

Frey let his eyes shake for a moment.

Anxiety comes to Maia's heart.

He swore to protect Maia, who did everything he could to protect the people of Idrisia. But that feeling's faded already?

Things within the Knights have to rely on Frey. But if he doesn't cooperate, Maia is hard to get her hands on.

Lucien is sensitive. And if you move the Spirit, he'll notice you. That's why if we're going to take action, we're going to have to get away from him, and we're going to have to ask someone else.

Frey probably feels intimacy and friendship with Yura. It would be hard to doubt a fellow-conscious opponent because we seem to be in a crusade together.

Then Maia thinks.

"I can leave this land once I've crossed my next move. Until then, that's fine. Watch Yura not get caught up in us."

When I changed the way I said it to protect her, Frey seemed convinced, too.

Frey knelt down on the spot and mouthed me in Maia's hand.

"No, I believe you. Be mindful of her."

Maia was relieved.

Now in case you're certain that Yura is becoming a witch, Frey will be able to move.

I really think...

Lucien, if he helps himself.

I think so, but now I have no choice. Because it's hard for Maia to push and feel the repellence to herself.