Before opening the coffee shop today, I woke up early.

To get what you need.

"Hedell - Hedell. But it must have been around here."

I was coming to a painting in the field.

The Knights' Castle has about four sections of garden or square, one for flying lizards and dragons. Two are for training. One is a field.

They're building fields so they can be self-sufficient in case. In one of those paintings, Mr. Chicken is also raised.

Under a blue sky with bright morning sunshine, I was wandering around near the field.

It's near the edge of the field, near the wall.

At a time when it's getting a little hot, the shade of the tree is very comfortable... not because it's growing stuck to these trees. Hedell.

It is Heddell, who tends to be treated with weeds.

The leaves are plants that are spread into fan-shapes every five pieces in a verse, and the leaves are dried into tea. It's one of those teas on the side of the common people that you can drink for free if you have the effort.

"All right, one first."

I throw a piece of the knife cut into the back basket that I use to collect laundry products.

Picking up mountain vegetables is a treat. While I was alive as Yura, I was fine if I didn't get involved with people, and when there was something like cooperating in town, I always turned to those who collect in the mountains. Because I can work silently without seeing anyone.

Thanks to this, I can do the work fine, but there's just going to be a limit to recovering Heddell around the field.

"I want to go into the woods..."

I'm sure there will be plenty.

In order to experiment with mass production, I'd like to collect it in a basket if possible, but around the field, about a third of it seems to be finally in the basket.

"I'll check to see if I can make tea the way I thought first, even though this amount is fine"

Somehow I'd like to ask Mr. Frey and the captain to give me permission to pick it up in the woods. To that end, I want to learn to secretly intermediate and advanced magic so that I can go to the woods alone.

If I told Mr. Frey, he would definitely follow me...

And that's where I was called off.

I also asked the knights and squire in the field, "What are you doing?" "Come on?" Even though it had been rolled far away. If you look at it, it was Mr. Eval.

"Were you here? I mean..."

Mr. Eval, approaching the side, puts his face up.

"I don't know about wandering around dressed too oddly."

"Really? It's a common mountain vegetable collection style."

An alternative scarf for the head. Put gloves on your hands to avoid rashes or cuts. As shoes cannot be helped, the apron keeps the clothes from getting dirty. All you have to do is carry a big cage.

Oh, I don't know if I should be covering my mouth. Look, because I accidentally have to inhale mysterious pollen or something. I'm doing it like a mask.

"Well fine. Anyway, hey, please get out of sight."

Mr Eval says with a disgusting face. I don't know, was there even an errand that was hard to say?

A short distance from the field, turning in the shadow of the building, Mr. Eval offered me a book.

I see, you didn't want to be seen giving it to me.

"I'm here to deliver this. You'll be in a cage."

"Thank you, 'cause it gets dirty with grass juice!

Without waiting for my reply, Mr. Eval tried to throw two books into the basket containing Hedell.

"But isn't that hand, too, inappropriate to have a book?

"You can take off your gloves right away, right?

I wonder why he tries to give it to me right away. I want a moment.

Throwing the gloves and knife I took off into the basket, Mr. Eval gave me the book.

"I've definitely delivered two copies."

"Sorry for the inconvenience"

"I would add that this is a book purchased at Master Lucien's personal expense. At all, why is Master Lucien so sweet to Yura..."

"Uh, I'm sorry."

"If you've learned magic, now it's time for you to help…"

Mr. Eval sighs.

"Well, whether it's about the other day or not, you don't have to fight Coo Sea to get better, because it's your feat that demons no longer gather. I miss that Master Lucien would personally like to award you a reward. I think I can give you something publicly."

Oh, Mr. Eval's attitude has softened.

He even said something very gratifying, but I don't think it's a good idea to be praised too much...

Anyway, if it's in its current state, I can say, "It happens." "Didn't Coo Sea happen to like tea, too?" or.

But I was wondering if getting a public reward would attract more interest than a little magic medicine about my tea. Although spreading about black tea is faster...... I'd kinda refrain from spreading stories that say it works too much.

Though I wouldn't immediately associate the word witch. When it comes to talking about the demons that might have a pretty good effect on them, it's going to distract me weird at the national level or something like that.

I want to find out about the spiritual fusion I give you, and I want to be pulled away from the Knights.

"No, because it just so happens"

So that's what I told Mr. Eval.

Anyway, I'll cut up the work with it and go back to my room.

If you can remember the contents of the magic book, you just have to open it up and you'll know soon enough.

As a result, both intermediate and advanced were ok.

"Now... we can fight!

I'm not good at combat. Because it's not like watching a flashy effect across the screen like a game or observing damage with numbers.

But I'll need it.

"We should be able to use it to pick Heddell first."

If I knew I could defeat the demons myself, I could do the sampling in clearance time, and I wouldn't let Mr. Frey and the others slip their hands.